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-Rich people don't always have such a prefect life (all the characters)

-Hiding and never fixing your scars can cause life-long nightmares/scars (All characters)

-Learning to speak what you really feel (Sakuno) (Tomoka)

-Overcoming what people may think (Asuka)

-Learning that there's always a second chance for everything (all characters)

-Moving on with no grudge (Ita)

-Rediscovering emotions ( Fuji & Echizen)

-Learning to trust the person you're with without assuming that everything will always end up the same. (Kikumaru & Fuji)

Those are merely some of the bigger ones in the story. There are others but I'm sure everyone noticed at least 3 out of the many themes I set up. The title is mainly to highlight on my main couple whom has discarded feelings and emotions to build a wall to protect their heart from ever being hurt again. Throughout the story I'm sure everyone knows they were subtly remerging from their shell.

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Wet With Tears

Rated: M

Summary: Ryoma never wanted to fall in love…because falling in love meant losing your mind, losing logic, and an Echizen Ryoma without a mind shouldn't exist.

Pairing: FujiXRyoma

Chapter Twelve: Just One

"For the first time in a long time…I saw both of their faces wet with tears"



"Yadda!" Ryoma screamed pushing Fuji out of the way…he didn't want any more sacrifices…no…he didn't want anyone else to sacrifice their life for his.

'It's happening again…' Ryoma thought fearfully…


Ryoma closed his eyes tightly praying the bullet didn't hit Syuusuke…no matter what Syuusuke had done to him, he didn't deserve to block a bullet from him…because…because he was suppose to die last time!


"Just shoot him, let's go!"

Ryoma shut his eyes tightly as the guy a few feet away aimed the gun towards his head to shoot him.


Ryoma expected the pain…the pain that didn't come…instead a weigh landed on him.

Opening his eyes he was horrified to discover his mother shot in the head with shocked eyes staring at him…

"Don't look Seishounen!"

It was too late… his mother's face was already etched in his mind…her blood was everywhere…everywhere on him…the target was him…so why…WHY?

Ryoma felt Syuusuke's body under him as both of them hit the ground hard. Opening his eyes, he expected the blood to be once more covering him….only to find Syuusuke groaning under him and alive. Rolling off, he turned to see that the bullet had missed both of them…looking towards Asuka and Ita, he was relieved to see that the bullet Seiichi directed at Asuka had hit the pillar behind Asuka instead.

Satisfied that no one was hurt, Ryoma started to stand but slowed his movements when he noted that Seiichi was starting to look unstable after realizing he missed both of his targets.

"You idiot! I could've shot you!" Seiichi yelled at Syuusuke wildly. Ryoma turned to face a serious Syuusuke who had a gun in his hand and was advancing towards Seiichi now….what was he doing?

"wha…what are you doing?" Seiichi asked as Fuji raised the gun to Seiichi's eye level.

"Doing what I should've done a long time ago…" Fuji whispered putting his finger on the trigger.

"You wouldn't!" Seiichi said raising his own gun at Fuji.

" Try me…" Fuji said softly opening his eyes to seriously look at Seiichi.


Ryoma saw the gun Ita had dropped earlier when one of Seiichi's followers had shot him in the arm. Sliding over to grab the gun, he didn't spare Asuka or Ita a glance as he slowly started towards where Fuji and Seiichi were pointing guns at each other. Ryoma knew he meant to save all of them by offering his own life but he wasn't about to allow Syuusuke to do that… no…he'd seen the damage sacrifices could do…

"Fuji-san! Please don't!" Nanako screamed from where she stood next to Takumi.

In the distance they could hear the sound of sirens coming closer as security appeared with a frowning Atobe and emotionless Tezuka.

"Give it up Seiichi! I've already called the police." Atobe said disdainfully. " You've lost!"

Seiichi merely laughed, " I never lose!"

With a quick motion he pressed the trigger straight at Fuji's face. "I'm taking you with me!"

Fuji closed his eyes expecting the impact somewhere on him anytime now, instead He felt a hard shove from the side and a second BANG following the first by only a millisecond at most. He inched one eye open to see a determined Ryoma forcing him to the ground. His eyes whirled to Seiichi just as his body made contact with the floor…all he saw was a stunned expression on Seiichi's face as blood poured from his wound on his forehead. It was a clean shot, but had a messy exit…turning his attention to Ryoma who had landed on top of him and wasn't moving anymore he felt panic enter his system immediately as he watched a steady stream on blood pour from Ryoma's head. It seemed the bullet had skimmed the side of Ryoma's head, narrowly missing the top of Ryoma's ear.

He couldn't find it in himself to say anything…he merely held Ryoma close speechless as he ignored the blood that was staining his clothes and pooling around the both of them…

In the back of his mind he felt people closing in around them and a mention about ambulances from Atobe but his eyes never left Ryoma's face… He wasn't even aware that for the first time since Seiichi left him, his eyes were blurred with tears…tears that were spilling down his face.


Ryoma groaned as he opened his eyes to a bright room and splitting headache…

What had happened to him?


Turning his head slightly he grimaced at the pain shooting through his head before focusing on the person who spoke his name.

"Syuusuke…" Ryoma mumbled looking at the disheveled figure. It looked as if he had been up for days and not enough to eat.

"Before you tell me to go…I just wanted to apologize about the incident…actually both incidents…if I haven't saved him that day you wouldn't be hurt today…" Fuji said remorsefully. "I…I'm just glad you're okay now." Fuji said softly reaching his shaky hand over to brush Ryoma's hair back only to stop halfway. Jerking his hand back Fuji stood nervously. "I guess…that's all I have to say….so…" He didn't continue but suddenly stopped. The silence between them continued for some seconds before Fuji turned away to leave only to have Ryoma grab his hand tightly.

Turning back he watched a scowl pass Ryoma's face as he attempted to sit up.

"You shouldn't!" Fuji said pushing Ryoma softly back onto the hospital bed.

Ryoma reluctantly complied as he stared at Fuji. " Syuusuke…did you ever love me?"

Fuji looked a bit surprised at the questioned before he redirected his gaze onto his hands resting on the side of Ryoma's hospital bed.

Ryoma saw Fuji bow his head but could tell he was crying when a drop dripped on Fuji's hand and slid off onto his own hand that was next to Fuji's.

"It's funny…because before I knew it…I was in love with you."

Another silence pass through the pair before Fuji felt Ryoma's hand grasp his tightly and raise his hand upward. Ryoma watched as Fuji's head jerked up when he pressed his cry lips against the spot where Fuji's tear had trailed down earlier. Fuji questioning eyes made him want to laugh but he knew his head would hurt from laughing. Instead he gave the best smile he could stretch without his head hurting and whispered, " Then why are you leaving?"

Fuji's eyes held shock as he searched Ryoma's eyes for a sign of teasing…there was no sign of it…

"I…" Fuji started only to have Ryoma close his eyes in pain. " Are you okay?"

Ryoma nodded slightly before he reopened his eyes…tears were in his eyes as he spoke again. " I love you Syuusuke…I'm not sure when either but I really do…"

Fuji smiled as he leaned forward to brush his lips against Ryoma's cheek lightly. He started to back away until he saw Ryoma's unsatisfied scowl. Suppressing a smile, he pressed his lips against Ryoma's and slid his tongue through Ryoma's dry lips.


Fuji straightened to see Ita and Asuka standing at the door. Asuka smiled as she came forward to place the flowers she brought on the table near Ryoma.

"How are you feeling Echizen-san?"

"My head is killing me pretty much sums it up." Ryoma said with a wirily smile.

"I should think so," Ita agreed taking a seat next to Fuji. Ryoma noted his right arm in a sling.

"Was that bad?" Ryoma asked.

"All I can say is I wished they knocked me out like you were when they were cleaning and bandaging it up…it went straight through my muscles!" Ita said with a sigh.

"How's the problem with Karou?" Fuji asked directing his attention to Ita now.

"It's being taken cared of by my dad…he didn't seem to take it to light that she lied Tachi was my son." Ita said with a half smile.

Fuji nodded. " I never thought Seiichi would have something to do with your problem as well."

"Well me neither…but now with that cleared up, maybe Asuka will relax a little." Ita said looking at his future wife.

Asuka gave him a good glare before fussing about Ryoma for a bit.

Ita took that time to turn and see Fuji with a softened look staring at a "pampered" Ryoma.

Reaching over to give him a pat on the back with his left hand Ita waited till Fuji's attention refocused on him before he spoke.

"Finally…you're human again!"

Fuji looked a bit surprised at that statement. " What do you mean?"

Ita merely smiled. "The Fuji I met and knew for 8 years couldn't cry or smile like that!"

"I guess so…" Fuji said with a grin.


A week later…

Ryoma stared blankly at his parents' graves. He had come to see them but found that he couldn't say much at all. Although he had never wanted to experience his parent's love, he was given a chance with Fuji…and surprisingly took it.

'I can't believe I risked it,' Ryoma thought with a small smile at his dad's grave.


Ryoma didn't need to turn to see to know that it was Syuusuke's arms wrapped around him.

"What are you thinking about?" Fuji whispered against his ear.

Ryoma merely leaned into his embrace. "Love…" Ryoma said bluntly.

"Why spend time thinking about the illogical meaning when you can experience it?" Fuji asked teasingly tracing a finger down Ryoma's chest.

"True…" Ryoma said with a slight smirk, " Love is the most illogical thing that every made it on to this face of earth…that and I have everything I never wanted in front of me!"

Ryoma smiled slightly as Fuji pulled away with a frown. "What are you trying to say?"

Ryoma gave Fuji a quick kiss on the side of his mouth before wrapping his arms around Fuji. "I'm just saying I ended up with everything I didn't want and more…"

"Am I the "more" part?" Fuji asked curiously as he took Ryoma's hand in his and walked towards his car.

" Maybe…" Ryoma murmured letting himself be led by Fuji. He wanted to begin anew…he wanted to bury their past that was covered in pain and tears…he wanted to live fully again!

"Up for a game of tennis later?" Fuji asked snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Mada Mada Syuusuke, I'll fry you!" Ryoma said confidently.

"Saa…" Fuji merely said and unlocked his car. " We'll see…"

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