The moonlight shimmered brightly above. Harry often wondered why we had a moon. He'd never bothered researching it, of course. Sometimes he just liked to wonder. It's good to wonder, sometimes. Maybe it isn't healthy to know the answer to everything...what would be the point in life? It would be nothing to the all-knowing person. There would be no mysteries to unveil, no secrets behind closed doors.

Harry loved it when it was a full moon. It was another of his many unanswered questions. Why did the moon's shape change?

Maybe the moon was like a child; ever-changing. With every day, it changed just that little more. And before you know it – WHAM! It's completely unrecognisable.

He thought back to the first year he attended Hogwarts. Everything was simple. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were his best friends. He hated all Slytherins, particularly Draco Malfoy and Professor Snape.

Then, every year, something changed. Until one day, he realised he was unrecognisable. Not in looks, but in personality and friendships. He'd found comfort in the most unlikely places...

Very unlikely places.

Like, for instance, Draco Malfoy.

It was now two years since he'd left Hogwarts. So that made it three years, today, that Draco Malfoy became his best friend.

It all happened so minute Hermione and Ron were the most important people in his life, and the next, Draco was.

Hermione and Ron were still important figures in his life, but Draco was that one step above. It had all changed when they'd become a couple. However much they tried to not leave Harry out, it was inevitable. Three's never do work out anyway.

So that was it, the 'Golden Trio' was finally gone. Instead it became the two 'Inseparable Twos'. Also know as Hermione and Ron, and Harry and Draco. Sometimes they were know as the 'Golden Quad' but that was only occasionally, if they made their way into the Daily Prophet.

He looked ridiculous, just stood here in a thin tuxedo, in the freezing cold outside the castle he'd once called home. The music blared out from inside, yet he couldn't bring himself to go inside and dance.

The same thing happened, every year. We'd have a ball. Just our year. Just so we could all re-unite one last time. So we organised the same thing every year, just so we could socialise with all our friends once was usually a fantastic event, but for some reason Harry didn't want to come this year. Draco had convinced him otherwise.

"Come on, Harry. What's up? You usually love these events. Gathering up with all your old schoolmates again. What happens if you'll never see one again? You'll feel guilty beyond hell," Draco said with that twinkle in his eye. The one he always seemed to have when he was around Harry.

"I don't know Draco..."

"Come on, Harry. Please. For me?"

Harry sighed. Draco knew that line along with his best pleading voice always worked. "Fine. But you're gonna have to put up with Grumpy Harry."

"Come off it, Harry. You'll have a great time. Just relax for once."

Harry was still unsure. "Okay..."

Harry wished he'd never let the blonde convince him into coming now. He should have stood his ground. Although, Draco did have a point. He usually loved the event. But now, there was something missing. Something he couldn't quite grasp...

"Hey! Misery-butt! What's with waiting out here?"

It was Draco, bounding along the bridge to come and see him. The years had been good to Draco. He'd lost his pointy face and grey, empty eyes. His hair was no longer short, but shoulder-length. And although you couldn't see them through the suit, he had bloody fantastic muscles. They weren't big, but they were pretty fantastic.

Harry turned back to the moon. "Just came out here to think, I suppose."

Draco stood beside him and looked up to the moon in turn. "Yeah? About what?"

"How everything's changed."

Draco was silent for a few moments, as if thinking too. "Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it's bad. You just have to grit your teeth and work through it."

Harry laughed without amusement. "You say it like it's that simple, Draco."

"So you'd prefer us all to be raving loonatics that are so pessimistic that they'll look at a completely healthy dog and start running around in circles shouting that it's dead? Some people have to stay optimistic."

Harry laughed. "Sometimes I feel like asking you where you get your imagination from, but then I think again, 'Do I really want to know?"

Draco laughed and punched Harry lightly on the arm. " need whatsoever for comments like that."

Harry rubbed his arm as if in a lot of pain then sighed dramatically. "Oh, the pain I go through being your friend."

"Well, I suppose I could always get out my whip..." He smirked suggestively.

"You wish!"

"I sure do...Do you want to know what I dream of at night?"

"No thanks...I want to keep my stomach's contents, thanks," Harry said, then ran off laughing. He looked back and saw Draco with a cute little confused expression on his face, which soon turned to realisation.

"Hey!" he heard Draco shout, somewhere close behind him. "Ha, you slow coach," he said, then tackled Harry to the floor, closely followed by an attack of his ribcage.

Harry thought he was going to die of laughter. "Okay...okay...stop!" he gasped.

Draco stopped. "Say sorry, then."

"Okay..." Harry started. Draco loosened his grip slightly. Harry jumped at Draco and laughed. "Never!" Still laughing at the look of pure shock on Draco's face, Harry jumped back up. "Last one to the castle has to be the other's slave for a day!"

Draco laughed and ran after him. "You've got no chance!"

Draco looked across the dance floor, only to be filled with a gut-turning jealousy.

He immediately felt disgusted with himself. He'd feel nothing but this every time he saw Harry chatting to someone. Well, unless it was someone who was taken or was a known straight guy.

He was in love with his best friend...and couldn't hate himself more for it. Why couldn't he just love some guy who wasn't his best friend? Who wasn't so oblivious to that very fact?

His mother always used to tell him one thing: 'You can never be best friends with a girl. It only leads down a one-way road...'

Draco supposed that this was rather ironic, seeing as though he only fully knew he was gay and liked Harry Potter when his mother died...

He grabbed the nearest bottle of Firewiskey and he relived the precious moments he and his mother had had over the years.

Even the little ones, like her going out and tending to the garden were close to him. He damned his father inwardly. The beast that had killed his mother...

The only thing that remotely cheered him up was the fact that his father was slowly rotting away in Azkaban, already going insane. Draco thought about how close he was to going to follow in his father's footsteps. It was a narrow escape, and he had only Harry to thank.

He remembered it clearly...Harry and he and only just became friends, and he brought him to St.Mungo's to see his mother. It turned out to be the last day she ever lived.

"Draco..." his mother greeted warmly from her position in the bed, moving to get up but only to grimace in pain.

"It's alright, mum. You don't have to move. Mum...I brought someone with me today. You'll probably already know him, so I suppose there's no need really for any formal introductions or such..."

Harry stepped out from behind him. "Hi, Mrs. Malfoy. How are you doing?"

His mother's eyes widened fractionally and turned to Draco for a second, as if in confusion. "Hello, dear. Well...I guess I'd be lying if I said I was doing spectacularly." She tried to laugh but ended up in a coughing fit.

Harry rushed forward at once. "Are you okay, Mrs. Malfoy? Do you need any help?" The concern was a pure fire burning in his eyes and Draco felt butterflies appear in his stomach. His mother looked at him knowingly.

"I'm fine, dear. And don't call me Mrs. Malfoy," she smiled. "It's Narcissa."

Harry relaxed visibly. "Sure thing, Narcissa."

"So have you two had a good day at school? Anything exciting happen?"

Draco looked at his mother closely. She looked tired, and a whole new sadness was deep in her eyes.

"Yeah. Learned loads of new things, mum. We had Potions today, too."

She smiled weakly. "I used to love doing that. You seem to have inherited that off me." A distant look appeared in her eyes. "Your father couldn't stand the subject. Couldn't see why we'd need it in later life..."

His mother looked between Harry and himself then rested her eyes at some point in between. "Do me a last favour, Draco. Live your life, allow your heart to love, and make your dreams happen. Make sure you do that. For me."

Draco looked at her through his eyes clouded with tears and had seen that Draco had turned away respectfully. "Yes mum. I promise."

"And for god's sake, Draco, never get yourself involved with people your father did. He chose that path, and look where it got all of us. I wouldn't wish it on you, Draco. You're young, in love..."

Draco frowned and even Harry turned back around. "In love?"

His mother carried on talking as if he'd never interrupted. "But you don't even realise it yet...I mean it, Draco. That is my last final wish. Well, actually...It's my second to last now. Harry, dear..."

"Yes, Narcissa?"

"Take care of my Draco. Protect him, give him a good kick up the backside when he's doing something stupid, love him and make sure he doesn't forget me." She smiled.

Harry smiled back. "I will. I'll stick by him for as long as he'll have me."

Draco felt all bubbly inside. "Forever," he whispered.

Mother looked at him knowingly. Draco was yet to understand what she was trying to point out...

"Draco, I love you. I hope you'll know and remember that."

"Mum, what's with all the talk like you're just going to go around the corner...?"

"Because I am, love...I can feel it. It's close." She went into another coughing fit. Draco knew she was thinking whether it would be her last. "I can sense it, Draco, and I welcome it. It's a whole new adventure." Draco was close to crying. "Draco, don't linger too long over my lost soul when I'm gone...I want you to live your life how I never did..."

Draco grabbed her hand. "Okay, mum...I love you."

Draco saw his mother smile that knowing smile once again, then saw the light slowly leaving her grey eyes...

Draco grabbed another bottle, reliving another memory with each...taking another bottle, once again grieving over his dead mother.

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