September 10, 2010

Damn, it's been a while. I wonder how many people thought this update was a mistake.

Anyway, sorry-but you can hardly blame me. It's not as if it's the best idea for me to be posting my life on the internet where anyone can read it, but I'm no good at time management. However, I realized so many people are interested in my daily life and I just figured I'd give you guys a treat.

So, anyone keeping up with anything remotely Spider-Man related, huh? If you are, you know I have a Broadway play coming out in Nonmember. Yep. That's right. A freaking musical. As if me running around in bright tights isn't gay enough. Haha, just kidding.

I'm not really sure how I'll attend opening night though...kinda dangerous. I'm sure I'll be around, just to make sure no one tries anything.

Speaking of trying anything...

It was a few days ago, actually, when I stopped Doctor Octopus from using an anti-gravity cannon to destroy New York City. Same old same old. But, I was randomly approached after by an extremely sketchy dude in an overcoat. Called himself The Man. I wanted to stick it to him, just for the sake of a pun.

The Man told me he knew who I was, and quickly proved this to be true. I was nervous. He told me if I got the pieces of the cannon back together and re-assembled it, then he wouldn't give out my identity to the press.

I was in a pickle. I had no idea what this guy was planning, but I couldn't let my secret go out to the public. So, I decided to give in to his demands, but ensure that the cannon was never used in harm's way. I went to the docks where the cannon was destroyed, and as I was gathering the pieces SHIELD hellicarriers surround me.

I was busy talking with the two agents when one of them frowned. "Colonel Fury is here," one of them said, having gotten it radioed in on his earpiece. "He says he wants to talk to you."

"Me?" I asked. "How on earth does he know I'm here?"

Fury stepped up a few moments later. In wondered how the hell he got there. "Because I know everything," he snarled. "Let's go." Fury eyed me as he walked over, his brow furrowed in pure anger. A hovercraft pulled up beside the dock, hovering above the water surface. Fury pointed to it. "In."

I grumbled, walking like a reluctant child into the vehicle. "It's nice to see you too, Fury."

"Shut up! I'm not in the mood, insect. Just shut your trap or I'll detain you."

I rolled his eyes. "It's arachnid,"I complained. "I keep telling you people..." As the hovercraft headed back to the hellicarrier, Fury turned around and stared at me. "Do you take me for a fool?"

I tilted his head. "All the time, or right now?"

"I feel like I'm scolding a child! Did you not think that SHIELD's technology would pick up on your activity. You were fishing out the parts of the weapon. Why?"

I felt offended. "I was doing a clean-up job."

Fury's response to was a pointed finger at me. "Do you see this one?" he snarled to his agents. "He doesn't do clean-up jobs. He doesn't do anything! I'm not buying it." The hovercraft parked itself inside the hellicarrier, Fury exiting. "Take this one to conference room A. I'll be there in a moment."

I sighed, walking with the SHIELD agent escorts. "Why do I have such a bad reputation?" I said aloud to no one in particular. "And I was starting to think SHIELD liked me."

Fury is someone I trust, yes. And I really didn't have a choice. I knew I could get in trouble for trying to help a stranger get a hold of a weapon, and I'd be in trouble if that stranger didn't get the weapon because then my face would be all over New York-and the world. When Fury came in, he didn't need to do much interrogating."So," he said. "Some guy knows who you are, and is black mailing you?"

"Pretty much," I nodded.

"And you didn't think to come to us for help?"

I snorted. "You would've?"

"Point taken." He cracked his neck. "Our rescources, though, are a bit more advanced than yours are, webhead."

"Are you suggessting we team up on this one, Colonel?"

Fury nodded. "Unfortunately."

"Can we get matching jerseys?"


Fury agreed to do some espionage and stake out the meeting spot while I went to find the stranger. He was working alone-he had no bases covered. When he was apprehended he wasn't happy. "I'll tell everyone who you are!" the man snarled.

It turns out the man was the Chameleon, posing as some sketchy arms dealer. Fury nodded at me. "He won't talk while he's behind bars. No one'll hear him."

"And once he's out of prison?" I asked, worried.

"We deal with it then."