Be careful, this story contains homosexual content. If you're not comfortable with it, don't read it... just to let you know...

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Summary of the previous stories: Miley and Lilly finally admitted their feelings for each other after a weekend in during, during which Lilly discovered Miley's secret Identity. At first Lilly didn't seem to find a place in Hannah's world, and broke up. She created Lola. During a volley ball competition, Lilly and Miley decided to take their relationship to the next level. They made love for the first time.

Sweet girlfriend of mine, Chapter 1

Lilly and Miley were resting on Miley's bed, cuddled and naked under the sheets. Lilly's face was burried in Miley's hair. She smelled so good. Her arm was over Miley who was holding it as it was the most precious thing she had.

They had just made love for the first time. Lilly was still hovering, and she didn't want to land. However, she had to get back to reality when she saw what time it was – after 9. Miley's dad and Jackson were going to be home soon.

''Maybe we should get ready...'' She whispered in Miley's ear. Miley groaned. She didn't want to be away from Lilly. It was like she needed her to feel alive. Lilly tried to pull away to take a shower, but Miley turned over and climbed onto Lilly.

''You ain't going anywhere...'' she said charmingly. She leaned for a kiss. Lilly put a finger on her lips.

''Just one kiss, right ?'' Lilly wanted to make sure. Miley nodded, and kissed her. The passion and desire were still there, even stronger than before. Miley could feel that Lilly was surrending to her, but she pulled away, trying to tease Lilly. She had told her one kiss, right?

Miley looked at Lilly with a smile. 'Just one kiss.'' She reminded her.

That's true, I just asked for one kiss because of her father..., lilly thought. She groaned. ''oh crap...'' and she abruptly grabbed Miley's head and pulled her into another kiss.

The kiss transformed into a real liplock... and things heated up. Lilly rolled on top, holding Miley's arms behind her head, and starting kissing her neck. She was gaining confidence. The first time was sweet and innocent. Now that the nervosity had disappeared, she could let her imagination and fantasies going... for Miley's biggest pleasure.

''I'll see you tomorrow... ?'' Lilly asked, resting on the front door.

''Yeah...'' Miley whispered, playing with Lilly's hand. She didn't want to let her go. How could she not be with Lilly for all this time? She loved Lilly so much that she felt like her heart could stop because of it. She came closer. Lilly wrapped her arms around her waist.

''This is so insane...'' Miley whispered, playing with Lilly's hair.

''I know... I don't want to leave you.''

''Then don't...''

Lilly smiled. ''I have to...''

Miley groaned. Lilly was right. But she wanted to have Lilly for herself. She wanted to be able to touch her, to kiss her, to... Her thoughts were interrupted by Lilly kissing her. Miley's knees immediatly felt weak. Lilly sligthly bit Miley's neck, causing Miley to moan.

''You know that... you... make it... even ...more... difficult...?''

''I know... But i can't resist you...''

Miley put their lips together again and slid her tongue into Lilly's mouth. The embrace gained in passion. Lilly's hands disappeared under Miley's shirt as Miley was grabbing Lilly's butt to pull Lilly closer to her. The girls almost lost her balance and fell.

''Maybe we should get inside...'' Miley said.

''Yeah...'' Lilly said, still kissing Miley. ''I mean... no...'' She added, trying to pull away. ''I should...'' But Miley pulled her back into the kiss. She surrendered for a few seconds, but finally found the strength to get out of Miley's grip. They were both out of breath.

Lilly pulled back a lock of her hair.

''I better get going before things get out of control.''

Miley pouted. Lillle quickly kissed her on the lips and walked to the front door. Se glanced a last time at Miley.

''Love you!''

''Love you too.'' Miley answered.

The girls stared at each other, twinkles in their eyes. They both thought of what had happened between them these last hours. It was like they were sharing the most important secret. Lilly had this lovers smile on her face. She looked down, dizzy, and with a sigh of happiness, closed the door of Miley's house. She flied away on her cloud as Miley jumped on her couch, burrying her face in the pillow, screaming of happiness. She looked at the clock. 9.46 pm. Almost 11 hours before she could see Lilly... this time, Miley screamed of frustration...

Lilly arrived to school on her skate. The dark blue gap top was perfectly adopted her curves and her jeans were sexily falling on her waist, revealing a bit of her belly skin. She grabbed her skate board and walked to her locker. She hated Mondays, but not today. The last few hours without Miley had been endless. She had wanted to call her a few times, but she didn't want Miley to get sick of her.

Lilly opened her locker and saw the picture of Miley, Oliver and her on the beach. She looked at it, smiling.

''Hey...'' she heard.

Lilly jumped and turned around. Miley. They stared at each other, without saying anything. They both were a little shy. First time they were seeing each other after last night, and they didn't really know how to act with each other, especially at school.

Lilly was the first to emerge of their stupor.

''Had a nice night?''

''No. I felt lonely...'' Miley replied with a seductive smile. Lilly took her hand and pulled her next to her locker.

''I wanted to call you...'' Lilly said, touching Miley's shirt. Miley put a hand on hers.

The bell rang.

''I gotta go to my first class. I'll see you in English...?'' Lilly asked.

Miley nodded. She wanted to kiss her, but she couldn't. The girls sighed. They were so much better in Miley's room... Lilly closed her locker and started to walk away.

''Don't forget to remember me...'' Miley said...

''Never'' she could see Lilly replied silently as she walked backwards in the corridor.

Miley leaned on the locker, unable to support her weigh because her legs were shaking. How could Lilly make her feel this way...

''Hey Lilly!'' Oliver said, siting next to her in English.


Oliver stared at her for a moment.

''What?'' she asked.

''I don't know... You look... different today.''

Lilly blushed. Was it true what they said? Can we really notice on a person's face when they had just lost their virginity?

''Err, I tried a new eyeliner...'' She lied.

''Yeah... Must be that... '' Oliver said, not really convinced.

Miley entered the classroom and took a seat behind Lilly. Oliver looked at her as he looked at Lilly.

''You too...'' he said slowly.

''Me too what?'' Miley asked confused. Lilly was started to get agitated. Oliver was going to figure out. He was looking back and forth at Miley and Lilly. And his face dropped when he finally arrived to the conclusion.

''You... and you...'' He started pointing at the girls.

Miley was lost, and looked at Lilly to ask her for an explanation. But Lilly was busy grabbing Oliver's collar and pulled him next to her face.

''Oliver !'' She said. ''Calm down... please...''

''But you...''

''Yes. Yes, we. Just shut up now. The whole school doesn't need to know !!''

Oliver calmed down, so Lilly let him go.

''Can someone tell me what's going on?'' Miley asked.

''Oliver knows.'' lilly said.

''Oliver knows what?'' But Miley didn't need Lilly to answer. She got it. ''Oh, he knows...'' She slowly said. Lilly nodded. Miley didn't know what to think about that. Oliver was her friend, and she wasn't ashamed of what happened last night with Lilly. She was just scared that the school was going to figure it out too... not that she had sex, but that Lilly and she were a couple.