Summary: They've been going out for two months and now it's time for him to meet her father. Once he meets him, however, he wishes he never had.

"Oh my god, will you stop fidgeting already?" An annoyed pink haired woman exasperated as she watched her dark haired boyfriend play with end of his tie for what had to be the tenth time tonight and they weren't even out of his house yet!

He sent her a glare, "I am not fidgeting." She waved him off, rolling her eyes at him.

"Of course not. You're an Uchiha and Uchiha's don't fidget, right?" She asked him, with sarcasm, as she swatting his hand away from his tie.

"That's right." He replied, smirking proudly in response, obvious to the sarcasm.

"Than you must be really nervous. I mean we haven't even left the house yet and you already look ready to pass out." She told him as she tightened his black tie, which had come loose due to the fact he kept pulling on it.

"I am not nervous."

"You also said you weren't fidgeting and we both know you were, so don't deny it." Sakura said, taking a step away from him, as she looked over his attire. She smiled in satisfaction; he looked perfect.

He wore a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and black dress shoes. Around his neck was a silver chain with his clans symbol, a red and white fan, and a pink cherry blossom.

She smiled, knowing that the pink cherry blossom meant that he was hers. It was the same case with the red and white fan that laid on her necklace, right next to her own cherry blossom charm.

It told everyone that they belonged to each other and she was happy about that, even if people didn't realize it. She knew what it meant and that was good enough.

"I was not fidgeting and I am not nervous." He said to her but she knew him better and knew he was nervous.

Why, however, she didn't know. He was never even this nervous for a championship basket ball game. Although the reason for that could be that they never lost….

"Sasuke, it'll be fine, ok? Don't worry so much." She said as she closed the distance between them, her arms hooking themselves around his neck, causing his to instinctively place his around her waist to draw her closer. He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her sweet scent which made him calm down a bit.

"I'm not worried." He muttered, against her neck and she shivered involuntarily as his warm breath hit her bare neck.

"Alright, if you say so. What time is it though? We're suppose to meet my dad at the restaurant at seven." She asked him and he glanced behind her at his right wrist, where a silver Rolex was strapped.

"6:30." He responded and groaned in annoyance as she pulled away from him.

"Might as well get going than, knowing my dad he's probably there already." She turned and started to walk away, only to have him grab her and spin her around to face him.

"Did I tell you how gorgeous you look?" He asked her with a smirk, leaning his forehead on hers. She smiled as she shook her head lightly.

"Well, you do. Absolutely stunning." He told her, using one of his hands to lightly brush her cheek with his thumb.

"Your so sweet, you know that?" She said and he shrugged.

"I try."

"You look pretty good yourself." She said, one of her hands playing with the buttons on his tuxedo.

"Thank you." He replied, leaning down and capturing her lips with his own. She smiled into the kiss, and using the hand on his neck, pulled his down, deepening the kiss.

A sudden flash from the side caught the two in the surprise, causing them to break apart. They both shook their heads, as they tried to get there eyes back into focus, which they had lost from the blinding flash. When they did they saw Itachi standing there, a grin on his face.

Sasuke growled in annoyance and sent a deadly glared to him as he asked threw gritted teeth, "What the hell are you doing in my room?"

Itachi looked at him blankly, as if he were stupid.

"Taking pictures, of course. What else would I have this for?" He replied, holding up the small silver digital camera.

"I could think of a few things. One being to shove it up your damn…" A whack on the head cut off his sentence as he turned to look at his girlfriend in confusion.

"What the hell was that for?" He growled with a small pout as he nursed his injured head. He heard his brother snicker and sent him another glare.

"There is no need for that language. Besides he was only taking a picture. You shouldn't get so riled up about nothing." Sakura told him and he pouted even more as his brother grinned, sending his a look of triumph.

"However," Sasuke perked up as he heard this and Itachi frowned, it couldn't be good for him, "Itachi you shouldn't come into Sasuke's room without knocking."

"I know, Sakura-chan, and next time I'll knock," An evil grin appeared on Itachi's face, "I mean who knows what you two could be doing in here? I'd rather not walk in on you when your both naked. Well, actually, you I wouldn't mind too much, Sakura."

Sakura knew her face was as red as a tomato by the time he finished speaking, weather it was from anger or embarrassment, however, she wasn't sure. She took a glance at Sasuke to see what his reaction was and was surprised to see that his bangs covered his eyes and his fist were tightly clenched.


He lifted his head, his eyes narrowed as he looked at his brother with maliciousness. Itachi laughed nervously before turning around and dashing out of the room.

Sasuke followed right after him yelling, "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE WEASEL!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!"

Sakura followed behind the two brothers, also yelling, "SASUKE YOU IDIOT! GET BACK HERE! YOUR GOING TO GET DIRTY AND WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE! SASUKE!!!!"

Fugaku poked his head out of the room he was reading in to see what was happening and in response got hit in the face with the camera Itachi was holding as it swung back and forth. He fell onto his back, cursing under his breath as he held his nose.

"What the hell did I do to deserve immature perverted brats," He whined as he just laid on the floor, "That's the last time I'm sticking my head out a door."

Meanwhile Mikoto was in the kitchen, preparing dinner for Fugaku, Itachi and herself when she saw the three pass. She looked on in confusion as he heard the yells and could only watch in curiosity as Sasuke stopped chasing Itachi and went to one of the drawers, quickly grabbing something. Itachi and Sakura stood in the doorway, also curious as to what he was doing.

Itachi's jaw dropped as he saw the object his brother was holding. Sakura paled a bit and gulped and Mikoto stood there in shock. With gleaming red eyes Sasuke advanced on his brother, a foot long machete in his hand.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Itachi yelled as he ran away from his brother, who charged at him.


Mikoto shook her head an continued to cook dinner. Her son wouldn't kill his brother, she was sure of it. A painful sounding scream was heard. She sweat dropped. Than again, she could be wrong….

Itachi was trapped in a corner, Sasuke advancing towards him, the machete raised in his hand, as if ready to strike. Just as Sasuke was in striking rang, a small, delicate yet powerful hand connected with the back of his hand. He screamed in pain at the sudden contact, rubbing the back of his head to sooth his throbbing head. He looked back to see Sakura, her eyes narrowed, her aura dangerous and her face set in a scowl.

"Sasuke Uchiha," He groaned, this couldn't be good, she never used his full name unless he was mad at him, "What do you think your doing?"

"Ummm….I was going to kill my brother." He replied, truthfully, hoping it would save him some pain.


"Because of what he said."

"Sasuke, you are so lucky we have to leave right now or else I would give you a nice long, and loud lecture. Unless of course you want me to, than you could explain to my dad why were late…."

"No, no! It's alright, you can do it later." He said quickly as he grabbed her hand, dragging her towards the front door, ready to leave as soon as possible if it meant no lecture.

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