The Wedding

The spacious room, or so it had seemed when they finally settled on a location, was packed full of excited transgenics and humans alike. It was a big day for everyone, the talk of T.C. for months since it had been announced. The Wedding. While the atmosphere in the room seemed to be electric, and everyone giddy with anticipation, Alec just couldn't help but feel a little sad and disappointed that the day had actually arrived without a hitch, not even from himself.

But who could blame him? He had to give her away! He was the one who had to walk her down that aisle and hand her off to someone else, when she was so clearly his. But Max had begged him to do it, "For me, Alec?" she had asked him, "It's tradition." And honestly, he couldn't say no to her, not about this.

So here he was, dressed to the nines, and even after all this time and years of war he still looked pretty damn good, he thought to himself. But the peace had done him good, done them all good. People were living life, having kids, getting married. Even Alec, who nobody thought could settle when the whole transgenic revolution began, had found a way to relax his lifestyle, quite comfortably actually.

The wedding march stopped as they made it to the makeshift altar. Alec smiled his eyes sad, as he released her arm and moved into the seat in the first aisle reserved for him.

He tuned out the minister's voice as the ceremony began, his mind focusing on the memories he had shared with the dark-haired beauty standing at the front of the room. She really was breathtakingly beautiful, with her chocolate curls framing her face, contrasting the soft white glow of her wedding gown.

He was shocked when he saw her, before he led her down the aisle. He looked for her all day really, for a chance to her one last time, before it all happened, but he never got the chance--busy brides, you know. But it wasn't as if he would never see her again, he just wished he could have had a second alone, to tell her some things--that he would always be there for her, that he loved her no matter what, and that she would always have a place to call home with him.

He sighed heavily, returning to the present, looking at Max, with that melancholy look in his eyes. She smiled gently at him and squeezed tightly on his hand, as she stood next to him. She could see the emotions playing over his face, his Manticore mask having been retired years before, a little amused at his sentimentality. She whispered into his ear, "Our baby's all grown up, Alec," and she leaned into him as he planted a kiss into her hair. The dark-haired, green-eyed beauty before them, saying her, I do's. Their baby girl.


June 4, 2007.