Chapter 10 – Freedom

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"Did you guys bring grapes?" Tab demanded as the GGs piled into the room. "If I'm gonna be hospitalised, I demand grapes."

"You don't even like grapes," Gum said, sitting down on his bed. "You should be happy we bothered to come see you at all."

"Did we win?" Tab asked. "Come on, spill. I can take it. Did we win? Or is it Armageddon out there?"

"Hmm…I dunno." Beat put on a thoughtful expression. "I don't know if we actually won. Not what you might call winning. What would you say the score was, Yo-Yo?"

"GGs six zillion, Rokkakus a big, fat zero!" Yo-Yo punched the air. "We did it, guys!"

"And we brought you a picnic," Mew said. "Thought you might be getting tired of hospital food."

"Camilla hasn't been tried yet, though," Amy said. "She's in on remand."

"No one posted bail?" Tab said through a mouthful of doughnut. "She's got the money, hasn't she?"

"Nuh-uh. Koji's got the money," Cube said. "And he's not giving her a penny. Which means she's got to take the plain old state lawyer, and it also means Koji's hiring the best person he can to be prosecutor."


"Yeah. He issued a statement saying basically he didn't know what was going on, why she'd done it or nothing, and he was calling for the strictest penalty. She's disowned."

"And serves her right," Garam said.

"She was under a lot of pressure, though," Amy said. "It doesn't seem fair, somehow. Koji was a pig to her."

"Is the company ruined?" Tab asked.

"Not really," Piranha said. "Koji's being very careful to distance himself, act like he didn't know anything about it. Which he didn't. But Camilla's told her lawyer why she did it, and now the papers are picking up on that. He's losing a lot of sympathy."

"Which, seeing as he tried to shoot me, is a good thing, right?" Tab crunched a handful of crisps.

"You had any trouble from Onishima?" Slate asked Tab.

"Nope. Not a thing."

"Cool." Gum smirked. "I guess our letter worked, then."

"What letter?"

"Me and Beat wrote to him. Told him if he tried to nab you we'd sorta mention the fact that it was us rudies who saved Tokyo-to's butt, instead of him. It won't keep him down for long, but it should hold until you're out of here."

"At the moment the police force is getting a lot of praise," Beat said. "We figured Onishima wouldn't want to lose that."

"At least that Rhino music's disappeared," Combo said, slamming his ghetto blaster onto the bedside table. "Now we can party!"

Finally the GGs left the hospital. Amy was the last to go.

"You are okay, aren't you?" she asked Tab.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" He sighed. "Really, Amy. Everything's okay."

"It is, isn't it?" Amy said. She touched the GG necklace she was wearing. "It really is."

"You heard any more from your aunt?"

"No." Amy shook her head. "But if she comes near me again I'm reporting her. She hasn't done anything so far. I'm hoping she's given me up for dead."

"No reconciliation, then."

"No." It was a flat statement.

"Don't worry about her." Tab took Amy's hand. "You got us. And you got me."

"I know." She kissed him. "I got you."

"So, you glad I crashed through your window, then?"

"You bet."

"You'll have to thank Gum for that, you know. She made me do it."

"Great. I know there was some problem with it." Amy grinned. "Seriously, you know you saved me."

"That so?" He looked up at her. "This isn't all fun and games, you know. You could get arrested again…knocked down…"

"So could any of us. That's not the point. The point is…oh, I don't know. The point is I'm happy. Thanks to you." She sat down next to him.

"That's okay. After all, it's not every guy gets to go out with a schoolgirl rudie."


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