Legacy of Legends.

Ch.1: A Blessed Bad Night

Through the village streets of Konoha shouts, and curses rang out in the night air, along with the subtle sounds of a child's cries for help. A young five year old boy known around town as ' demon child', 'it', 'that thing', and ' monster' was yet again on one of his daily 'running from a mob' sprints. Said boy, who's name is Naruto Uzamaki, had been subject to these runs for everyday of the past week. Since the caretakers at the orphanage decided that they were tired of beating him and simply threw him into the street. Why chase a five year old child? Simple, said child is a demon vessel, a container for one of the most feared of demon lords, the Kyuubi no Kitsune and said mobs cannot see the child as a container, rather they see the young boy as the demon reincarnated. So said boy is destined to live a life of prejudice and pain. Unbeknownst to him tonight will mark a momentous occasion in said boys life…whether it is for the better remains to be seen. This is his story…

Naruto raced down the streets of Konoha, his legs burned, his lungs where screaming at him to stop, to do so however would certainly be a stupid decision. So he ran, the cries for his blood growing louder and more numerous, he ran, bottles and rocks landing around him just missing their destination, he ran, tears beginning to fall from his eyes as this maybe the day he can't out run the hate. His feet are now moving on their own carrying him towards his one haven, towards the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi the only one who has ever truly cared for him.

Then it happened, he tripped, he stumbled on his own two damn feet and he fell, jagged pebbles tearing into his flesh as his body came crashing down onto the earth. He lay there for a second pain racking his body every inch of him screaming to give up. He turned around to face the crowd just in time to catch a rock to the temple. The world blurred in pain he can only stare into the now slowly approaching crowd, stalking him like an animal. The taunts and threats grew louder, his cries of why, only serving to incite the crowd even more. Objects rain upon him, rocks, bottles, even kunai and shuriken from the shinobi in the crowd. That's not what hurts the most, it's the people who get creative with there torture that really hurt him, those who have practiced inflicting pain on him. The ones who heat the kunai so that that they cut into his shoulders just a tad easier, the old ladies who run out of their homes to throw boiling water on him those are the ones he truly fears.

And they call him "monster". He lays there ready for the end. It was better this way at least when he died he'd be away from it all, right? He watches as a man walks up to the front of the mob with one huge looking shuriken. He simply does what the all do, smiles and laughs at the his pain. He calls him a demon and himself a hero for killing him. Naruto's heard it all before and finds that this time he can't cry as the man unleashes the shuriken, it seems that it has finally happened, he has run out of tears. It seems awkward to him that the sound he's gonna here when he dies is a cheer from the crowd, he closes his eyes and they cheer. Over the cheer however a voice rings out. " Suiton: Suijinheki"(water barrier wall). A wall of water intercepts the shuriken meant for the boy and only one thought runs through his mind before he drifts off into unconsciousness, Safety.

It takes a second for the crowd to realize the demon boy isn't dead, needless to say they aren't happy. A man appears over the now slumbering child. The first thing they notice is his mask, a customized hunter nin mask the porcelain mask painted charcoal grey with the silhouette of an bird painted in black on the forehead with black talon marks on the cheeks covered the stranger's face. Spikes of jet black hair lay low on his head jutting back. He wore a dark read long sleeve shirt under a black leather trench coat with it's sleeves cut off at the elbow. Black baggy pants with multiple pockets and black boots rounded out his attire. If his mask was the first thing one would notice the last thing one would remember where the two scythes that he had attached to his back. There handles where shorter than most which was probably why he had two, dark blood read handles led to deadly looking black blades. His mere presence shook the resolve of many of the villagers. " What the hell are you doing?" he stated in a cold calm tone that unnerved everyone who heard it.

" Doing this village and all of mankind a favor by killing the Kyuubi!" shouted the chuunin that had thrown the oversized shuriken. Cheers of approval rang out through the crowd that is except for some of the older ninja who where beginning to cower as realization dawned on them. They screwed up.

" Trying to murder an innocent child is a service to mankind?" the masked figure asked. " This boy is not the Kyuubi only it's prison, it's container." when shouts of denial and more calls for the death of the demon and the demon lover the masked man flashed through some hand signs. "Perhaps an example is needed. Suirou no jutsu. (water prison)" The water that had made up the barrier wrapped it's way around the chuunin and formed a sphere encompassing him. The masked man flashed over towards the chuunin with his hand on the prison. " Now fools, is this imbecile, the water that makes up his prison?" The onlookers only shook their head dumbly. " Now let me make this as easy as possible, the boy is no more the Kyuubi than the fool is the water. In other words you monsters have been torturing the only thing that keeps the Kyuubi from picking up where he left off!" The man's yell still held the tone of utmost calm. " Leave now before I execute you all for attempted murder of a Konoha citizen. Demon container or not he is still a citizen." Most of the villagers scrambled to there homes some with regret dancing on their faces as thoughts of their torturing a child sickened them. Others just planning to wait until next time.

Those that remained of the mob where all shinobi, mostly genin and chuunin. From inside his watery prison the assailant demanded to know the identity of his capture. He was answered by one of the older chuunin, a look of sheer awe and terror on his face. " I-it's the N-nodoka S-s-seifukusha (quiet conqueror) t-the Nodoka Seifukusha has returned!" The elder chuunin fled in what seemed to the rest as a strange mixture of fear and elation. The genin who where currently there, eyes widened considerably, was it true, the man who was rumored to have done to Kumo what the Yondaime did to Iwa, the one who was said to have been able to fight on equal ground with the forth was standing before them. And they pissed him off! Needless to say the group disbanded in a flash fearing the legendary quiet conqueror. The masked man simply tilted his head at the group before releasing the water prison only to knockout the chuunin with a chop to the back of his head. He threw the incapacitated attacker over his shoulder and walked over and gently lifted the broken bleeding body of Naruto into his arms and began racing along the rooftops towards the Hokage Tower, that old fool had a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

The Sandaime Hokage was currently in the middle of a meeting with all available Jounin and Academy personnel. He was currently listening to his son Asuma's proposal to have at least basic battlefield stratagem added to the curriculum of the academy. Sarutobi hated these kinds of meetings, sure they where important but they took forever and those that didn't have suggestions usually just sat there bored to tears. One of the academy teachers was starting their counter argument to Asuma's when, in a swirl of leaves an Anbu Kunochi with dark hair and a cat mask appeared in front of the Hokage's desk. " Hokage-sama! We are receiving reports that there has been an incident involving Uzamaki Naruto sir."

" What! What happened ? Where is he? Why wasn't I told?" normally the Hokage would have been calmer in his reaction but with a good portion of the non-Naruto hating shinobi here in his office the chances of the boy escaping unscathed were very low.

" Remain calm Sarutobi-sama." A voice called from the shadows of the Hokage's balcony. Just then the unconscious body a chuunin was hurled into the room. The shinobi in the room tensed ready for the slightest provocation. " You have some explaining to do Sarutobi, especially after what I just bared witness to. What would he say if he saw things this way?"

The Hokage's eyes widened a bit before narrowing at the shadows. " Who are you? And what have you done with Naruto!" The figure only sighed and stepped into the light of the office. Surprisingly it was the cat masked Anbu that reacted first.

" A-Akahata-sempai?" at this the eyes of most of the Jounin and other older ninjas widened substantially, while some of the younger ninja remained clueless and the eye of one ninja flashed with anger. " Akahata-sempai it's really you, your back?"

" Indeed neko-chan (cat) I am back, and from the looks of the way this child was treated just in time."

" That's no child sir, it's a monster an abomination!" declared one of the chuunin instructors of the academy. His declaration made many of the jounin's blood boil, especially that of Hatake Kakashi, however they would let it slide. Far be it from them to attack another shinobi in the presence of the Hokage.

The man known as Akahata however had other plans. He slowly began stalking towards the chuunin, handing the still slumbering child to the cat masked kunochi. Before any one could register what was happening Akahata appeared in front of the chuunin with his right hand grasping his face. The chuunin cried out in pain as he was dragged by his face to the balcony. A sharp crack could be heard as the man's head protector buckled under the pressure of Akahata's grip. The occupants of the room watched in awe as Akahata lifted the now squirming chuunin off his feet. " Such insolence…Arashi would have wanted this done." With that he flung the chuunin off the balcony sending him crashing into one of the lower roof tops, he then proceeded to walk back into the room like nothing happened. " Sarutobi-sama explain this." he said as he took Naruto from the Anbu. Before the Hokage could get around to answering a Dog masked Anbu charged him

" You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here! You damn deserter!" He cried as he whipped out a kunai and swung at the object of his loathing. Akahata ducked under the swipe of the kunai with Naruto still asleep in his arms, and delivered a chop to the throat of the anbu with his free and making him bend forward in clutching his throat. As he sprung up from his ducking position he brought his right knee into the face of his attacker cracking his mask and sending him reeling backwards. The anbu recovered in time to raise his kunai for an overhead strike, this move however was matched by Akahata who spun around reaching behind his back to retrieve one of his scythes as he whirled around he sliced the kunai in half like it was paper. He let the scythe twirl in his hand and caught the neck of the scythe in his other hand. He the proceeded to cross check the anbu in the face with the handle of the scythe sending him to the floor in a heap.

" Bad dog." was all the triumphant Akahata said as he refitted his scythe on his back.

" What is the meaning of this Kakashi!" the hokage bellowed in a rare angry tone.

" Me? ME? What about him he just waltzes in after half a decade and I'm the one that has explaining to do!"

"Be that as it may Kakashi how do you expect him to explain anything if your trying to kill him! Not to mention the fact that he was holding Naruto while you went on your little rampage!" The hokage reprimanded. Kakashi simply lowered his head in shame muttering what could only be assumed were apologies. " Now that that is over with, Akahata you do have some explaining to do, first lets start off with why you haven't been seen for five years."

" Sarutobi-sama, I've spent the last five years in an exile at the orders of the Yondaime. I do not know why or how he got it approved by the council, but one day five years ago he hands me an official mission to leave the land of fire for no less than five years and that if I returned to Konoha anytime before then that I would be punished to his fullest capability and that I would not be allowed to obtain amnesty for any of my clan members if some where ever found." Murmurs of disbelief grew in the room and once again it was Kakashi who spoke up.

" You damn liar! Why would he do that?"

Akahata reached into one of his pocket and pulled out a scroll and threw it at Kakashi who proceeded to read it. " Those are the exact mission orders I received Kakashi-san, he made me promise on Nozomi's honor that I wouldn't come back until five years was up. Even after the Kyuubi attack I was not to look back. It was…the hardest thing I've ever had to do…no…blade…can cut that deep. Knowing that your loved ones are in the fight of their lives and you can do nothing about it. That being said Sarutobi-sama can you explain to me why the first sight I saw upon my return was the five year old savior of this village on the verge of being disemboweled by a mob of both civilians and shinobi?"

" It was an unfortunate event Akahata-san."

" Just how common place is this unfortunate event considering the eyes of the child spoke such a familiarty with the events it should be illegal."

" It is illegal but one cannot change the hearts of the people."

" Be that as it may one can give a child especially one of his importance the protection he both needs and deserves."

" I can not watch him 24/7 Akahata-san."

" Be that as it may protection takes on many forms. Such as sending him to live in a more pleasant village."

" No, I could never allow that Arashi wanted the boy to be seen as a hero and raised in the village he loved."

" Enough! Arashi wanted a lot of things but seeing as you failed at one thing why would you keep trying. Your essentially torturing the boy! I feign think that Arashi would approve of your failure Hokage-sama!" Sarutobi visibly winced at the words, he had known he had failed his successor but to have it blatantly pointed out by someone who would know how his successor would have felt, stung. Most of the other shinobi didn't know what to think. It didn't seem right for Akahata to talk in such a manner to the Hokage. However, the fact that he is as strong if not stronger than the Hokage as well as the fact that many of them felt exactly the same way as he did kept many of them from saying anything.

" I can understand your frustration Akahata-san however for right now everything is for the bes-" The Hokage could not finish his thought as the splintering sound erupted through out the room followed by a loud crash. Everyone's eyes widened when the dust settled to reveal a shaking Akahata Ryoushi standing over the remains of the Hokage's desk a scythe in hand.

" Don't even think about finishing that thought! A five year old child being hunted by a damn animal, while his failure of a care taker thinks it's for the best! If I didn't know that the council played a major role in your failure I would make sure Arashi heard you pleas for mercy Sarutobi! As of today anyone who causes harm to this child mentally, physically, emotionally in any way what so ever, better pray that the heavens have mercy on them because I sure as hell won't!" He pulled another scroll out of his pocket and pricked the sleeping Naruto's finger with the point of his scythe, he smeared the blood of Naruto on one of three seals placed on the scroll. After a brief flash of light the seal deactivated and Akahata smiled brightly as he pulled the sleeping form of Naruto deeper into his arms. " It is him…thank god. Arashi…I'll die before I let them break him. On the honor of both you and Nozomi I swear it." he whispered just loud enough for Sarutobi and the still downed Kakashi to hear it. The two men smiled, a night that looked like it was going to be disastrous ended up with Naruto finding something they knew he always wanted, family.

" Akahata-san, I assume your going to be staying at your house this evening?"

" Yes but first I have some companions waiting for me at the gate that wish to seek asylum here in Konoha. Although one is still technically a ninja of Konoha, the other is a child. If it is alright with you can we let them sleep tonight and you can meet them in the morning." Akahata simply did a few hand signs and slammed his hand into the ground. A poof of smoke erupted in the middle of the room, when it cleared a hawk the size of a horse stood there eyeing it surroundings.

"Akahata-san may ask why you have summoned me?" the bird asked in a calm and neutral tone.

" Sevin, my companions are just outside of the north gate. Find them and take them to my home, I trust you remember where it is?"

" Hai." the hawk answered before gracefully drifting out the window.

" Don't worry Hokage-sama they are both completely trust worthy." Akahata said knowing what most of the shinobi where thinking. " That being said Hokage-sama I would like to request you call an emergency council meeting."

" May I ask what it would be about?" The Hokage asked raising an eyebrow.

" Naruto. My plans on taking him under my wing. As well as the contents of this scroll, I was to read it before you and the council once I got back." He said as he held up the partially unsealed scroll. " I understand they are important people but I really don't think Arashi would have told me to do this if it wasn't important, ne?"

" No, I suppose he wouldn't." He then turned his attention to the gathered shinobi. " Alright everybody meeting adjourned." He then snapped his fingers and a team of Anbu appeared. " Inform the council members of an emergency meeting in one hour. Dismissed." After a chorus of 'Hai' rang out they where gone in a swirl of leaves. At this time the only occupants in the room where Akahata, Sarutobi, Naruto, and surprisingly, the cat masked Anbu kunochi as well as the jounin known as Hayate Gekkou. " is there something I can help you two with?"

" I actually think they have dealings with me Hokage-sama." Akahata stated matter of factly.

" Permission to speak freely sempai?" The Anbu asked.

" When have you ever needed permission neko-chan." A lighter tone sliping into his voice.

" Sempai!" the Anbu cried out before enveloping Akahata in a flying hug dragging him and by default the sleeping Naruto to the ground. " Sempai you don't know how much we missed you. How could you just do that no good bye or anything! We've been engaged for years hoping that you could be at the wedding! Oh sempai!" Uzuki Yuugao was not one, someone would normally consider an emotional person. However this was her sempai, the man who had taken the fledgling Yuugao under his wing and gave her all the support she needed being one of the few kunochi in Anbu. So one could not blame her for now sobbing tears of utter joy into the chest of her beloved sempai, she could only sigh in contentment as he slowly stroked her dark purple hair.

" Engaged is it? I guess that means Hayate has taken care of you?" Yuugao could only nod slightly into his chest.

" Yes si-" Hayate was interrupted by a sequence of coughs. " Hmm, I mean yes sir I have, and I always will." Hayate could only smile slightly before falling into another coughing fit. He had met Akahata about seven years ago. It was Akahata who managed to pull a chuunin named Hayate out of a gas filled pit. It was this gas that had damaged Hayate's lungs beyond repair. However thanks to Akahata he survived the trap and with a few good months of tai and kenjutsu training as well as his pull with the Yondaime, Akahata was able to get Hayate back into the shinobi ranks. In the end it was the mutual respect of Akahata that led to Hayate and Yuugao becoming friends and eventually lovers. Due to this both Hayate and Yuugao held the 'quiet conqueror' in the highest regards.

"Akahata-san we should probably be going. The council will be angry if your late to the meeting you called." The hokage said breaking up the reunion.

" Yes, Hokage-sama. Yu-chan, Hayate-kun, would you two mind watching over Naruto for me while I deal with the trash?"

" No problem at all Akahata-sempai." They both chorused out.

" Thank you." and with that Sarutobi and Akahata the two strongest Ninja the village hidden in the leaves could offer headed to the council chambers.

The doors to the council hall opened and in walked the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, he could tell just be the way the council were glaring either at him or at each other that the mood was far from perfect. " I thank you all for coming at such short notice."

" No problem Hokage-sama" drawled Shikaku Nara. " Although I would like to know what was so important." he continued. murmurs of agreement could be heard.

" Yes Hokage-sama what is so worthy of the esteemed council's time." Hiashi Hyuuga demanded.

" Does the name 'Nodoka Seifukusha' ring any bells." The hokage could only smirk as the entire shinobi portion of the council stiffened dramatically.

" Hokage don't play games you know very well that every shinobi has heard of him. What does the deserter have to do with anything." Fugaku Uchiha sneered.

" Well Fugaku I have recently learned that the 'quiet conqueror' as he is known is indeed not a deserter but rather was exiled under the guise of a mission by the Yondaime and this very council." The Hokage steadied himself for the explosion of responses and was not disappointed. After a few minutes of screams and demands he pulled out the mission scroll and passed it to the council for their examination.

" Well, I'll be damned and here we all thought he was nothing but a coward. I wonder what the Yondaime had in mind though." Inochi Yamanka said after examining the scroll.

" Hokage-sama where did you get this though? Unless…is he?" Chouza Akamichi wondered aloud.

" Actually I can answer that as well. Come on in!" The council members collectively took a breath as the door opened and in walked Akahata Ryoushi, the quiet conqueror himself, a man that could very well be stronger than the Yondaime considering he now had five years to grow since they last sparred. Hyuuga Hiashi and Tsume Inuzuka glanced at each other and nodded slightly before returning there sights on the legend in front of them. Both of them being ex teammates of the Yondaime and friends of both him and his wife, knew Akahata well and if he really was back things where defiantly going to change.

" Hello, Akahata-san it has been quite awhile hasn't it." Tsume said sweetly. This caused many amongst the council to grimace thinking that she was already trying to get in such a powerful person's good graces. Though they couldn't blame her, Any one of the major clans would love to have such a shinobi as an ally.

" Indeed it has lady Tsume."

" So Akahata-san I doubt you called a meeting just to get reacquainted what is it that we could do for you?" Hyuuga Hiashi asked, his voice noticeably lacking the tone of arrogance it usually holds. Why? Simply because Hyuuga Hiashi was not stupid, He knew very well that to anger the masked shinobi standing before him meant trouble. Akahata Ryoushi was simply put the only man other than the Yondaime that Hyuuga Hiashi would proudly say he respected as a superior ninja.

" Indeed Hiashi-san. I come before the council to night to discuss the treatment of one Uzamaki Naruto." The Council hall was dead quiet though most of the shinobi who had some interaction with Akahata picked up the angry tones in his voice. One thought drifted through out there minds- Oh god we might very well die tonight.

" And just what is it that you would like to discuss concerning, it." The clan head of the Harunos sneered as he lifted a cup of tea to his lips. His answer came in the form of a senbon needle that struck the cup, shattering it and spilling it's contents on the now shocked clan head.

" That is what I'd like to discuss why are the supposed wise council picking on a child. Why are the greatest minds of Konoha deliberately disrespecting the Forth's wish that this child be viewed and treated as a hero! I would expect such ignorance out of common villagers, but to see such folly from the leaders of the village Arashi loved so much is sickening!" Akahata's calm yet thoroughly enraged voice cut through the council hall.

" It, is no child!" cried one of the civilian councilors. " It is a weapon at best and a sin against humanity at worst." His rant was cut off when he was hit by a storm of killer intent from Akahata, the Sandaime, and surprisingly the Akamichi, Yamanaka, and Nara clan heads.

" Shut you mouth, if all your gonna spew is foolishness." Drawled Shikaku Nara. " He's just a kid. The only problem I see is the fact that what happens if he loses control?"

" I understand your fears Nara-san however, aren't you all just working on a self fulfilling prophecy?" Akahata questioned.

" What do you mean?"

" Well the way the village treats him what's to truly stop any one who has at least decent motivational skills to turn him against us. Hell if the village goes to far and breaks him down mentally what's to stop the Kyuubi from taking over. Shouldn't we instead focus on letting him know he's appreciated and that he has our support. Treat him in a way that would make him want to protect this village as much as his father did."

" You bring up interesting points, Akahata-san." Came the emotionless tone of Shibi Aburame.

" Tell me Akahata-san, why would someone as esteemed as yourself care about one such as Uzamaki." The other council elder and teammate of the Sandaime, Koharu questioned.

" It is simple Koharu-san, the child did not ask to be the hero he is, he did not ask to be hated by the very people he saved. And yes he did save this village, whether you want to admit it or not. Everyone who declares this boy not a hero is saying that if the Yondaime had not sealed the demon into the boy, they would have been able to rid the beast by some other means. That this child's chance at a normal life was sacrificed needlessly, that indeed they could have handled the situation better than Arashi. If you cannot say that then you have no right what so ever to think that you can see this boy for what he is better than Arashi could. Arashi called him hero, and his legacy, so shall I and anyone who says other wise can debate it with Arashi when their time comes, and if anyone plans on harming the child in any way. I will send you to Arashi sooner than you would like." Many of the members of the council lowered their heads some in shame, many in thought. Could they doubt the word of the Fourth so easily, had they really been destroying the life of their hero? Arashi did indeed declare the child a hero, where they really anyone to call him a liar.

" That is nonsense Akahata-san, who do you think you are to lecture us! To tell us that, that thing is any more than a monster. To even prey upon the memories of the Yondaime for the likes of that filth have you no respect!" The Haruno clan head bellowed. Other members around him began inching away especially those who knew of Akahata's bonds with the Fourth. " That monster is no hero if he where he would have family, no mother or father would skip out raising a hero. Instead the Yondaime found the child cast away like the trash he is. He is garbage, fathered by a bastard that had a whore for a wife. Simp-" The pink haired man's words where put to a stop when he found his neck being crushed in the vice like grip of Akahata.

" You GARBAGE!" Akahata roared as he slammed his head repeatedly into the face of the Haruno. After the fifth time, Akahata lifted the man by the throat and slammed him to the floor. He then retrieved both his scythes and placed them on each side of the bleeding man's neck. " NOW LISTEN WORM! All of you listen closely. You want to know who I am to tell you about the Yondaime's will. I am the brother of his wife! As for the boy…If I ever here you speak in the least bit negative about my dear nephew again I will send you and your entire family to hell!" A collective gasp was heard throughout the room. " That's right you impudent fools. I was telling the absolute truth about the boy being the Yondaime's legacy. The boy that you've treated like trash, the boy that no one deserves to even have the pleasure of knowing. The boy you cast out is the closest thing that this village will ever have to royalty. The boy's true name is NARUTO UZAMAKI KAZAMA!" Akahata roared. The color left the faces of every council member in the room. Silence reigned save for the muttered curses of Hyuuga Hiashi and the sobs of Tsume Inuzuka who had apparently broken into hysterics at the news. Akahata produced a scroll from his pocket bit his finger and rubbed some blood on the seal, deactivating it. He then walked over to Sarutobi who proceeded to do the same thing to the last seal on the scroll. " Before any of you can call me a liar this letter should serve as all the proof you need. It was sealed by three blood seals that could only be unlocked by myself, Sarutobi-sama, and Naruto." he unfurled the scroll and began reading.

"To my dearest and most trusted friend.

Akahata fist thing's first I apologize for forcing you to leave, I just had to make sure at least some of Konoha's power remained intact after I'm gone. Friend, if you are reading this then that means that your back in the village, old man Sarutobi is still alive, and my legacy is still safe. Since this is so I can now safely tell you that the other letter that you were to open if you couldn't open this one were orders for you to execute the entire council, but since my boy is still alive we won't have to resort to that."

At this the faces of many of the clan heads paled visibly and a knowing smirk flashed upon the aging Hokage's lips. Not knowing what the big deal is one of the civilian members of the council decided to speak up. " Ha! Such a fool. Like one man could execute all of us. Am I right?" cheers of support came from the other civilians however they quieted quickly when they noticed the shinobi members of the council remained quiet. Did the fool not just see what happened to the Haruno? A different voice rang out.

" Who said he'd be alone?" Everyone turned to see a new speaker emerge from the shadows. " You obviously don't know who Akahata is do you?" seeing no answer forth coming he continued. " Despite your lack of knowledge make no mistake that Akahata Ryoushi is a kage level ninja. Most people don't know this but the only reason he wasn't considered for the job of Yondaime is because he respected Arashi to much to even risk stealing Arashi's dream." The civilian councilors now paled to the same degree that the clan heads had. " Not to mention that most if not all of the Hunter nin corps and all of the assassination branch of the Anbu would follow him to hell and back if only out of respect to him. This all added to the fact that it being Arashi's wish I would've defiantly helped." That being said the figure stepped into the light fully.

" Jiraya, you really should visit more often." The Hokage stated as his perverted student walked towards him.

" Sorry sensei but you know I can't stand the fall from grace this place took after Arashi's death." He paused a second to look over the form of Akahata who stood quietly beside Sarutobi. " Although it looks like things are going to be set strait around here. How you doing there Akahata?"

" Just fine Jiraya-san. Now if the council is done with insulting me I think I should continue reading." with a nod of confirmation from both Jiraya and the Sandaime, Akahata returned to the letter.

"Akahata as I've stated my trust in you is beyond words and that being said, Akahata I write to you to ask for three last wishes, I can never repay you for these wishes however, so they are completely voluntary. First I ask that you take care of my child, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that once the world knows who he is, he will have many enemies both foreign and probably some from Konoha. Protect him using any force necessary as I know that there will be attempts made on his life be it for his being the vessel of the Kyuubi or because my blood runs through his veins. Second take care of the village, I know you dislike it as much as Jiraya-sensei and Tsunade-sama but please, I really want my boy to grow up to be someone in the village that both I as well as Nozomi fell in love with. Finally I ask that you take my child and raise him as your own, teach him the ways of the shinobi and the ways of honor in general. You are the only one to which I would trust my entire clan's future in. Those are my three wishes I hope that you will grant them for me. This being said I hereby enact one final edict within my right as not only the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure but as Head of the Kazama clan and father of Naruto Uzamaki Kazama. I Arashi Kazama appoint Akahata Ryoushi as legal guardian of my son and heir to the Kazama clan, Naruto Uzamaki Kazama. I appoint him status as a retainer to the the Kazama clan and as such not only will he make decisions in my seat amongst the council until my son is of age but the council will add a new seat because for his outstanding service to Konoha and myself I hereby declare the Ryoushi clan a major clan of Konohagakure no Sato."

At the reading of this hell effectively broke lose in the council halls.

" This is ludicrous no one has ever even heard of the Ryoushi clan!" one of the civilians councilors cried

" That argument won't work civilian." stated Jiraya.

" Can you explain yourself Jiraya-sama?" Hiashi Hyuuga stated calmly.

" Sure I can. The Ryoushi clan was once a very powerful and wealthy clan from Hidden Mist. They were well known as a clan of expert hunter nin and assassins. The clan was brought to ruin due to the mist blood line hunts. "

" So, Akahata -san I assume you are willing to catalog your clan's bloodline limit with us." spoke Homura the Sandaime's old teammate and council elder.

" If it appeases the council I will. However, I would like to give the information to the Hokage privately and let him give the information to the shinobi members of the council. I see no need for civilian's to have such powerful information." The civilians were seething while the shinobi simply shrugged however the head of the Nara clan didn't understand.

" Akahata-san, people will find out eventually you realize this."

"Certainly I do Nara-san. However in my travels I have heard rumors of at least one other survivor of my clan whom is still a child wandering somewhere. If word gets out that his/or her bloodline belongs to a major clan in Konoha the danger the child faces will sky rocket even more." The clan head simply nodded sagely .

" Are there any other objections?" The Sandaime spoke out. Some members clearly didn't like the edict as it effectively made Akahata Ryoushi not only one of the most physically powerful people in Konoha but also the most powerful person politically. Unfortunately for them, there was very little they could do. " Ok Akahata-san if there is more to the letter let us finish this so we can get out of here."

"Akahata once again I'm sorry for forcing you to leave. Think of it as making sure that my son's future as well as the future of Konoha was safe. Sealed inside this scroll are three additional scrolls two for Naruto for you to give when you feel he is ready and one containing every vital piece of information you need to pick up where I left off. Once again thank you my friend I know I'm not guaranteed you'll grant my wishes but if I know as much as I think I do, as the man my wife calls brother, then I feel nothing but hope for my son. Me and Nozomi cannot thank you enough my friend, and her brother, thank you for being the father to our child.

Arashi Kazama."

" If that's all I hereby declare this meeting adjourned" the Hokage announced as he walked out the door. Jiraya following behind him. Akahata turned to leave when he noticed both Tsume and Hiashi making there way towards him.

" Akahata-san , may we have a word with you?" Hiashi asked solemnly.

" I'm sorry Hiashi-san but I really am in no mood to speak with anyone properly. The Haruno has my blood absolutely boiling and I would hate to take it out on anyone."

" It's understandable. However do you happen to know where Naruto is?"

" He's under the watchful eye of two very trustworthy people I'm going to pick him up and take him home to sleep."

" Might we see him?" Tsume asked hesitantly.

" I apologize Lady Tsume but he is currently unconscious due to another incident with the villagers. I found him on the verge of being disemboweled by a Fuuma shuriken. I shall contact you when he regains consciousness, good evening."

" Your angry with us…aren't you Akahata?" Hiashi stated guiltily.

" Angry? Yes a bit. More disappointed than anything else."

" We're sorry, We didn't know, could you forgive us?" Tsume asked gravely.

" Does it make a difference that you didn't know? You make it sound like your only sorry because of who his father is. Tell me something if this child where born to nothing more than regular commoners would it make him any less of a hero. Would it make it o.k. to treat him the way he was treated if no one knew his parents?" Receiving nothing in the way of an answer save for two lowered heads he continued. " Besides lady Tsume, Hiashi-san it is not my place to forgive you, it is Naruto's. If you want, when he is recovered you can visit him and on you knees ask his forgiveness."

" You don't seriously expect us to lower ourselves that far do you?" Hiashi asked sternly.

" Hisashi-san respect is something earned, something people have seem to have forgotten in Arashi's absence. Besides I didn't think one could get any lower than helping to torture a five year old child that happens to be the reason any of you are still alive." Hiashi visibly flinched at the words and tears began to form in Tsume's eyes. " When you have both received his forgiveness then perhaps we can start over, just know that if the boy is anything like his dear old uncle he may be able to forgive but he most certainly will never forget." with that Akahata walked out the door. Leaving an ashamed and distraught pair of clan heads.

" Hiashi…we deserved that didn't we?" Tsume asked through quiet tears.

" We deserved worse, we should be thankful Akahata didn't have Nozomi's temper." Hiashi said with a sad smile.

As he raced along the roof tops towards his home with a sleeping Naruto in his arms, Akahata could only think of the mission he'd been given. ' Arashi, I will make sure he becomes one of the greatest shinobi ever known. Sister, I'll do my best to make sure he is also known as one of the greatest men to have ever lived. I will see him achieve greatness…if I have to mow down every obstacle in his path. You have my word.'

" Nozomi's legacy." He whispered as he took one last look at the slumbering child in his arms.

There it is the first chapter of 'Legacy of Legends'. I'll warn you right now this may very well turn into a super Naruto fic. I'll try to make it believable, but what can you expect. One can't expect to be trained by a Kage level Ninja for years at a time and not be very powerful. Trust me however there will be enough conflict to the point where it will be intresting enough. This fic is going to be very AU as well. As much as the general story line of most Naruto fics are tried and true. I am going to make tons of different things happen. From the Uchihas being massacred by someone other than Itachi, to different types of exams for genins and chuunins. Why mess with something tried and true, one because the addition of a second Kage level ninja in the village as well as his students is bond to have a different effect on the story. Two, As good as the bread and butter plot is things can be so much more exciting. Let me know what you think and Until next time.

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