Title: The Invasion of Bunnies

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika & oli

Rate: K/K+

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: What ever comes through the Author mind evil grin bunnies, be afraid, be very afraid grin This is a total AU.

Summary: The bunnies invasion of Middle-Earth, will they or the characters survive the day?

A/N: Dedicated to all the Authors who somehow wished to throw the bunnies at the Nazgul.

Part 1: Imladris: Aragorn

Chapter 1

White fluffy bunnies seemed to fall from the blue crystal sky around every land in Middle Earth.

And that all knew, that it was the bunnies that have other plans for them.

In Imladris, Elrond tried to escape from three white bunnies that tried to catch him. He tried to hide in every corner that he found on the way, or even under the bridge, where he also found, the twins and Aragorn, whom all looked behind their shoulders, hoping to get away from them.

Each bunnies had a wicked plot, and Aragorn, who lost count of how many bunnies chased him, feared the author so much that he prayed to the Valar, to forgive him any foolishness that he caused in his youth, as he lived at Elrond's home, day and night, weeks and even years as time ran by. He sighed in relief as he arrived and rested under the bridge.

Even Erestor and Glorfindel tried to hide, but could not, as it seemed that most of the hiding places were already taken, and they were not the type who would surrender, to these fluffy white bunnies, who seemed to gain black colors as they jumped over the helpless Glorfindel, and the advisor.

Elrond, Aragorn and the twins could hear them as they yelled. The four began to panic as they hoped that their fate would not be the same as Erestor and Glorfindel.

Aragorn looked at his Adar and the twins, and as he wanted to say anything, to brag about their early victory over the terrifying bunnies that he once believed were cute like cats. But now, he realized he was wrong, as he felt a soft touch upon his legs, but was to busy watching around himself to pay any attention to it.

"Psssssssss." He heard, he lowered his head, noticed the fluffy eyes that showed in the white bunny, and then he just lost control, letting the bunnies know about the secret place where they were all hiding.

"HELP!" Aragorn yelled, but did not stop with one yell.






Will he be saved? Or something terrified will happen to him? Evil grin...