Draco woke up in the strangest position...and with the worst headache ever! He groaned and tried to roll over, only to realise his hands were chained...

He strained to see through the dazzling sunlight and the cobwebs from his sleep. He was in a bed, he knew that much. Hardly not the work of some raving loony...As his registered and were awaken, he looked to his surroundings, only to find one very naked Harry Potter chained at the other side of the bed.

No...they didn't...oh good god...

He moaned and started to feel like he wanted to kick something. Damn the gods! Did they have no sense of dignity? He was lying in bed with his best friend...the person who he loved...

And boy did he smell like sex.

Draco kicked the floor. Hard. "Argh!"

He looked around for some sort of key to unlock himself from the bed post, only to find to his dismay that Harry was waking up.

Damn. He had to get out of here before -

"Draco?" He cursed under his breath. "Oh my god, is that you?!?"

"Yes, it god damn is!"

"What the hell are we doing here?"

"...Am I supposed to know?"

"Yes – No... Oh, whatever. I can't remember a damned thing of last night..."

"Join the club," Draco remarked sarcastically.

"Are we...did we...?" Harry stuttered.

"What d'you think?"

"Man, you're grumpy in a morning."

"Well, these circumstances seem to be a little out. I'm here, naked, in a bed, with my naked and straight best friend. Oh, and I just happen to reek of sex."

"Do I really smell that bad when I have sex?"

Draco turned to Harry, almost amused. "Man, you're stupid in a morning."

"I can't believe we shagged...What are we going to do?"

"Well, we could always go for a second round, or a third...or however many we had last night add one."

Harry moaned. "I shagged a complete imbecile?"

"Who's saying you shagged me?"

"Well, let's face it Draco. You've always been the girl in this relationship."

"Have not," Draco sulked.

"See, you're even sulking."

"I am not sulking."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Yeah, I believe you."

"Well, you've always been the childish one in this relationship."



Harry grinned. "Well, seeing as though I'm the child in this relationship, I'll leave you when I get out of here."

Draco felt his eyes narrow. "You have a way of getting out, and you decided to let us sit here a while longer?"

"If you haven't noticed, dumb ass, I haven't got my glasses on. I've only just seen my wand."

"Don't you call me dumb ass, you dumb ass."

"I've got the wand..." Harry teased.

Draco groaned. "Fine. I'm sorry. Now use a god damn spell."


"Er..." Harry said hesitatingly.

"Don't even tell me you saved the world's butt yet you can't even get these handcuffs off us."


"Imbecile! Give me the freaking wand!" Draco snatched the wand out of Harry's hand. Why did he love this git?

(Inner Voice) Maybe that's because he's good looking, funny, charming...and you just so happen to be sat naked with him... mm, how good would he taste...

"Shut up!" he said out loud.

"Don't tell me to shut up, I didn't even say anything!"

"I was telling you in advance."

"Yeah. I believe you. Maybe Iccle Drakykins just holds conversations with himself."

"Shut up!"

"Why? You're only holding my wand, you're not even doing anything." Draco laughed. "What?" Harry said, confused. "What's so funny?"

"I find it funny ironic how you're going on about wands when you're in a bed naked with a bloke."

Harry blushed, and Draco laughed a little more. "Ah. Well are you actually going to do anything?"

"Oh yeah." Draco lifted the wand to the handcuffs and inserted it like a key then turned it. It clicked, then parted. "Simple."

Harry snatched his wand back. "Know-it-all."

"Just 'cause I'm more intelligent."

"Are not."

"Yeah, sure. You're just jealous."

"I'm not arguing with you."

"Well it looks that way to me..."

"I'm not arguing!" Harry argued.






"Mother- Hey! I am not a ponce!"

"That explains why you're naked in a bed with me, and don't find it completely repulsive."

Harry turned away, ashamed, starting to get dressed. "I'm bi," he said, mumbling.

Draco nearly tripped over the trousers he was putting back on. "You're what? And you never told me?"

"I thought you wouldn't want to be my friend."

"Well that would make me a hypocrite, seeing as though I'm gay."

"Well I didn't know you were gay either!"

Draco looked confused. "You didn't?"

"Well, when was the last time you were ever with anyone? Girl or boy?"

Draco thought back to it. It was quite a long time ago, yes. And that was a girl. He'd only ever had meaningless sex. And he'd even packed that in. He was madly and hopelessly in love with Harry Potter. "Uh..."


"So what if I haven't had a relationship in a while? Maybe I just like that someone special, and like nobody else?" Draco suddenly felt himself flare up. "Besides, I've never seen you with a boyfriend, either!" Harry toed the floor nervously. "No! You did it behind my back?"

"I haven't done it for a while...But yeah. I guess."

"I can't believe you didn't trust me enough..."

"I do trust you!"

Draco looked sadly to Harry. "Then prove it," he said simply, then walking out of the room.

Dear diary,

I guess I'm getting more than a little old to keep a diary now. I'm 19. A man. But, I suppose it's just my thing. You've seen a lot over the years, and I like to read back to the school days. It reminds me to never loose all of the great memories I had there. I miss it. A lot. It's like a part of me has been left in the castle...

I think Harry took the other part. That's why I feel all empty. I've left my home of seven years, and I love my best friend Harry...who doesn't seem to notice.

But something happened. Remember the dance I was going to? At Hogwarts? I only got myself completely and utterly pissed. Then I've possibly just totally screwed up my relationship with Harry by sleeping with him. What's worse, is that I can't even remember it. And the fact that I've only just realise that I was the one who was being fucked. I can't even sit down! I can't believe I can't remember what was possibly the most fantastic shag I've ever had. I haven't ached this much since...


Then I found out that Harry can't even trust me.

That hurt.

Will Harry try and redeem our friendship? I sure hope so.

We've never fallen out like this before. It was only ever a small argument, about which was the best radio station...

Never about trust.

Maybe it is girly that I feel all of these emotions. But I'd rather feel them than be completely oblivious to emotions altogether. Like Harry, it seems.

I wonder what the most reoccurring word is in this entire diary is?

Probably Harry. Or possibly Potter, 'cause of the years when I used to 'hate his guts'.

Yeah. Either of them two, I'm sure.

I guess I'll stop talking about Harry then.

Okay, now I can't think of anything to say.

I bet if you were a person instead of a fat diary, you'd be laughing at me right now.

Or maybe books can laugh inside? Maybe you can understand everything I'm writing...


Okay, I guess I'm just digging my hole deeper if you can.

Shall I just shut up?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

By the way, I'm not talking to myself.

Damn. Okay, bye. Before I make a complete fool of myself in front of a book.

That sounds crazy. Oh, imagine if anyone ever read this?


Okay. Let's get this clear. You shouldn't be reading my damn diary. Secondly, I'm not crazy and I don't talk to myself.

Ahh. How about if nobodies gonna read this?

Damn, I bet you're laughing you internal laugh at me now, book.

And if someone does? They'll think I talk to books.

Ok, this is confusing.

Now I'm going, book. And I'm not technically talking to you or anybody else who happens to chance upon this. I'm talking to my future self who is going to read over this. Yeah. That's right.

Hi, Draco.

Bye, book.

(P.S. I'm not talking to a book.)

(P.P.S. I'm not talking to you, either. Just close the damn book.)

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