Title: Bitter Tasting

Summary: Full, mind-blowing passion and lust isn't a bad thing in a relationship. Unless, that is, you're feeling it for someone who isn't your boyfriend - more like your boyfriend's worst enemy.

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Every damn time.

Ella Barton sat alone in a table at Nicky's, just like every other evening. Letting out a loud sigh, she finished drinking the rest of her Pepsi. Her eyes made their way to the back of the bar – more specifically, to the pool tables. Hasn't he realized yet how much he sucks? the raven-haired girl thought as she looked at her boyfriend, Aaron Abbot. As usual, he was losing – badly – to Reid Garwin, one of the four Sons of Ipswich.

Standing up, she stretched her arms over her head, causing her white tube top to rise up. He makes me get all dressed up just so he can play pool all night, she thought, her irritation clear on her face as she looked down at her outfit – denim jean skirt, white tube top, and high heel sandals. Ella looked back at her boyfriend and stomped her foot as she watched the blond Ipswich Son take all of Aaron's money once again. "This is so stupid," she said to herself, beginning to wind her way through the crowd.

"Don't you get tired of taking his money all the time?" Ella asked Reid as she walked over to the pool table to stand beside her boyfriend.

"Maybe next time my prize should be you, sweets," Reid said, licking his lips and throwing a wink her way. Ella could feel Aaron starting to get pissed off. Fortunately, Aaron was out of betting money, and Nicky was already coming over from the bar, baseball bat in hand and ready to break up a fight. Still, Aaron began shouting at Reid, telling him to "stay away from Ella, she's my girlfriend." Reid ignored Aaron's ranting and walked over to Ella with a smirk. "Come on," he said, touching her cheek. "You know I can show you a good time."

Brushing his hand off, Ella rolled her eyes and flipped Reid off. Leaving the two guys, she made her way to the bathroom. What an egocentric jackass, she thought as she pushed the door to the ladies' room open. Stepping inside, she leaned against the wall, smirking as she mentally counted down .…3…2…1…. Right on time, the bathroom door flew open and in walked the blond she had been expecting.

"It took you lon…" she was interrupted by the boy crashing his lips down on hers. She let out a small gasp of excitement.

The kiss started off hot to begin with, and it only got fierier by the second. His hands drifted down her body; he grabbed her hips, making her body grind against his. She could feel his excitement, and heck, she couldn't deny her own heat. She let out a moan when he bit her lower lip. Parting her lips, she allowed him to explore her entire mouth. As soon as she did his tongue slipped in, and soon they were both fighting to dominate the kiss.

Just as she felt she was going to explode from his explorations, he suddenly left her lips and made his way down her neck. Dropping her head to the side, she allowed him more access to her skin. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt him start to nibble on her earlobe. Closing her eyes, she let the hotness of his breath on her skin continue to set her on fire as her hands began to fondle his chest.

"Hurry the fuck up in there," yelled Aaron as he pounded his fist against the door to the bathroom. He was the worst timing, Ella thought as Reid's lips left her neck.

The couple separated, looking deep into each other's eyes. No – there was no denying the scorching passion they both felt, but they both knew they had to stop. Reluctantly, he let go of her hips as she brought her hands down from his chest.

"Sorry Reid. We'll have to finish this later," she whispered in his ear before giving him one last kiss and walking out the bathroom.

"What the hell took you so long?" Aaron snapped as she came out.

Ella merely shrugged her shoulders. "A girl needs her privacy," she teased as she walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning in to give him a kiss. He responded immediately. Turning her head to the side, she broke the kiss; Reid was just few feet away, watching her with lust in his eyes. She gave him a flirtatious wink before turning back to face Aaron. "Take me home, babe. I'm getting tired," she said as she pouted her lips. Aaron could never resist her when she did that.

"Sure, whatever you say," he replied, leading her out of the bar. He didn't notice when she turned around and blew a kiss in Reid's direction. Reid, of course had seen her little teasing, and as soon as he saw her leave he, too, departed in the way of Spenser.

They arrived at the school sooner than Ella expected, but she knew it was probably because Aaron wanted to fool around. Not even waiting until they got to her bedroom, Aaron groped her behind all the way through the halls – the boy definitely wanted to mess around. She, however, had other plans for the reminder of the evening. Arriving at her dorm room, Aaron started massaging her breasts through her top, kissing her neck while his free hand reached down to open the door.

Breaking the bodily contact she pouted her lips again. "Sorry babe, but I'm on my period and I kno…" she stopped in mid-sentence as Aaron began waving his hands in the air.

"Say no more." He leaned down and gave her a long kiss, making sure to bite her lower lip before stepping away. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said as he made his way down the hallway to his own dorm room.

Ella brought a finger to her lips as she leaned back against the door to her room – he always believed the most impossible lies. Didn't he realize a girl can only have her period once a month? she thought. Shaking her head, she turned around and opened the door. She looked around and then grabbed her robe from the floor. I need a quick shower, she thought as she shut the door and made her way down the hallway.

She had almost made it towards the showers when she felt someone come up from behind her and push her against the wall. Before she could get a good look at the person, he had claimed her lips. As soon as she felt those lips on hers she knew exactly who it was; she smiled into the kiss. Breaking away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and smirked. "You just couldn't wait, could you Reid?"

"It's not my fault, sweets," he protested as he leaned down to nibble her ear. "You just get me so hot," he whispered into her ear, causing her to giggle. Ella started to slip her hands under his shirt to touch his chest, but he took hold of her wrists. Looking up, Ella gave him a questioning look, but he just kissed her forehead before throwing her over his shoulder.

"What the hell, Reid?" she asked him as she fidgeted in his arms.

"As much as I would like to take you right here, right now, we can't risk someone seeing us," he explained as carried her towards his dorm room. He had already told Tyler to clear out. Opening the door and stepping inside, he shoved it closed with his foot, making his way towards the bed to toss Ella onto it.

Reid moved to lay down beside her and Ella took the chance to sit up and straddle his hips, throwing the forgotten robe across the room. Reid couldn't help but smirk as the girl on top of him started removing his shirt while planting kisses along his neck. The warmth of her breath against his skin was making his blood rush straight to his loins. He didn't know what it was about her, but he could never get enough – she had become more addictive to him than using could ever be.

She had managed to remove his shirt, and now her hands snaked their way down to the zipper of his jeans. She stopped when his hand grabbed hers. Looking into his eyes, she saw a mischievous glint as he suddenly flipped her over so that he was on top. "Not yet," he said as he trailed his tongue along her jaw line and up to her lips.

Ella was so caught up in the kiss that she didn't feel him working off her top until he parted the kiss to yank it over her head. She lay back down on his pillow and looked at him while biting her lower lip. His breath caught in his throat as he stared down at the girl in front of him. Amazing, he thought as he brushed some of her wavy black hair away from her eyes. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she leaned up, crashing her lips onto his in one of those rough kisses he loved.

Breaking away from the kiss, she could see a grin appear on his face. "Someone's anxious," he teased as his hands began to fondle her breasts.

"Like you're one to talk," she gasped, her right hand traveling down to feel his hard-on through his jeans. As he caressed and pinched her breasts, her hands got to work on stripping off his remaining clothes. In seconds, her hand wrapped around his stiffness, causing him to shudder in satisfaction.

Leaning down, he took her left breast in his mouth while his hand traveled down to remove her skirt. His hands quickly pulled down her skirt, along with her thong, as he ran his expert tongue along her erect nipple. She muttered his name in pleasure. He loved that – the sound of her voice saying his name in pure bliss was incredibly erotic. Nothing could make him hotter, and he needed her now.

Her eyes rolled back as she felt him enter her – she would never get used to how good it felt to have him fill her. She couldn't help but let out a soft moan as he entered her completely, her back arching in the process. No man ever had even remotely made her feel so alive, but at the same time it scared her to death how impossibly good it felt. He quickly started a rhythm as he dove into her, slow and steady at first but gradually building up speed.

At the pace they were going at it they were both going to be quite sore in the morning, but right now neither of them cared. With one hard and sudden thrust, Reid sent Ella into a mind-blowing orgasm. She dug her nails into his back, all the while moaning his name. Coming down from her climax, she opened her eyes and saw him looking at her face as he continued his fast pace into her. In his eyes she could see hunger and lust – oh yes, it was going to be a long night indeed.


Hours later, Reid stretched his arms out, feeling the half-expected lack of warmth. Opening his eyes, he realized he was the only one in the bed. He couldn't resist a smirk. She had left before he had even woken up. Damn, never thought I'd see the day when I would be the one alone in bed, he thought before drifting off to sleep once again.




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