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Code: Wolf

Chapter 1: Leak

At the factory, the computer beeped quietly, minding its own business. XANA had been quiet for some time now, if seven days translated into some time.

Humans are such… irritating creatures.

The screen flashed, but no alarm sounded; XANA was not launching an attack, after all. At least, not an attack recognized by the system.

How they became and remain the masters of this world is a mystery to me. They are creatures that are controlled only by their emotions. Always by their emotions, even that young genius…

The screen continued to flash and beep, but nothing sounded; it almost seemed as though the machine within was contemplating something, merely entertaining itself while it mulled a bothersome thought over.

Of them all, he is the only one that I have any respect for… but in the end, he is just a human, like they all are humans.

The scanners whirred softly under XANA's command, but he didn't use them for anything; the doors whooshed open and shut softly. Still the alarm lay silent, for XANA had taken the time to disable it before pondering this rather bothersome question. It was a move he'd perfected to an art during the week.

Perhaps… I can find a way… to end his time as a human.

If it had been able to, XANA would have smiled. And it would not have been a nice smile.

The super computer had been experimenting now for some time at molding DNA, mainly on rats and other small, disposable animals that wouldn't be missed. But it just so happened that many of these experiments had been successful…

And what do you know, I have some animal DNA right here too…


Jeremie sighed, leaning back in his chair and massaging his temples. The clock on his nightstand ticked, quietly taunting him in a way he'd become all too familiar with. He knew it was late, but he paid it no mind. He cracked his knuckles for a moment before returning his attention to his computer screen.

Numbers streamed along the screen, bits of data he knew he'd need later; yawning, he paused to rub his eyes with the back of his hand. Lack of sleep over the past three days or so was starting to finally catch up with him, but sleep didn't come easy.

Purple sparks danced along the wires connecting his computer to the wall, unnoticed by the tired young genius; the sparks flickered and flashed their way along, inching ever higher.

Black smoke swirled from the sparks as they finally faded away, drifting along Jeremie's feet; as though propelled by an invisible gust of wind, the smoke shot up and into Jeremie's system via nose, mouth—whatever opening there was that would let in oxygen.

Jeremie's eyes widened slightly; he choked and sneezed, blinking in confusion, before sneezing again. The pressure of the surprise mini cold caused his glasses to tumble off his nose, making him squeak as his world suddenly went blurry.

Ack! I need those!

Grumbling under his breath and rubbing nose (for it still felt itchy, and he didn't want to sneeze again), Jeremie slid off the chair to look for his glasses. Unfortunately, with the exception of his little lamp the room was completely dark, and the light didn't go to far anyway. His glasses were a lost cause, at least until morning.

And he did feel rather sleepy all of the sudden…

Well, he'd known the late nights would catch up with him sooner or later.

Deeming his search for his glasses lost until morning, Jeremie stretched before heading to his bed; he could barely keep his eyes open, vision blurry or not. It was really strange, but he couldn't focus on it just yet.

He just needed to sleep. Everything would be better in the morning.

That thought being his last clear one, Jeremie collapsed on his bed and drifted off into Dreamland.


Wind blew through the dark empty campus, stirring tree branches; a few close to windows tapped against them gently, almost like human fingers, but no one stirred. The moon shone clearly in the sky, a few stars splashed alongside it for good measure.

Despite what had just happened, and what was to come, there were no clouds. The sky was clear, the light strong.

As the moon shone overhead, the howl of a lone wolf echoed through the air.

As quickly as it sounded, it faded away into nothingness.

No one stirred.


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