Sweet girlfriend of mine, chapter 9

A week had passed since Becca had been sent to the principal. She got expelled for a few days and had to make a public apology. Oliver and she had broken up. Neither of Miley, Lilly or Oliver had talk to her since she came back, and they didn't plan doing it soon.

Things gradually went back to normal. The students had almost forgotten about everything. Miley and Lilly could have a private life again. Best of all, anyone at school didn't seem to care about their sexuality. Everybody seemed to accept the girls could be in love with each other. However, Miley and Lilly had made it clear they were not a couple anymore.

Lilly had given up her idea of revenge, like Oliver asked her. He was feeling bad enough already, she didn't want to make it worst. Oliver blamed himself for everything, even though the girls kept telling he didn't have anything to do with it.

The outcome was consequent though. Three friendships and two couples had been destroyed.

Miley, Oliver and Lilly were in English that Wednesday. The teacher was going on and on and on about the book they had to read.

Miley's head was resting on her hand. She was looking at Lilly, a few rows ahead. She felt something in her stomach. This was a sensation she used to know. This was a sensation she loved and that she missed.

What was this feeling Miley had? Was it desire? Yeah, Miley wanted Lilly. Why now? I thought this is what you wanted, you idiot. You told Lilly you couldn't be with her. Maybe you can't, but you desperately want it. I love love love love love that girl. How can I not love her? She's so perfect. I wish I could kiss her right now...Are you kidding me? No, you don't want to kiss her. It's not right. She will just be your best friend. Just get over her.

''Miley, what do you think about it?'' She heard the teacher ask.

Oops, she hadn't listened to anything of what the teacher said before...

''I, erm.''

She saw Lilly discretely pointed at the cover of Hamlet. Then, she signed some kind of hat on her head, and mimed like she was stabbing herself, and died. Death, Hamlet, the book...who died in Hamlet? Who's wearing a hat in the book? Oooh, right !

''About Hamlet killing the King, his stepfather? I think that it reflects how...'' and she answered the question.

''Good Miley.'' The teacher said with a smile. ''Good critical thinking. Anyone else?'' The teacher asked.

Miley looked at Lilly, smiling at her. ''Thank you,'' she whispered.

Yeah, they were definitely friends again. But will it be enough...?

Lilly was back to her house. She had a very good day with Miley. They really connected, and she felt like something was changing. She even could have sworn Miley flirted with her at lunch. She kept on picking in her French fries, sitting real close to her. They had small talks, laughing, sharing a special complicity. Maybe it was nothing, but Lilly liked to think it meant something.

Lilly laid on her couch, trying to empty her mind. She couldn't let herself be that way, especially if she was wrong. But she couldn't made the butterflies in her stomach disappear.

Someone knocked on the door.

''Miley...?'' Lilly jumped straightening up. The person knocked again. Lilly stood up and walked towards the door. Maybe Miley was here to alk about them. Maybe she was feeling the same way. Maybe she wanted to get back with her. Maybe...

She opened the door with a huge smile, expecting to see this tall brunette in front of her eyes, but she froze. A man was standing in front of her. A man that she used to know. A man from her past.

''Dad...'' Lilly whispered.

To be continued

Author's note : the second part of this story will be the one called ''Sweet dad of mine.''

I had a hard time to find who I was going to make responsible for the posters. Honestly, I thought of it while I was writing...So, guys, I couldn't really help you with your guess, or when you asked me who that was... I didn't even know myself !

Anyway, I hope you're not disappointed by the end!