He Kindly Stopped for Me


Summary: Unohana found it hard to stop living after her death. Luckily Byakuya was patient even in his youth. Highly Mild Nearly Nonexistent Bya x Hana

Because I could not stop for Death,

He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves

And Immortality

--Emily Dickinson

The Daimyo had massive head trauma, a broken leg, and a deep gash in his side. He was dead

There was nothing she could do for him so she moved on.

Yuukan-oji was missing his right arm and leg, his eyes were glazed over and his breathing was shallow. He would soon be dead, as well.

She left him. Leave the dead in favor of the living, her life's mantra, ran through her head in time to the jingling of the broken chain on her chest.

Suzuran-ojo, however, had a chance. There was a small gash in her thigh but it had not hit her femoral artery. It was clotted over and would heal on its own, but treatment would minimize scarring.

Finally, something she could help with. She knelt down beside the young girl's side and reached in to the pouch that was always at her side. Her fingers flinched away from the bag's barren interior. Why was her bag empty? She shook her head, it didn't matter; her equipment must have fallen out in the attack.

The attack…

What had happened? She had been having tea with the Daimyo and his family when the floor had burst under them. Afterwards there had been only confusion.

She looked down to the bleeding princess before her, what had happened didn't matter. She tore a strip from her kimono's sleeve to use as a temporary bandage. She moved the girl's kimono aside but as she wrapped the bandage around the girl's leg it drifted through the limb.

She blinked; the attack must have taken more out of her than she thought. She tried again with the same result. The third time she tried a hand stopped her.

"One would think," a male voice said, "that you have realized that is futile."

"I'm a slow learner, now if you'll let me get back to this." She said pulling her hand out of his loose grip.

He grabbed her shoulder more tightly. "You can't."

"I don't see why I can't. Now let go." She glared at his hand but it remained on her shoulder.

"You are dead. That is why you cannot help her, miss…" He paused when he found himself lacking her name.

She stood and faced the man and looked up into his eyes, which he averted. "My name is Unohana Retsu, Head Physician to the Daimyo and his family. How did I die?"

"You were killed by a group of evil spirits, Hollows. My squad and I disposed of them." He stated as if giving a report, in fact, Retsu realized, he was standing as a soldier would when at attention.

"Do you have a name?"

"Kuchiki Byakuya, Third seat of the Sixth Division of the Gotei Thirteen" He told the air above her head after a small pause of something, perhaps surprise.

Retsu turned away from the man and surveyed the damage. The supporting structures were still standing but the room itself was nearly destroyed. Both the shoji and tatami had long gouges torn through them, as if a giant tiger had been loosed into the room. Splintered wood lay everywhere and the daimyo's throne had been split in two like firewood.

"What now?" Retsu asked with her back to Byakuya.

"I will send you on to Soul Society."



"Oh." She turned to face him and after feeling something on her forehead, almost like a stamp, she moved on.


Daimyo: feudal lord

--oji: Prince, though I'm not sure if it's supposed to be use as an honorific. If I'm wrong please tell me

--ojo: Princess, same as with –oji

Shoji: sliding paper door

Tatami: woven floor mat

Tengoku: Heaven or Paradise

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