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Summary: Tsunade decides that Sakura has been single for far too long. With the help of a jutsu can Tsunade shove her apprentice in the right direction for love and hopefully a couple of adorable grandkids? NejiXSakura.

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Did morning have to come so soon?

Neji thought as he attempted to sit but found it to be impossible.

There was a comfortable weight resting on his body and a splash of silky pink hair against his chest and sheets. Some of the long pink strands were mixed in with his own chocolate ones.

I like the way that looks.

Neji smiled and looked down at the woman resting on him. Her breathing was steady and deep. Her pink hair brushed across her cheek bones and he couldn't help but admire the beautiful picture she was unconsciously allowing him to see.

After a few minutes he couldn't help himself any longer. He leaned down and placed a kiss on the forehead that she had grown into.

The kiss must have startled her a little because she nuzzled her face into his chest before slowly blinking her big green eyes open.

"…Neji…" she mumbled and then groaned obviously hoping to go back to sleep.

Neji chuckled and continued to watch as her head lifted off of his chest.

"Good morning, Sakura." A smile and a kiss on the cheek was his response as she rolled out of bed to go to the bathroom.

"Don't I get a real kiss?" he asked teasingly as she finished brushing her teeth.

Sakura grinned and ran a brush through her hair before making her way back to the futon and flopping down.

"Now that I've brushed my teeth you do," she said with a coy smile as she pulled his head down to meet hers.

Neji groaned in annoyance when he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Come in!" Sakura called as she shoved him towards the bathroom.

Who ever was on the other side was hesitating and with good reason too though Sakura assumed it was because it was Neji's room. Knowing Neji, not many people would dare to enter his living quarters for fear of having their heads chopped off.

Well, maybe it's because you're a woman and they are used to hearing a man answer this door? Just a hunch…

Sakura tried not to laugh as Neji walked to the door with the toothbrush still in his mouth and opened the door only to find a stunned Hyuuga on the other side.

Before anyone could say anything a very deep voice interrupted.

"See ya nameless Hyuuga. Yo Sakura-chan! Are all the family members so quiet? The guy wouldn't even give me his name." Having been dismissed by the dog-nin the shocked Hyuuga fled the scene.

"No Pakkun. I guess he's just not used to seeing a talking dog." Pakkun shrugged and sat down in front of the couple.

In the mean time Fubuki was already advancing on the small brown dog. Pakkun just ignored the little grey cat and got straight to business.

"I don't have a lot of chat time today Sakura-chan. Kakashi wants you to help lift the big screen TV you ordered for Gaara. After that the apartment is done and your mission is complete. See ya!" Neji glared at the little dog that was now stampeding through the Hyuuga halls.

"Does he always just bark out orders like that?" Neji asked though it came out a little muffled due to the toothpaste he had yet to spit out.

"Spit," Sakura commanded. Neji complied and then she continued. "No. He's only like that when he has an appointment at the groomers. He must be running late."

"When are you going back to your house?" Sakura looked at him and could tell that he didn't really want her to go anywhere.

"I'm going to head over there now so I can get back sooner. Why?" Neji shrugged and moved to stand behind her.

His arms feel so mice around my waist. Maybe I should just stay. Gaara doesn't really need the TV. Okay, so he does need the TV. He is the only person I know that wanted a TV more than he wanted a bed… stupid insomniac…

"I have training with Genma and Kakashi today. It won't take long. We should be done by lunch. I want to take you somewhere and then we are going shopping." Neji kissed her neck and she couldn't suppress the shudder that rippled through her.

"What are we shopping for?" Her voice was slightly breathy and Neji found that he quite liked the way she sounded at that moment.

"You are going to make this room Sakura friendly since I plan to have you stay here often," Neji said.

Sakura smiled and turned to give him a lingering kiss.

"I'll meet you at Ichiraku, okay?" Before Neji knew it Sakura was out the door.

He could hear her greeting people as she walked down the hallway. He activated his Byakugan to watch her and make sure she made it out of the compound with out being forced to plan into more wedding preparations.

But there was no family ambush waiting for her. Instead Neji was able to identify at least thirty pairs of chakra laden eyes directed towards his bedroom.

"Family, since when is the Byakugan used to spy on me in the morning?" he half asked half bellowed.

Realizing they had been caught the Hyuugas quickly averted their eyes and went about their business. Well, all except for one.

"Since you got a girlfriend Neji-nii-san! Get used to it!" bellowed Hanabi from outside somewhere.

Neji let out a big sigh.

Why does my family have to be so damn nosy? You would think that they have no love lives of their own. Oh, wait… that's because they don't.


The walk home for Sakura was a happy one, full of greetings and smiles. She saw Ino and Chouji at a cafe and caught a glimpse of Temari dragging Shikamaru off to shop. Kiba and Akamaru were bringing Tenten flowers and Iruka was too busy flirting with Ayame to notice Sakura. Naruto was at Ichiraku and Shizune was searching high and low for Tsunade, who was skipping out of work for a mid day rendezvous with the sake bottle.

When she got to her house there was a large box wedged in her door. Voices could be heard from the other side.

"Alright push on the count of three. One, two, three." And then there was nothing.

"Good morning Kaka-sensei. Morning Gaara," she said in a sing-song voice.

"Help," was all Gaara had to say to get her to pull the box out of the door with ease.

The two male shinobi emerged one with his arms folded and the other scratching the back of his head.

"I don't know how they managed to get the box in the apartment in the first place," Kakashi said still scratching his head as he turned to Gaara who seemed content to just glare at his monstrosity of a TV.

"Well, whatever. I'll just take this upstairs and set it up." With that Sakura lifted the box with one arm and made her way up the stairs to Gaara's new apartment.

"Isn't it annoying how she does that?" Kakashi asked Gaara with a bit of humor and pride showing through.


"Come on you two! We have to finish this apartment up!" Both men trudged up the stairs to help place throw pillows in their proper place.


"There Gaara-kun. Your house is ready to live in!" Sakura cheered.

Gaara nodded and looked around. He really did like the place. It was cozy and there were pictures of his important people everywhere.

"Sakura, come by this evening. Bring Neji and Naruto with you." Gaara said as Sakura began to leave.

"Why? Are you having a party or something?" she teased.

Gaara smiled but since his back was turned to his two guests they would never see it.

"Yeah, something like that." Sakura grinned and practically skipped out the door.

Her trip to the Hokage building was short but she ended up waiting in the hallway for a good thirty minutes before Tsunade's meeting with Gai was over.

As soon as the overly enthusiastic man was out of ear shot Tsunade slumped in her chair and sighed.

"All I asked for was a simple mission brief… And I got a detailed version of his life history!" Tsunade rubbed her temples and then turned to Sakura. "Is Gaara settled?"

"Yes Tsunade-shishou," she said as she sat down.

Tsunade, for her part, seemed pleased if not still a little miffed. The older woman couldn't help but notice that no matter how hard she tried, Sakura couldn't seem to wipe the ever growing smile on her face.

I think it worked. Oh, grandkids here I come!

"So Sakura, did it work?" the blonde woman asked with a smirk. Sakura's blush was enough of an answer but Tsunade decided to humor her student.

"Yes shishou it did."

Tsunade thought, getting impatient.

"Well, who was it?" she asked taking in the fact that the ANBU shirt that Sakura was still wearing was far too large for her and obviously belong to a man.

Please tell me I was right. Just this once tell me my gamble paid off.

"The jutsu chose Hyuuga Neji. He asked me to court him." Tsunade held her breath waiting for the rest of it. But when the rest of it never came and she started to turn blue she decided to pull it out of her apprentice.

"So what did you say?!?" Tsunade was gripping her desk so hard she was sure it was going to break any second. Sakura's blush only got worse and then she lifted her head to show her shishou the biggest smile to cross Sakura's face yet.

"I said yes!"

This simple statement sent both women back to their early teen stages and they started jumping and squealing like twelve year olds.

After they had calmed down a bit Tsunade gave Sakura a hug and settled back in her chair.

"So are you happy with the choice?" she asked as she folded her hands on her desk.

"Yes. He's so nice and sweet. And we were already friends to start off with. And he practically said that he planned on marrying me last night! Can you believe? I just can't believe that he is serious about possibly marrying me…" Sakura rambled with her hands on her flaming red cheeks.

"Of course he wants to marry you. He'd be and idiot if he didn't want to. I bet he's a closet romantic. You probably blush a lot abound him. Hell, your blushing right now. I don't blame you. With a boyfriend like that I'd look like a lobster all the time. He is rather handsome isn't he?" Tsunade asked with a wink, not expecting an answer. "I know you must have plans with the boy so get going. I want to hear all the juicy details after your shift at the hospital tomorrow morning."

"Sure thing Tsunade-shishou!" Sakura called as she ran out of the office, already excited about seeing Neji for lunch.

Tsunade sighed a content and happy sigh as she leaned back in her chair once more. She rested for a few minutes and then, rather suddenly, the gleam was back in her eyes.

One down, one more to go… Grandkids here I come!

"Shizune! Come in here!" A flustered woman burst through the door looking for the emergency.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama, what is it?" she asked calming down a little bit.

Tsunade folded her hands one her desk and took a good look at her assistant.

"I was just wondering but how are things going for you right now? In your love life, I mean." Shizune looked confused but then decided to just answer the odd question in a slightly dejected tone.

"They're not." Tsunade nodded and then put up her best act.

"Hmm, that's a shame. Well, no matter. That's not what I called you in for. Come stand over here for a minute and hold your hands out."

A few minutes later a resounding screech was heard through out the village.



Out on training ground six three tired men finished up their training session.

"I have to go soon. I'm meeting Sakura for lunch today," Neji said as he picked up a stray kunai.

"Alright man, see ya! Hey Kakashi, you wanna head to the bar?"

Neji was about to leave when all of the sudden Genma started glowing a rather familiar shade of red. He turned to look at Kakashi and found that the older jounin was already looking at him with a rather devious twinkle in his eye.

"I'll place a bet for you when Kiba asks."

Neji chuckled and walked off ready to tell Sakura what he had just seen when a loud wail erupted from the forest.

"Aw shit!"

Neji could only chuckle harder. He got the impression that he would be doing that a lot more of that in the future.

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