Sexuality wasn't really an issue for Hansel.

After all, Hansel's heroes: Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy pop: they weren't exactly straight or bi or gay. They seemed to be beings above sexuality - androgynies that could like who they pleased.

That's how Hansel saw himself. Though of course he was not as great as his idols, yet.

Sixteen year old Hansel Schmitt lay on the bed he shared with the mother, in their one roomed house in East Berlin. Of course the wall was still up then, splitting Germany in two. And he had ended up on the wrong side of it. He was on the boring side, the fighting side, the fucking stupid son-of-a-bitch side. And of course, where he wanted to be was the wild side.

He flicked on the radio. Boy, did he love that radio. A little box with an aerial, that was all it was, but it had changed him so much. As a kid, he used to jump around the room, playing air guitar to songs that were so powerful, so rebellious…This music accepted you, and in a society that was well and truly up itself he liked that. He'd hear songs that didn't care if you were a tall, short, fat, thin or in fact a complete freak. Hell, these songs changed that around; they understood you. And for them three and a half minutes you became one of them, you were a part of something.

One of us, one of us, one of us.

Since he was about seven, give or take a couple of months, that's all Hansel wanted to do. Really become one of them. Be immortalised like his idols, to play on a kid's radio and change their outlook on the entire fucking universe. But what could a slip of a girly schoolboy of sixteen really do to change the world? Quite a lot, Hansel thought.

And as he lay on the bed, taking in every single note of the American music pumping from the tiny speakers, Hansel formed a plan. Or rather, he dreamed a plan. But to the idealistic young man, that pretty much meant the same thing anyway.

He knew what to do, it was simple – create the biggest Rock 'n' Roll band the world had ever seen.

'Ah, how cliché,' he thought.

But after all, he was Hansel Schmitt. And as part of his nature, he knew he could do one better.

He would show them all. He would change history, the present, the future. He would change life on earth, underground and in space.

The whole fucking world would be his.