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A/N: Ok, This bunny hunts me for couple months, so I guess that I'll start, and let's see where the bunny just lead us. The bunnies leading the story, I'm just an author.

Canon facts: Arwen wished to visit Lothlórien on her own will. Arwen visited there while her mother still lived and then again after her mother sailed.

My bunny summary: Relationship between mother and daughter. Was it always easy between them? What do you think?

Part 3: Celebrían Vs. Arwen

Scene 1

The twins were about to leave on a hunting trip, but stopped at once as they could hear the argument between their nana and their sister, even their Adar, stood speechless, not knowing what he should do.

"I want to go with them!" Arwen screamed at her naneth.

"You are not going! You are still a child!" Celebrían stated and moved closer to her daughter.

"I am not child; Ada told me how fast I am growing, and I am reaching adult age!" Arwen was furious with her naneth.

Celebrían gave a deadly glare to her husband, who wished he could flee with the twins.

"You are still a child, and you are going nowhere. You are staying here!" Celebrían informed her with a glare.