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Tony is assaulted! But what is the real reason behind this and how will it affect the rest of the team, but most especially Gibbs? Read to find out...

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"DiNozzo, McGee, David didn't I tell you to leave a half hour ago?" Gibbs growled as he walked back into the bullpen. The team had been working around the clock for the last 4 days. But finally the case was solved. The perpetrator was behind bars and the victim's family could bury their beloved Petty Officer knowing that justice had been served.

"Mm Boss I just need to…" McGee started to say, but Gibbs' glare made him change his mind.

"See you on Monday, Boss." McGee said instead as he grabbed his bag and headed for the elevator. Gibbs hid the smirk that flashed across his face before turning to look at Ziva.

"Okay. I will also say goodnight now." Ziva said knowing that Gibbs just wanted them to take a break after the long and difficult week.

"Come on Tony. Let's go home." Ziva said as she moved to stand in front of his desk.

Tony looked up, just as Gibbs raised an eyebrow and McGee's jaw dropped open.

"What?" Ziva asked noting their reaction.

"Is that an invitation to your place or are you inviting yourself to mine? And what exactly did you have in mind? Dinner for two followed by dessert and then maybe breakfast?" Tony grinned as he leaned back in his chair and looked Ziva up and down suggestively.

"Tony, don't forget that I can torture you without even touching you!" Ziva growled.

"Yeah I know you can…" But Tony was thinking of a very different kind of torture from the one Ziva was alluding too.

"Ouch!" DiNozzo shouted as Gibbs' hand connected with the back of his head.

"Go home, and don't either of you even think about breaking Rule No 12." That said Gibbs grabbed his coat and followed Ziva to the elevator.

Tony took a few more minutes to finish his report and then he picked up his NCIS jacket and backpack and made his way out of the building. On his way home he noticed a white sedan pulled over on the side of the road, its bonnet lifted and a sexy pair of long legs standing next to it.

Well I'm not one to leave a damsel in distress. Especially one that's so hot.

"Thank you for pulling over. You're the first car I've seen in the late 5 minutes." The pretty blonde cooed.

"You know, it's not safe for a beautiful young lady like yourself to be out alone at this time of night. So what seems to be the problem?" Tony asked a sexy grin on his lips.

"It seems to have overheated or something and now I can't get it to start." She grinned back as she led Tony to the open bonnet. She leaned in to look at the engine, giving Tony an excellent view of her nicely rounded butt.

Oh Boy. I need to take you home with me! Tony thought his hand aching to caress her curves.

When she turned her head to look at him, her generous cleavage peeked out of her lowly buttoned blouse. The creamy globes were almost too much for him to bear, but somehow he pulled himself together.

Clearing his throat, he suggested, "Let me take a look. I'll just grab my flash light."

"Oh I have one in my truck." She said as she straightened up and moved to the back of her car. She opened the trunk and moved a step back allowing Tony to lean into the trunk. Then she leaned into him, her hands running up his back, the front of her body pressed flush against his back. Tony grinned as he planned a night of sexual delight.

"I'm sorry!" She said as her hand reached into his hair.

"Don't be!" Tony whispered huskily, enjoying the sensation of her fingers caressing his skull. That was until she grabbed a fist full of his hair and whispered, "I think you'll feel differently in the morning."

Before he could react, she pulled his head to the side, exposing his neck. Tony thought she was going to kiss him and that maybe she was just an aggressive, domineering type of lover. By when he felt a sharp sting at the base of his neck he realized just how wrong he was.

Boss, I screwed up again, Tony lamented as he fell forward into the truck of her car, his body paralyzed.

Yeah, I screwed up big time, he re-affirmed as his world spiraled into blackness.


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