Kori Anders slid into her seat at the lunch table, seething. Immediately, her friends noticed something was wrong. Normally, Kori was an easygoing person, but right now, her face was as red as her waist-length hair. Next to her large, now stormy green eyes, she looked like a model for a Christmas store's commercial.

"What's up, Kori?" asked Terra Markov. Katherine "Kitten" Moth and Jenny Xing, Kori's other two best friends, leaned in to listen.

"That...idiot!" she growled. That pretty much covered it.

"What'd he do this time?" Jenny asked exasperatedly.

"I didn't even look at him, before you ask. But he just pushed me into the fountain up by the front gate, laughing his head off! It took me the whole morning to dry off!" she hissed. Jenny winced sympathetically.

"And then what?" asked Kitten, interested.

"And then nothing! He just left me there, soaking! I am going to KILL Richard Grayson!" Kori screamed.

Richard Grayson, the most popular guy in school, seemed to always single Kori out. They hated each other, for reasons unknown by the rest of their friends. Sometimes, it was funny to watch their little rivalry, sometimes absolutely hilarious,and sometimes it just got out of hand, like today. Richard probably thought dumping Kori in the fountain was hysterical, but the rest of his little group had turned their heads, pretending not to notice.

"He thinks he's so perfect..." said Kori, glancing over to his table. He was laughing with his friends about something or other, and it made Kori's blood boil. He had already forgotten.

"He is," replied Kitten, licking her lips. Kori glared at her, completely uncaring about her huge crush on Richard, who not only couldn't stand Kitten, but considered himself too good for any girl. As if. Kori would as soon admit that as...jump off a cliff wearing a flaming poncho into a dried moat filled with spiders and hungry alligators. She was arachnophobic.

"Hey...Terra?" asked an unfamiliar voice behind them. The four girls turned around, and Kori glared at the newcomer. She recognized him from Richard's clique. His name was Gar Logan, and he was a short guy with a big sense of humor but wasn't very good at making jokes. His had olive-ish skin and his blonde hair was dyed green. He was looking down sheepishly and a slight blush colored his cheeks. Terra blushed as well.

"Hey, Gar. How are you?" she asked, in a softer voice than Kori had ever heard her use. Gar shrugged, looking back up.

"Pretty good." He noticed Kori's unfriendly stare. "Um, hey. Dick wanted to say he was sorry about the whole fountain thing."

"Yeah right. He's never sorry," she sniffed, but her judgment on Gar softened. "Do you want us to leave you two alone?"

Both Gar and Terra blushed even brighter. "N-no, I just wanted to say hi, and...uh...I'll talk to you later," said Gar, seemingly in a hurry. Terra smiled and kissed his cheek. Gar stood, dazed for a second, but then ran off.

"So...when's the wedding?" asked Jenny. Terra did not respond, but an idea was forming in Kori's head. She had thought none of her friends had ties with any of Richard's friends, but Terra and Gar seemed very close. Richard was going to pay for dumping her in that fountain...

Kori turned to Kitten. "Kitten, how would you like to go on a date?"

Richard Grayson slid into his seat at lunch, grinning broadly. Rachel Roth, the resident Goth and current psychiatrist of the group, sighed. "I don't know why you've got it in for her, Dick. She never really did anything to you, did she? I'm pretty sure you started this whole chain of events. And dumping her in the fountain was pretty harsh."

Richard rolled his eyes. "It was not harsh. Believe me, Anders deserves everything she gets." His entire table glanced at him.

"And would you mind telling us why?" asked Victor Stone, the star linebacker of the football team. Richard shook his head. Garfield Logan stared intently at his tofu lunch. He was the only person who knew about Richard's problem with Kori. Heck, Kori didn't even know about Richard's problem with her.

If only Garfield hadn't suggested that Richard and Kori would have made a good couple. Richard had decided it was necessary to prove that he hated her, so he had started a chain of pranks, which she had eventually responded to. Richard knew he didn't like her...right? She was just like any other girl who tried to catch the attention of Jump High's hottest guy...right?

"I think I'm going to go..." said Gar, leaving the table. He went over to Kori's table of all people. He was probably apologizing for Richard. He started talking to a blonde girl Richard didn't know, and then came back, but Richard was staring intently at Kori, wondering why she didn't cut her long, thick, gorgeous red hair. It was getting on his nerves.