CH.6: Twilight on the Moon.

It had been two years since the boys had become full fledged members of the Ryoushi clan, and many things occurred that had shaped the boys lives. For one the boys where named Tokubetsu Jounin in the field of infiltration and assassination, by the Sandaime. When asked why the hokage only stated that he needed their talents in dealing with things other than just hunting down missing-nin. The 'Kage Douhou' where no longer a name to be feared by only missing nin, no, now any enemy of Konoha tensed when the title was spoken. Both boys had grown immensely and where now on the verge of being s-class ninja. They were already in the bingo books of three of the five great shinobi villages. Though the bounty on their heads was highest in Kiri. Apparently the fact that they where both rumored to be members of clans that the Mizukage had ordered eliminated made Kiri nervous about possible attempts at revenge from the two brothers. Iwa and Kumo simply put any noteworthy ninja of Konoha in their bingo book as a sign of their disdain for the village.

Naruto had become quite the accomplished saboteur, to go along with his reputation as the top recon nin and one of the top assassins in Konoha. He made himself quite the phenomenon in Iwa where bases where known to mysteriously burst into flames, and burn to the ground at random intervals.

Kimimaro, though still a fan of the clean, quiet, and efficient kill, had earned a name for himself as a monster melee fighter. Over the years he finally began progressing in the Shikotsumyaku and could now manipulate his bones very well. He still didn't know any of the names of the dances but decided that announcing what he was gonna due took away the element of surprise of the technique and left his attacks nameless.

Together the boys progress only increased their capabilities as a team, with Naruto becoming the finesse and Kimimaro being the offensive muscle.

This notoriety led to interesting situations, such as the two boys being used as honor guards for diplomatic missions as a subconscious show of muscle by the village. It was on one of these types of missions that Naruto met upwith someone who would go on to be a major link to his heritage.


Naruto sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. He and Kimimaro had just been specifically requested for a c-class mission. Their mission: Serve as guards at an exclusive hot springs at which Hyuga Hiashi and his daughters where going to host a big time land owner and his family. Needless to say they where a little bit annoyed, going from doing missions of dire village importance to aiding in stroking the ego of some wealthy snob. Currently he and Kimimaro where standing on the fences of said hot springs looking outwards as not to be accused of anything indecent.

Hyuga Hiashi was quite pleased. He currently had his important guest's full attention. The first thing his guest had noticed was Kimimaro and Naruto, and had asked if they could be trusted. This prompted to Hiashi to enlighten his guest as to just who the two boys where and their status as the nightmare of any pervert. He even went as far as to tell him about the incident those years ago. Needless to say the sheer appreciation in the mans eyes for Hiashi hiring such honorable and strong guards to protect his family, made the Hyuga head smirk. Those boys where going to have quite the political influence when they grew up.

Hinata sighed as she listened to the landlord's eldest daughter rant about her boyfriend. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with it, just that it was an incredibly boring subject to her. Though the girl being thirteen and Hinata being eleven might have something to do with it. She really didn't want to be here, but her father had made it clear she and Hanabi were responsible for entertaining the landlord's 13,10, and 8 year old daughters. While some of the other female main house members chatted with his wife. What really didn't help was that Naruto and Kimimaro where less than 50 feet away being forced to play lookout because her father wanted to show off. Though she couldn't say she didn't like having Naruto around, they had become friends since the cloud incident. Hinata could honestly say she liked the boy, though it would only be a general liking seeing as she didn't get to see him around a lot him being such an important ninja. Her interest in him however paled in comparison to 6 year old Hanabi's hero worship of the boy. Naruto and Kimimaro had become little Hanabi's idols, though to her Naruto was slightly cooler because he got rid of the 'bad man who touched onee-chan'.

" Hey those two aren't perverts are they?" Hinata was broken out of her thoughts by the 13 year old.

" No, you don't have to worry about them." replied Hinata calmly.

" Who are they?" asked the confused girl.

" They're some of the strongest ninja in the village, they're our guards."

" Strong huh? They don't look like much." replied the girl, a slightly haughty tone entering her voice.

" They are rather young, my age even. But make no mistake they are very strong." ground out Hinata trying to remain civil towards the girl who was insulting her friends. Hanabi had no such intentions.

" Yeah! Naruto-ni-san and Kimimaro-ni-san are real strong!" cried out Hanabi. An awkward silence fell upon the group of girls after the tiny girls outburst. In that silence tiny giggles where heard. Reacting quickly Hinata activated her Byakugan and found a strange white haired man, with red markings on his cheeks and dressed in some rather odd clothing. He was looking at the women through a telescope and was writing in a notebook furiously.

" Naruto-kun! Kimimaro-kun! Pervert!" she cried out. Getting not only the attention of the guards but also everyone in the hot springs. The lord's family made to get up in panic when they where calmed by the Hyugas who simply proceeded to get ready to watch the show.

The man only had time to bite out a curse as the black, whip-like blade of Kimimaro's Sorame made confetti out of the note book he had been writing in. He looked up in time to dodge another sweep of the blade. He quickly took to the roof of the bathhouse to try to escape when Naruto shot out of the ground with an upward slash of Kyuusei. The pervert tried to turn to run only to find Kimimaro there. " Pervert how dare you spy on the occupants of these hot springs. Some of them are little girls for kami's sake." Bit out an enraged Naruto.

" First of all I'm not a pervert…I'm a Super pervert! Second of all I wasn't looking at the children though I probably will when their older. You ever notice just how gorgeous Hyuuga women are?" The temperature plummeted and his answer was being in cased in ice mirrors.

" What's going on?" Asked the landlord's wife as slabs of ice surrounded the combatants.

"Ooooooo he made Naruto-ni-san maaaddddd." said little Hanabi lowly.

In side the ice mirrors the pervert was dodging the whipping serpentine blade of Kimimaro desperately trying to tell the boys he was kidding. The dancing blade had already nicked up his clothing horribly and despite his skill he was having a hard time avoiding it. He had tried to summon a frog to help him out but Naruto had merged into the ground and was attacking anything he summoned before disappearing again. His thoughts where interrupted when an arm that had popped out of the ground and tripped him up. He recovered in time to dodge another swipe from Kimimaro, though this near miss took a few strands of his hair. He spun around only to find the point of Naruto's Kyuusei at his throat. He quickly tried to leap away only to have Kimimaro's Sorame wrap itself around his lower body from waist to ankle. He felt the slight bite of the serrated blade as Kimimaro tightened it, letting the pervert know that a slight tug from Kimimaro is all it would take to carve him to the bone.

" Give me a reason not to slit your throat pervert." stated Naruto coolly.

" Um…um…you'd be killing a sannin?" blurted out the pervert, as if asking a question more than giving an answer.

" Oh really? You're not a pale, reptilian, homosexual, and you are most definitely not a women. So you mean to tell me that you're -" Naruto was interrupted by the now confident pervert.

" The man enemies flee from, and women flock to all through out the five great nations. The gama-sennin the great Jir-!"

" Sensatsu Suishou!" Ice mirrors fell and a rain of needles flew towards the pervert striking within centimeters of his body pinning him to the roof top via his clothes. Terrifying the man into silence. " Look here Jiraya-hentai. If I catch you peeking on women again, especially if they happen to be friends of mine…I won't miss." Naruto punctuated his statement by flinging two senbon needles towards Jiraya's crotch, missing by a single centimeter. Jiraya only paled and nodded furiously. After unwrapping Sorame from Jiraya, Kimimaro and Naruto returned to their post, leaving a pale sannin pinned to the roof top.

End Flashback

Later that night Jiraya had made an appearance at the Ryoushi manor. He let Naruto know that he knew his father, though he wouldn't say how. From then on he had quickly become the 'uncle that no one wants to talk about' to Naruto and Kimimaro with Naruto learning the art of sealing, and Kimimaro learning even more Doton jutsu from the 'mighty' toad sage. Though this uncle/nephew, student/sensei bond didn't save Jiraya from constant beatings at the hands of the brothers for his 'literary hobbies'.

Naruto's training in seals with Jiraya came in handy when one night he had received a letter from Temari stating that Gaara had gone off the deep end after their uncle had tried to kill him. It was in this letter that the blond daughter of the Kazekage had enlightened Naruto as to her younger brother's status as the container of the Ichibi no Shukaku. Naruto and Jiraya made the trip to Suna, and after a little talking between Naruto and Gaara, they where able to convince the homicidal red head to allow Jiraya and Naruto to attempt to fix the seal. After weeks of researching all the possibilities, Naruto and Jiraya made their alterations to Gaara's seal. The boy would have to learn how to master control of his sand again, but no longer would the sadistic whispers of the sand demon plague him. And he could now sleep without worry of demonic possession. Afterwards, Naruto and Gaara's friendship was stronger than before especially when Naruto revealed to Gaara his status as the container for the Kyuubi.

Temari for one was thrilled to have her little brother back, and had taken Naruto to the ground in what he could only describe as an 'Anko-like' flying hug. She then proceeded to sob her thanks through tears of joy for the next 25 minutes. All the while snuggling into the eleven year old jounin's shoulder. The moment was ruined when Jiraya demanded a similar hug, only to be hit with a fist of sand the size of a small building. After more hugs and promises to keep in touch the duo of Naruto and Jiraya left Suna, leaving behind a new Gaara, and a grateful Temari.

Another event that occurred, actually had village wide implications, was the birth of a new division in the shinobi ranks of Konoha. During the two year span more and more happenings involving the Police force, at that time being provided by the Uchiha clan, had called their competence into question. The biggest qualm being the mysterious disappearances of shinobi prisoners from their cells. There where never any signs of a crime being committed, if anything it was like prisoners where simply walking out of jail and disappearing with out a trace. Though a few people, such as Sarutobi, Jiraya, Akahata, and Hyuga Hiashi noticed a marked increase in the forces of Danzo's Root Anbu, an increase far too coincidental to be a coincidence. Other reports where simply of random abuses of power, holes in the security of the village, and instances of bribery and corruption. Though many of these incidents where linked directly to Uchiha Fugaku, and his cousin Uchiha, Daisuke. This prompted the Sarutobi and Akahata to create a new organization to take over policing duties for the village, Tasogare (Twilight).

Tasogare would be made up of veteran Hunter nin, due to their ability to combat ninja of all types. This move was made even more convenient when the latest copy of the bingo book showed that their where less than 25 missing nin of the leaf village left. A statistic widely believed to be due to the new level of power achieved by the hunter nin corps as a whole. A rise attributed to Akahata's new mandatory physical, and skills benchmark exams. Simply put the new Hunter nin general raised the bar in not only what it took to be a hunter nin but what it took to stay a hunter nin. His reasoning being that hunter nin where trained to fight ninja specifically. Any other kind of ninja, including Anbu took on jobs as guards, escorts, dealing with bandits, and mercenaries. Yes, they did take on enemy ninja, but hunter nin dealt with dangerous enemy ninja in an exclusive capacity. As such the new way of thinking was that hunter nin should be able to take down people Anbu couldn't, in fact the new admittance test was to beat a veteran Anbu member. So due to the new strength of the Hunter nin corps and the shortage of actual Konoha missing nin, many hunter nin where given promotion into the Tasogare ranks. They served under a group of officers known as Hashiras (Pilliars) with Akahata serving as commander in general. Hashiras where to be the elite police presence of the village, the cream of the crop. From the out set the top Hashiras were, Naruto, Kimimaro, Anko, Yugao, Hayate, and surprisingly, Uchiha Itachi. The prodigious Uchiha was the first to apply for a spot in Tasogare despite his fathers protest.

While the creation of Tasogare was generally praised by the village it was needless to say that some parties where a little less than pleased. Danzo didn't take to kindly to the fact that Tasogare was welcomed with open arms by the Hokage, while his Root Anbu division fought every day not to get disbanded by the venerable Sandaime. The biggest detractor against Tasogare was one Uchiha Fugaku. Make no mistake many of the Uchiha clan where a little irked at the loss of a job, but they got over it and moved on to joining the shinobi ranks. Fugaku, however was livid, not only was his great clan losing more power but it was being given to the man he despised. It was like there was some conspiracy to make that masked demon lover more powerful and make him weaker. He was the head of the noble Uchiha clan, he deserved that power, he earned it. Then Sarutobi had the nerve to try to assign him a mission, couldn't the fool see that Fugaku was busy with clan matters. Indeed the ravings of a power hungry man who has had his power taken away can be quite mad. Naruto's reminiscing was cut short when Kimimaro walked into his room.

" Ototo he's awake." Kimimaro didn't elaborate, he didn't have to. Just yesterday Naruto and Kimimaro had come home to found a severely wounded Uchiha Itachi bleeding on their door step. They had quickly moved him inside to be treated by Rin, where he had remained, unconscious for the rest of the night. Without a second thought Naruto ran into one of the spare rooms where Itachi was being kept. Akahata, Anko, Rin, and Kimimaro where already at his bedside.

" Itachi-kun what happened?" asked Rin softly. Itachi only looked around at his visitors through half lidded eyes, before mumbling.

" Shisui attacked me…needed me out of the way…Uchiha army…Danzo…Orochimaru…children."

" Itachi. Come on focus. Just tell us what happened clearly and then you can go to sleep o.k.?" asked Rin. The Uchiha only managed a nod. Before taking a deep breath and steeling him self.

" I was attacked by my best friend Shisui. When I asked him why he said that my father had labeled me a traitor to the clan. After I killed him I went to go see my father, or at least my mother and some of the elders to see what was going on. When I got their I heard my father talking with Danzo. They where plotting…they where plotting…"

" Plotting what Itachi?"

" …the destruction of the clan. My dad is mad over the formation of Tasogare, and is becoming a paranoid, power hungry, lunatic. He's convinced that there is some huge conspiracy to keep him from the power that he wants and made a pact with Danzo and Orochimaru. Danzo wanted the entire Uchiha clan to join and be trained as Root Anbu. Of course my mother and the other council members of the Uchiha shot this idea down in a hurry. In fact there where many rumblings that my father was gonna be removed as clan head. Anyways from what they where saying they've decided to kill every Uchiha other than the children. Then they're gonna turn all the children into Root Anbu creating their own little custom Uchiha army."

" What about Orochimaru?"

" From what I was able to make out Orochimaru's going to help with the actual attack, and help Danzo and my father overthrow Konoha when their ready. Supposedly he gets something he's always wanted. The Sharingan. I don't know how they plan to give him the Sharingan, I just know that it would go along way in his little fantasy of learning all the jutsus in existence. I left after that and was on my way to inform the Sandaime, when I was blindsided. I was able to kill off my attackers but not without getting pretty badly injured. I thought that I was going to die and I was closer to here than I was the Hokage Tower. So I figured if I could at least inform one of you, I could die knowing I helped."

" Any idea when they plan to attack?" asked Anko.

" Tomorrow."

" Tomorrow, yesterday or tomorrow today?" asked Naruto

" What?" asked a confused Itachi.

" Itachi you've been out all night, you where attacked yesterday."

" What?!" The Uchiha's eyes widened as he struggled to get out of the bed. " I gotta go…gotta help them." Itachi was surprised when he was forced back into bed.

" You're not going anywhere Itachi." stated Akahata. " I know you want to help them but going out there half dead will only add to the casualties. We will take care of it. Anko, Naruto, Kimimaro let's go. Rin stay here with Itachi."

" I can help Akahata-kun." Rin growled.

" I'm not saying you can't. However they obviously want Itachi dead, and in his condition anything over a chuunin will be too much for him. I need you to stay here and watch over him. Got it?" he received a terse nod in reply. " O.k. then lets go."

" Akahata-sama!" cried out Itachi. " Please I know this is selfish, but if my mother and little brother are still alive. Please. Keep them safe."

" Will do."

Akahata raced along the rooftops towards the Uchiha district, leading a group of Anko, Kimimaro, Naruto, and twelve Tasogare patrolmen. " One of you go inform Hokage-sama, the rest of you follow me." He waited until one of the faster patrolmen sprinted off towards the Hokage Tower. "We have an unknown number of enemies, of skill level anywhere from elite-jounin to Sannin attacking the Uchiha clan. We know that Uchiha Fugaku is a co-conspirator in this attack, as well as Orochimaru, and Root. Protection of clan members is the priority, especially the children. If you can just run the enemy off do so. I'd rather have live Uchihas and an escaped enemy than a dead enemy along with an extinct Uchiha clan. Am I clear?"

" Hai!" came the resounding response.

Quiet. A haunting bone chilling silence is what awaited the rescue party as they entered the Uchiha district. Without waiting to be told Kimimaro and Naruto activated their Kanshikigan. They found sporadic battles around the compound but what drew their attention immediately was a single building that held at least 50 children. With the children was the infamous snake sannin Orochimaru, as well as a single Anbu. Without a word to anyone the two boys dashed off in towards the building. Other members spread out and began taking out pockets of resistance along the way. Anko seeing her two ototos going somewhere decided to follow. Akahata went to make good on his promise to Itachi.

Naruto, Kimimaro, and Anko walked into a garage like building, only to find Orochimaru and his Anbu companion browsing through the gathered children. As soon as they stepped into the large room the Anbu tensed and Orochimaru turned around with a face of annoyance. His annoyance quickly turned into amusement when he saw his former apprentice standing there. " Ah! Anko-chan it really has been

a while. You never write, you never visit, why if I didn't know any better I'd say you didn't like me." said Orochimaru in a tone of mock hurt.

" You wouldn't be far from the truth you snake bastard." growled out Anko

" You wound me my dear Anko."

" What are you doing here?"

" Ah you see I've recently perfected that jutsu and I'm in the market for a new body."

" So you finally finished eh you bastard? No matters I'll kill you here!" with that Anko charged her former sensei.

"Hmm still as head strong as always my foolish student. Kabu…ki! Take out the other two no names."

" You're intelligence network is pretty stupid if you don't know who those two are sensei." Not another word was spoken as the five combatants engaged in battle.

Akahata landed another satisfying blow upon the Uchiha clan head. Fugaku slid limply on the ground, still Akahata had no plans on showing him mercy. He had walked in moments ago to find the dead body of Uchiha Daisuke thrown on the floor, and Fugaku slowly torturing his wife Mikoto. On the other side of the room a barely alive Uchiha Yukiko, Mikoto's younger sister, was cradling the injured body of her daughter Yuriaiko. Fugaku groaned as he rolled to a stop. He had killed Daisuke, the only person he could ever consider to be a good friend, and he had in fact gained the Mangekyo Sharingan, however this did no good when Akahata wouldn't give him enough time to capture him in the Tsukiyomi. He needed a distraction. Then as if by divine intervention his second child, Sasuke entered the room eyes glazed in confusion and terror. The deranged clan head smirked. That will work.

Naruto smirked, this 'Kabuki' fellow had severely underestimated the two brothers and was now trapped in the Makyou HyouShou. Naruto was currently looking on from inside one of the mirrors, while Kimimaro was dicing the Anbu with Sorame. The blade danced and thrashed majestically covering every inch of the enclosed space in deep gashes. Naruto was sure that if he wasn't in the dimension of the ice mirror he would have been diced by the dancing blade as well. He winced slightly as the black serrated blade caught Kabuki across the chest, only to frown as the wound healed quickly. That healing ability really was a nuisance, if it wasn't for it, Kabuki would have been deceased along time ago. Not that Naruto was underestimating the Anbu, he knew that this Kabuki was capable of putting up a much greater fight. He had however gotten a bad draw as he seemed to be a close range fighter and Kimimaro's skill with Sorame would insure that Kabuki would not get into striking distance of Kimimaro without paying a heavy cost. Add to that the fact that Naruto was ready to cover his Aniki at a moments notice meant that the Anbu was in a very bad position. Naruto's thoughts where interrupted by a scream of pain, a familiar scream, Anko-nee-chan's scream.
Anko cursed herself mentally. The fight had been going fine, in fact she had to say that she was holding her own against her sensei. Though it was entirely possible that the Snake Sannin was holding back. She had built up a lot of momentum in the fight. She had even managed to bind the sannin to a support of the garage with her Senaijashu (Hidden Snake Hand). Then when she was about to drive a kunai into the heart of the one who had caused her so much grief, he proved that he was indeed as sneaky and cunning as the animals he was associated with. He pried a single arm lose and sent a large snake at the group of stunned Uchiha children. Anko acted on instinct and jumped in front of the children and into the line of fire of the striking snake. A pained scream tore out of her throat as the snakes fangs sunk into her shoulder, only to be ground into muffled wheezes as the large snake coiled around her and began constricting. Her eyes blazed with hate as her sensei looked down on her broken form with an amused smirk plastered on his face.

" Ah Anko-chan I must say that you have improved while I was away. It pains me that you didn't have the ambition necessary to serve me, I could have made wonderful use of your power."

" In your dreams you bastard! I'll never turn on Konoha."

" You'd never turn on a village that so willingly turned it's back on you? That's admirable little Anko-chan…foolish, but admirable."

" Like I care what you think."

" Oh…and just who's opinion do you care about? Hmm. I wonder." the sannin leaned over next to his ex-apprentices ear. " Does little Anko-chan consider Akahata-kun's opinion to be of worth. Yes…I know you do Anko. Foolish girl, foolish goal. No one will love you Anko, much less someone as esteemed as Akahata. What do you have to offer him you weak and worthless little girl? Hmm? A tainted body and soul? That's what you want to use to earn the love of someone who is sought after by even my own teammate? Ha! You stupid little girl. Do you want to know what they see when they look at you Anko, when HE looks at you? A pathetic, and disgusting shadow of me Anko, that's what they see. What I see in you Anko, despite the years, you are still the weak, stupid, scared, and worthless little girl that I left crying on the floor." the serpent sannin hissed into the ear of his now sobbing apprentice.

Anko knew, she knew that this was all just a part of Orochimaru's mind games. She shouldn't believe a word he says. Still, the words tore at her own festering scars of self doubt that had been with her ever since Orochimaru turned his back on her. Through her tears however, she saw a glint in the light, as Naruto crept out of the ground towards the snake sannin, Kyuusei in hand. Orochimaru caught the glint in Anko's eye, when he moved to spin around only to feel a searing pain erupt across his spine. The pain was followed my an intense numbness in his legs as they crumpled underneath him. As he hit the ground he tried to stand but found that he couldn't move his legs, then it hit him, he was paralyzed from at least the waste down! He looked up in time to see Naruto's Kyuusei begin to come down upon him when the snake that had been constricting Anko lunge at the blond, only to be beheaded by Naruto. The snake however served it's purpose as it provided the necessary distraction for Orochimaru to get off a jutsu. Naruto barley had time to turn his attention back to the rouge sannin when he was hit by a blast of air sending him to the ground hard. The blow being enough for him to lose the concentration needed for his ice mirrors, freeing Kimimaro and the still dodging Kabuki.

" Kabuki! Get me out of here!" The Anbu clad henchmen dodged another sweep of Kimimaro's Sorame, and dashed towards the downed sannin. As soon as he reached Orochimaru the two where gone in a matter of seconds, swirling leaves, and blood on the floor the only indication that they where ever there.

Akahata cursed the day Uchiha Fugaku was born as a fire ball the size of a deer sped at the now scared stiff child. A fireball launched by his father no less. The boy cried out in surprise when he was thrust out of the way and onto the floor. He turned to see the masked man that had been fighting his dad enveloped in a small explosion. Akahata ground his teeth in pain as the flash from the blast finished, by no means meaning an end to the pain. His hatred had renewed for the scum that had launched a fireball at his own son, planned the death of another, tortured his own wife, killed off his own clan, and conspired the downfall of his own village. He glared at the man with all the hate he could muster, a mistake he would come to regret. Fugaku inwardly smirked as he and Akahata locked eyes. Before the masked nin could realize his mistake, the words of the fallen Uchiha clan head reached his ears. " Tsukiyomi."

Sasuke watched on as the man who had been fighting his father let out some quick snarls of pain before collapsing in a heap. The boy then watched on as his father made to leave the room. Fugaku stopped at the door, his back still turned on the carnage he created, and addressed his son. " Sasuke. I know you want to know why I did what I did, and I'll tell you. They are afraid of us Sasuke. Of the power the Uchiha's rightfully deserve. We should be gods to these people and they hold us back. Even members of our own clan. They're afraid of us Sasuke…of the power we contain. Did you ever wonder why Itachi never wanted to train you, or why your mother demanded that you get to lead a 'normal' life? Fear. Fear of their own weakness. They'll try to hold you back like they did me Sasuke, when you've realized this, and you want to achieve the power you so rightfully deserve. Find me." with that said Uchiha Fugaku disappeared from the village hidden in the leaves.

It would be ten more minute's before the Sandaime and a small army of jounin and Anbu would descend upon the chaos of the Uchiha compound. Once there they would find the entirety of the adult population of the Uchiha clan, save for Mikoto, Yukiko, and Itachi, dead. The children of the clan where found safe under the vigilant gaze of a distraught Anko, frustrated Naruto, and thoughtful Kimimaro. The bodies of about 50 mystery ninja where found throughout the compound, victims of the cold efficiency of Tasogare. When the searches finally led the Sandaime into the private office of Fugaku Uchiha, he would find a critically wounded Mikoto and Yukiko, an awake but clearly traumatized Yuriaiko, a shocked yet thoughtful Sasuke. What he didn't find, that was until the desperate cry of Anko and Naruto pierced the air from the other side of the room. Was a deeply comatose Akahata Ryoushi.
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