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It was a dark and stormy night, which suited the occasion perfectly. The streets
of Tokyo-to were lashed by the rain, and every so often the damp ground
glittered in a flash of lightning.
The newly-built Rokkaku building towered over the city, the red
hexagon symbol on the side glistening with rainwater. It was dark, except for a
faint light at the centre of the symbol that shone feebly in the storm.
Thunder growled over the building, and the figure standing at the
hexagon window looked up for a second, then turned back to her work. The
desk light next to her laptop computer threw shadows onto her face, but they
didn't hide the satisfied smile creeping across her lips.
She was typing quickly, long elegant fingers dancing across the
keyboard. The screen glowed, and the words Password Required burst onto
the screen.
The woman twirled a strand of smoky-black hair round her finger,
opened another window on the screen, and clicked on Activate Program. The
computer whirred and clicked, a sound which was almost drowned out by
another growl from the heavens.
She waited.
Suddenly the screen changed, and began to flood with writing. The
woman leaned forward, and began to read.
I, Goji Rokkaku, have set down in this file all details of the plot to
destroy Tokyo-to, so that my son, if he sees fit, can follow in my footsteps...
The woman's eyes narrowed, and her mouth lost its smile. Eventually
she stopped reading, shut down the computer, and walked to the window.
She looked out over the drowning city, and then, as the thunder tore
open the air above her, turned away, switched off the light, and left the room.
The night seemed darker already.

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