"Agony" By Phoenix Kaen

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns Yuugioh.

A/N: This is basically a poem about how Anzu watched Atemu go back to where to he belongs.

It's agony, isn't it?

You watch him going back to where he rightfully belongs

In your head, you're screaming "Please don't go and stay with me!"

Yet you know he doesn't belong here

Being in his embrace is where you want to be

No, you tighten your fist and clench your teeth

'Don't beg, Anzu, don't'

He's never going to come back,

you already knew that

The tears couldn't help sliding down your face one by one

There goes your dignity

No, you can't make him stay

It wouldn't be right

Even if your heart is slowly breaking into a million pieces

You'll let him go so he'll finally feel he's where he belongs

Even if it pangs you,

You'll let him go home

He already promised you that he'll never forget you

"Likewise" was what you said

Hold your hand over your heart to sooth the searing pain

"Don't go, Atemu" was whispered.

No, you couldn't say it aloud