Hello everybody.

This story takes place thirty years after the anime. This will be my assumption for what should happen next, but, if any of you have an idea, they are welcomed. I'm no expert at writing, let me warn you, as for English is not my first language.

Disclaimer: Blood+ belongs to Asuka Katsura, or to whoever published it, like Sony Pictures and all. Last time I say this: It does not belong to me, and I'm not making any profit from this.

... Prologue ...

"Trust one who has gone through it."


Today was the day that would mark ten days before Saya's 30th sleep anniversary. In ten more days, she would come out of that cocoon, and hopefully remember him, and their family tie. Ten more days... Kai thought. That day, he went to bed excited for this new life with Saya again in it, and couldn't wait for Saya to meet her nieces.

That same day, Kai got the idea to camp a day before in the tomb with his nieces. He thought it would be a good bonding experience.

He remembered that time when his little treasures had been out watching and alien movie with their friends, and upon getting back they had announced to him they would refrain from entering the tomb. They had gotten comically, he found, scared of cocoons- and Saya's was a very, very large one. Ever since, they had stayed outside admiring the scenery.

He once went with them to the Miyagusuku resting place close to dusk, and the poor things had gotten scared when it got dark. They had such active imagination, the poor darlings had been scared of an alien coming out. Irene's fear was noticeable, while Mui had decided to look at the decaying flowers with the blue ribbons, in an attempt to distract herself from giving into her fear.

Kai instantly felt his smile waver. Every time they went, there was a pink rose with the blue ribbon. Sometimes, they were fresh and new, while others, they were decayed. They didn't visit as often, but it was clear he did. Kai was even certain they had heard the familiar tune of the Cello being touched once, always with the sad, nostalgic melody. Why didn't he show his face? Didn't he trust any of them?

Still, Kai could understand, that a man that lived a long life would wish to remain hidden from society. He could only imagine the pain of getting close with people, only to watch them grow old and die.


Mui is the girl that Riku liked and got turned into a Chiropteran

Irene, is the Siff female, the one that Kai got to talk more, the one that clearly let him see the pain that not only Saya, Red Shields and him carries.

I used Irene, because it's like a gift to her, she wanted to be remember, and live out in the sun, so I made I gave her a place in life. In symbol, but…