She was wearing pink today. Personally, Haruka thought that white was a better color for her, or maybe a pale shade of blue, but the pink sun-dress was admittedly cute. The girl's golden hair twirled behind her - streamers attached to the buns on her head - and her blue eyes sparkled with joy.

From her seat on the park bench Haruka watched as Tsukino Usagi bounced around her group of friends, her laughter obvious even from this distance.

It was good to see her having fun.

"It's hard not to be a little in love with her."

The voice was the most familiar in the world to the soldier of Uranus, so much so that she did not even bother to look at its source. She knew that Michiru would be leaning on the back of the bench, her gaze directed to the picnic.

"True," Haruka replied, her own gaze never shifting from where Usagi and her friends were situated. She noted with some interest that Chiba Mamoru had joined the little group.

"Should I be jealous?" Michiru asked in a quietly teasing tone.

"It's not that kind of love," Haruka answered seriously before turning to look her lover in the eyes. Her tone becoming taunting, "Besides, if you should be jealous than so should I. You are just as much in love with her."

"Of course," Michiru said primly, tucking a strand of sea-green hair behind her ear.

Haruka turned her gaze back to the lively activity. Her light is always at the center of everything, she reflected silently. I want to protect that. Out loud she made a different comment, "I wonder sometimes if that love is the true meaning of being a Sailor Soldier."

She could feel the weight of Michiru's stare. "Perhaps," the soldier of the seas replied after a moment.

They stayed there in silence for several minutes, enjoying the display of pure love of life. Watching as Tsukino Usagi shared her happiness with those around her, Haruka mumbled something to herself.

"What was that?" Michiru asked.

"Nothing important. Let's go, there's work to be done."

Michiru is wrong. It isn't hard to not be a little in love with her.

It's hard not to be more than a little in love with her.