Have you ever seen that look on someone's face? That look when they realise that something has happened, that something has gone wrong and it's bad.

Really bad.

A sort of mixture of shock, disbelief and fear.

I have. In fact I'm looking at it right now. To tell you the truth if you could see my face, I'd probably be wearing the exact same expression too.

When the gunshots stopped just a few seconds before, my first instinct was to see if everyone was alright. I thought it was just a precaution because I didn't really expect anything to be wrong.

But it was.

Very wrong.

If something like this was going to happen I would of expected that really bad feeling in my stomach in the morning when I got up; some really strong sense of foreboding. But I hadn't, I had woken up with my arms draped across his sculpted stomach, like every morning. Like a normal, happy day. And I had smiled. But it was all a lie because today was not a happy day, most assuredly not.

I was angry from that moment on, angry at God. Like he owed me an explanation. Like if he couldn't have prevented this why the hell couldn't he have given me a warning? I should have had a sense of foreboding.

My anger may have been slightly misplaced but it was very definitely real.

It's like me and him are frozen, frozen in this moment.

We are locked together in this moment. Our eyes connected, our minds, our hearts connected.

I do not want this moment to end. Because then he will fall and it will be real.

This cannot be real.

It should not be real.

It's not fair.

To explain what happened I will have to start from the beginning, so that you understand just exactly how we arrived at this moment.

The moment that has just ended will Danny falling lifelessly to the floor.


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