The Love of Fire

A/N: Ok this is Sailor moon/X-men crossover, and definitely a Rei/Gambit pairing! And for the x-men x-men characters, I'm just going to pick and choose from all the different seasons. But I'm mostly basing it on the two x-men "universes" I know the best, X-men Evolution and another one that was show on Fox Kids, a while back, but mostly evolution. As for the senshi, they are the Senshi from the Magna.

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New York

"Logan, are you ok? You seem preoccupied lately, is there something on your mind?" Ororo, walked up behind him and stared at ageless mutant.

He sighed, "Just thinking... I'm in need of a vacation, see some old friends in Japan." Ororo gave him a small smile, "Well, you better talk to Charles before you make any plans, he has sensed some mutant activity and wants us to investigate." Logan smirked and walked out of the room towards Charles' office.


Tokyo, the largest city on earth and the home to the Legendary Sailor Senshi!

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Venus Love-Me Chain!"

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"

All five attacks sped towards the youma at lightning speed, and destroyed it.

"Well that was fun, anybody else wiped?" questioned Sailor Jupiter sarcastically, "Is it just me, or are all of these attacks incredibly weak?" Sailor Mars looked at her with a smirk, "I know what you mean, Jupiter, I'm actually getting home before midnight!" She said with a small laugh.

"Well seeing that our job is done I say we all go home and get a good nights rest, we all have exams tomorrow and we need to be rested and prepared." Mercury said with a little anxiety. "Not Mars! She doesn't have to take exams!" Everyone looked at the two blonds with a sweat drop.

Jupiter whispered to Mars, "And those two are our leaders?" Mars rolled her eyes and reverted back to her human form, the rest followed suit. "Let's just go home, I'm wiped." Mars looked down, not ready to walk back to her empty temple, the girls looked at her knowing how lonely she had been since Grandpa Hino died a year ago. "Hey Rei! Let me walk you home, I need to talk to you about something!" Yelled Makoto and ran after Rei but not before waving goodbye to the rest of the girls.

New York

Logan walked down the long corridor, thinking about the family he left behind a year ago, a little girl that he loved like a daughter and the old man that he looked up to like a father. I can't believe it's been a year since he died. I wonder how Rei's doing, it's been a while since I last checked on her. Logan sighed, he was worried, he knew his little girl was strong and independent, but taking care of the entire temple by herself was too much work. Especially for an 18 year old, After this mission, I'm gonna go check up on her.

He entered the office and walked towards Charles Xavier and leaned against the book case, noticing how practically the entire team was there. "Why'd you call us over here, Charles, must be pretty important." The Professor sighed, rubbing his temples, "There seems to a lot of mutant activity over in Tokyo, Japan, but the thing that worries me is that, the mutant signatures only come from 5 teenagers. With the amount of energy they are each radiating surpasses all of the powers in this room." There was a dead silence from the group which consisted Scott Summer, Jean Grey, Logan, Ororo Monroe, Remy, Bobby, Kitty Pryde, Kurt, Rouge, and the Charles Xavier

Kitty looked towards him, her eyes filled with confusion, "Wait are you, like, saying these five teenagers have, like, more than all of us put together?" Charles looked up, trying to push his headache "Actually, Kitty I'm saying that each one of these five girls has more power than all of the X-men combined. This concentration of power in an individual is extremely dangerous, we must go over there and talk to these women, and ask them to join before Magneto or anybody else does."

Remy and Bobby shared a look, "So Professor y'r askin' us to look fo' five femmes, any clue if dey are single?" asked the Cajun ladies man, while Bobby grinned. All of the women in the room rolled their eyes. "This is a serious mission, these girls seem dangerous, we have to be careful. There will be no time for fun." Remy sighed, "If y' insist Monsieur. But Remy can't make any promises, especially if des femmes come fo' him." Remy remarked before flashing the Charles a grin to show he wasn't serious, well that serious anyways.

Logan looked at Charles like he couldn't believe what he had heard. "I'll make the housing arrangements, I know someone over there that can help us find a place to stay while we're over there." He said in a voice that was filled with excitement. Every head turned to look at the Canadian, shocked to hear he had some contacts any where due to his amnesia. "Very well Logan, make the arrangements this afternoon, we leave tonight at eight. Start packing" They all exited the room, heading towards their respectful room, exited about a trip all the way across the world.

The phone call

Ring! Ring!

Makoto groggily woke up and looked at her alarm clock to see what time it was, it was about one in the morning, who in the right mind would call this late? She rolled over and went back to sleep allowing her roommate to answer the phone. And right on time she heard Rei, "HELLO! Do you know what time it is? It's one o'clock in the morning! Are you out of your mind!"


"Uncle Logan?" Rei had lowered her voice after hearing who it was. "What's the matter are you ok? Your not in trouble are you?"

"No, no pumpkin, I'm not in trouble but I do need a favor." Logan talked with such a sweet voice that Kurt who had just walked by stalled and looked at him like he had grown a third eye. But one look from the feral mutant forced him to keep walking. "Me and a couple friends of mine are coming to Tokyo for a while, and we need a place to stay. Do you have room at the temple?"

Rei eyes widened happiness, she hadn't seen Logan since her grandpa's funeral, she missed the man that she grew to love like father. "Of course Uncle Logan! Just tell me how many are staying and I'll prepare the rooms!"

On the other line Logan smiled, "Thanks pumpkin, so there will be 10-12 people including me on this trip, do you have enough room?" Rei rolled her eyes, "We have more than enough room! A few friends of mine are sponsoring the temple and pretty much forced me to expand the temple towards the back to add more rooms so that whenever they were in town they could just stay there. So no worries!"

"That's good to hear, how have ya' been holding up?"

Rei yawned "Uncle Logan I'd love to stay and chat but it's one o'clock in the morning over here, so I was wondering if I could head back to bed and go back to sleep." she Logan chuckle on the other line, "Sure sweetie, sorry for disrupting your beauty sleep! Oh by the way, we'll be arriving later today, at Tokyo Airport at 11 am Japanese time, head towards where they land the private jets, I'll make sure your name will be on the list." Rei laughed, "Ok Uncle Logan! Goodnight! See ya! Oh and Uncle Logan?"

"Yes hunny?"

"I've missed you." Rei told him like she used to tell him when she was a little girl and he was gone for months. "I missed you too pumpkin. See you later."

Rei hung up the phone, and started to panic, oh my gosh! That's only 10 hours to get the rooms ready! "Mako-chan!! Wake up!"

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