A Look into the Future

By: Terry-May

Chapter 1 – Troubled Nights

Six years have passed since Haruhi and Kyouya got married. Haruhi had become a mother of two wonderful children. The boy was two years older than the girl. Kei looked almost exactly like his father, Kyouya, as he had the same black hair and eyes. He wore glasses just like his father and was intelligent like his mother. Despite of all those features, he was just like Haruhi, he was afraid of thunder.

One night, around ten o' clock, Haruhi and Kyouya were silently sleeping. All of a sudden, Kei came running in their room shouting, "Okaa-san! Okaa-san!"

He ran over to Haruhi with tears in his eyes. He tugged on her wrist and Haruhi quickly got up to see Kei crying.

"Whatever is the matter Kei?" she inquired.

"I-I woke up and I was frightened so I thought that I would just creep in bed with you where I wouldn't be scared anymore but I remembered onee-chan. I went over to her bed and tried to wake her up. She got up but she didn't get off the bed. She looked so scary when she looked at me like that. So I quickly ran to your room. Okaa-san, can you carry her here?" he explained to his mother.

"I'm very tired Kei. Maybe she'll come here on her own," she said. She lifted him and put him between her and Kyouya. Just as she was about to go to sleep, the door to their room was slammed open by no other than Kimi, who seemed to be crying and in a bad mood.

She was screaming, "Otoo-san! Otoo-san!"

She ran up to her father who she resembled greatly if it weren't for those chocolate-brown eyes that she inherited from Haruhi. Kimi reached for her father's hand to wake him up but he wouldn't. She hesitated for a moment before she pinched her father's hand. Kyouya didn't budge at all. Haruhi couldn't stand it anymore and opened her eyes just to give Kyouya a pinch on his sides. ((Poor Kyouya!))

"What's going on?" he asked in a grumpy mood. He looked down to see that his little princess, Kimi, was crying. He got his glasses from the end table and put it on. He got out of bed and lifted Kimi to sit on the bed. He went over to the dresser to search for a handkerchief. He bent down to wipe Kimi's tears as he asked,

"My little princess, what's wrong?" Kyouya moved her bangs away from her eyes.

"Onii-san left me alone in my room!" she sobbed. Haruhi got up and explained to her why her brother left her.

"You see, your onii-san tried to bring you with him but you wouldn't wake up and you were too heavy for him to carry to our room," she explained with a patient air.

"Then why, okaa-san, didn't you carry me here?" Kimi questioned.

"Oh Kimi. I was really tired to get up. I'm sorry. Don't be mad at mommy okay?" she answered.

"It's okay mommy, I understand," she said.

"My little shadow princess, come here and stay beside daddy so you won't be scared anymore. Haruhi, can you move a bit?" he said. "Hai," she replied.

Kyouya lifted Kimi and put her between him and Kei. Kimi went back to sleep but Kyouya and Haruhi stayed up.

"All those years since I married you, you still have the Shadow King aspect in you, don't you?" Haruhi asked. "I guess I do," he replied. "She's so much like you, you know. How she acts. Were you like that before?" she said. "I got used to being alone. Perhaps when I was younger I was," he replied to her with a smile.

Haruhi giggled as she recalled what Kei had told her. "Did you know why Kei was crying earlier?" Haruhi asked. "No, why?" he answered. "She has a low blood pressure when awakened too early. It kinda reminds me of you. After all, her blood type IS AB," she told him. Now it was his turn to laugh. He recalled the time where he met Haruhi at the commoner's shopping mall, where he was left without any cellphone and wallet in his possession. He kissed her on her forehead before he was about to go back to sleep.

"Wait, how is it that you maintained a good temper after being awakened?" Haruhi asked. "Simple, I wouldn't deny my little Shadow Princess for anything," he replied with a light smile. "Go to sleep. There's lots of work tomorrow."

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