Lorelai is at the check-in desk going through accounts on the computer. Michel is next to her sorting brochures.

MICHEL: Why do we need 5 different types of brochures about antique shopping in Stars Hollow?

LORELAI: (Still looking at the computer) They all have pretty pictures, Michel.

MICHEL: But the information is the same!

LORELAI: Pretty pictures.

MICHEL: You are the reason why we will never get rid of paper in the future.

LORELAI: As long as I get to look at pretty pictures.

Michel turns as he hears someone enter the area.

MICHEL: (Softly) Oh God, why is he here?

LORELAI: (Looks up and clasps her hands as she sees who it is) Kirk. I called him.

MICHEL: You called him to come by the inn during my shift. You're evil.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) I didn't call him to come by the inn. (Raises her voice as she realizes Kirk is looking for her) Kirk! Over here.

KIRK: (Walks over) Oh, there you are Lorelai.

MICHEL: (Disgustedly) I'm going for a walk.

LORELAI: What are you doing here, Kirk? I left a message…

KIRK: I just got your message.

LORELAI: I didn't mean for you to come all the way here. I just left a message asking you to call me when you get the… message.

KIRK: Yes… well… somewhere between listening to your message and saving it in case I wanted to hear it again — I lost my cell phone.

LORELAI: (Confused) Huh?

KIRK: Yes, but stranger things have happened.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head to clear her mind) I don't doubt it.

KIRK: You mentioned Paul Anka in the message.

LORELAI: (Nods with a nervous smile) Yes, I did.

KIRK: I'm assuming you meant your dog and not the real Paul Anka.

LORELAI: (Jokes) Not unless the real Paul Anka needs dog-sitting too. (Realizes it was a bad joke).

KIRK: Right. (Pulls out a book from his back pocket and opens it) Let's see… when did you want me to dog-sit? I'm open Thursday through Sunday of next week.

LORELAI: (Nervously smiles again) Tonight.

KIRK: (Looks up) Tonight?

LORELAI: Yes, tonight.

KIRK: (Looks at his calendar) That poses a few problems, Lorelai. I'm completely booked tonight.

LORELAI: (Cuts in) Oh please, please, please say yes to this. I will pay you double if I have to.

KIRK: On any other day, I would've jumped at the possibility of making double the amount of money just dog-sitting… but I'm completely booked… and it's crucial that I not cancel this gig.

LORELAI: I know it's not sufficient time — but something came up last minute. And… uh… It's just that everyone I've asked has something going on tonight…

KIRK: (Offended but you couldn't tell from his expressionless face) And you assumed I, Kirk Gleason, would have nothing going on tonight…

LORELAI: Of course not! (Tries to pacify) Everyone knows you're the busiest man in Stars Hollow but I'm desperate and I need someone to look after Paul Anka for the night…

KIRK: (Cuts in) Yes, I am the busiest man in Stars Hollow. (Gets cocky) I am sorry but my calendar here says I'm very busy tonight. In fact, I don't know if I have time to get some sleep…

Curiously, Lorelai tilts her head to read what the calendar says — but Kirk pulls back the book as fast as he can.

LORELAI: (Suddenly realizes that maybe Kirk has nothing planned that night — she slightly smiles and teasingly continues) What is it, Kirk? What do you have on your agenda tonight? Going out with Lulu… and your mom?

KIRK: (Trying not to give in) Lulu and mother are out of town. They left this morning.

LORELAI: (Tries to reach for the little book) Helping Taylor mow his backyard?

KIRK: That's on Tuesday mornings. (Lorelai is still reaching for the book) I apologize Lorelai, I can't…

LORELAI: (Cuts in and distracts him by quickly looking at the front entrance — she gasps) I thought you said Lulu was out of town!

KIRK: (Suddenly looks back at the entrance as well and forgets about his little calendar book) Lulu?!

LORELAI: (Snatches the book) Ha! (She quickly turns to the current date)

KIRK: (Gasps) That's not fair!!

LORELAI: (Giddy) Let's see what this secret gig is… (her expression turns to horror as she reads) Ew!! (She throws the book back at Kirk as if she was trying to get an insect off her hand) Ew… ew… ew…

Kirk takes it and places is in his back pocket.

LORELAI: (continues) ew… ew… ew… I really didn't need to know that.

KIRK: You grabbed the book from me — besides there's nothing wrong with watching TV in your underwear.

LORELAI: No, but you don't usually make an appointment with yourself to do that! And you never (points at the back where the book is) put that in writing! (Tries to contain herself)

KIRK: (Gives in) Fine, I will dog-sit Paul Anka.

LORELAI: Thank you.

KIRK: But you have to pay triple.

Camera fades on an astounded Lorelai.


Luke and Lorelai are chatting at a table over drinks and appetizers.

LUKE: … so April encouraged me and I went out with the coach.

LORELAI: (Smiling) No, you didn't.

LUKE: (Chuckles as he nods) I did… I think it's partly because she frightened me so much during the swimming lessons.

LORELAI: (Starts chuckling as well) I'd be frightened of her too.

LUKE: Anyway… we go out… and the date turns out to be worse than anyone could've imagined.

LORELAI: (Still chuckling) Funny story though.

LUKE: (Sighs and smiles at her — after a pause) How's it going so far?

LORELAI: (Smiles and looks at him as well) It's going great.

LUKE: (Nods) Good.

LORELAI: (Jokingly) It better — after all I went through to get Kirk to dog-sit.

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes) Please don't repeat what Kirk had on his schedule.

LORELAI: I won't. It disturbs me just thinking about his little book.

LUKE: (Quickly forgets the subject of Kirk and extends his hand to hold hers) I'm glad this is happening.

LORELAI: (Welcomes the gesture and tightens the grip) Me too.

LUKE: (Looks down) I thought I could just forget it all… and I thought I did…

LORELAI: I thought the same…

LUKE: …but then I saw you singing at KC's and…

LORELAI: I meant every word.


LUKE: (Looks around Sniffy's) I know we've been here before… and I probably should've taken you somewhere else…

LORELAI: (Smiling) I love this place. I love Mazie and Buddy. (Takes a deep breath) I love everything about you and your life… I got distracted… but now there's absolutely (closes her eyes for a moment) nothing to distract me away from you. I know we've been here before, Luke. But I need you to understand (Desperately tries to explain) that you're the only man for me. Everything leads me back to you… e-even when we were just friends…

Luke takes a moment to process — then smiles and swallows his emotions.

Lorelai and Luke take a few moments to examine each other — but they are interrupted by the waitress.

WAITRESS: Ready to order?

Scene fades.


Emily and Richard are in the dining room having dinner. Emily is extraordinarily quiet.

RICHARD: (Tries to break the silence) Did I mention what a lovely time I had at the club today?

EMILY: (Half hearing what Richard said) Hmm?

RICHARD: The club, dear.

EMILY: Oh yes, the club. They shouldn't be raising the membership fee so high …

RICHARD: (Confused) Right. (As he takes a sip of his wine) Glad to hear Rory made it to Iowa safe and sound.

EMILY: (Takes a moment to respond) Yes, and those grounds… you would think they'd paint the grass with pure gold for the money they charge the members.

RICHARD: (Looks up at Emily) I think we've moved on from the club, dear.

EMILY: Oh. What were we talking about?

RICHARD: (Sets his napkin on the table and sits up) Alright. What is it, Emily?

EMILY: What is what?

RICHARD: You're obviously distracted today and I am going to assume it's after that spontaneous luncheon with Lorelai. Now spill the beans dear. It's only best for your health.

EMILY: Why do you automatically assume that it has something to do with Lorelai?

RICHARD: From past experience, Emily. Now, I'd like to know what's bothering my wife.

EMILY: (Sighs) Nothing. It's just that… (Takes a moment to form the words) I think Lorelai is seeing Luke again.

RICHARD: (Raises his eyes — but not completely surprised) Oh.

EMILY: "Oh"? That's all you have to say?

RICHARD: What else do you want me to say? It's not like it's a huge surprise Emily. (Emily sighs again) How did you come across this information? Did Lorelai tell you?

EMILY: No one told me.

RICHARD: So you assumed it out of the blue?

EMILY: I saw how they interacted with each other.

RICHARD: (Remembers) Ah, you had lunch at Luke's diner.

EMILY: Yes, we had lunch at Luke's diner. Do you ever listen to anything I say?

RICHARD: (Half teasingly) Not as well as you listen to what I say, my dear.

EMILY: (Continues) Of course I'm not surprised… I'm just… (She pauses)…

RICHARD: You're just…? What is it, Emily?

EMILY: (Brushes it off) Oh, never mind. Finish your dinner before it gets cold.

Richard, not wanting to pressure Emily, continues to eat his dinner as she instructed.


Lorelai is sitting at the table in the kitchen area — eating apple pie. Luke is at the counter pouring some coffee into a mug. He brings the coffee and another mug filled with tea to the table. As he places the coffee next to the pie, he takes a seat next to Lorelai.

LUKE: So the Midnight Madness you had at the restaurant didn't fill you up?

LORELAI: (With some pie in her mouth) Why are you surprised by this?

Luke smiles.

LORELAI: (Looks at the window by the sink) Do you think anyone saw us enter the diner?

LUKE: It's midnight on a weekday in Stars Hollow. I doubt anyone saw us.

LORELAI: (Chuckles as she swallows her last bite and looks around) I like what you've done with the place.

LUKE: It was all April. When she sets her mind…

LORELAI: (Nods) Oh, yeah and then you can't talk her out of it. Been there with Rory.

LUKE: …and then playing the guilt thing, saying she would like it if it was a certain way. She knows I would never be able to say no to that.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Been there too.

LUKE: In fact, she has talked me into going to at least one town meeting a month.

LORELAI: (Gasps) No.

LUKE: (Nods) Yup.

LORELAI: Are you going to tomorrow's?

LUKE: Are you? (Lorelai nods) Then you'll see me there.


LORELAI: (Stands up and moves to the sink to place the plate and folk) This is nice… us talking about our daughters like this. It… (thinks) it seems like we're on the same page…

LUKE: (Luke stands and follows her) Finally?

LORELAI: (As she turns around — she faces Luke) Finally.

Luke then places his arms around her and kisses her gently.

LORELAI: (Between kisses, she whispers) This is nice too.

Luke mumbles a "mm-hmm" and continues to kiss her.

Scene fades.


The lights are turned off, but we see Emily sitting up in the bed - next to her husband. She's wide awake and very still so as to not disturb Richard's sleep. Richard however turns around and notices his wife still awake.

RICHARD: (Groggy) Emily?

EMILY: Did I wake you?

RICHARD: No, of course not (He slowly gets himself to sit up as well — and then he turns on the lamp on his side) What is it, Emily?

EMILY: (As if they've been discussing this all night) … it's obvious to me that Luke's the only man that seems to make Lorelai happy… so there's no point in opposing the reunion. I just wish… (she pauses)

RICHARD: Are you going to stop mid-sentence again? It's as if we're stuck in a permanent cliffhanger. Emily my dear, if you're not going to finish that sentence…

EMILY: (Cuts him off and continues as she pouts) I just wish for once… for once… my daughter would tell me what's going on in her life. It would've been nice to hear it from her… a simple, "Mom, Luke and I are back together." Would've made me happy.

RICHARD: (Sympathizes with her and kisses her on the forehead — then continues) Emily... I am sure it would make you happy… but I am also sure that Lorelai is frightened of what you may have to say after she makes such a revelation. Now, it pains me to say this about ourselves, but we haven't been the most supportive parents to that girl — not intentionally, of course. We may have thought we did what was right in regards to our daughter — but it doesn't necessarily mean that we were in fact… right.

Emily sighs.


Scene fades as the elder Gilmores stare into empty space.


Everyone is gathered inside chatting with each other — waiting for Taylor to begin the meeting.

Lorelai is standing next to Babette near their seats as she looks around for Luke. She sees a strange sight. It's Kirk, he walks in with a huge grin plastered to his face.

LORELAI: (As he passes her) Kirk, are you okay?

KIRK: (Barely looking in her direction, answers as he walks to his seat) Everything is just perfect!

As Taylor takes his gavel and calls for the meeting to start — everyone finds a seat. Luke enters and subtly smiles at Lorelai as he walks over to the other side of the aisle. Lorelai cannot help but watch him until he takes a seat.

TAYLOR: Order! Order… let's get this thing rolling, people. We don't have time to waste. I would like to (hears some people still chatting — and gets distracted) Can we please focus people! (Everyone obeys) Now, I would like to start with my usual update — however, Kirk Gleason seems to have an urgent agenda item that needs to be addressed before we go any further. (Looks at Kirk) Kirk, please come forward…

KIRK: (Still grinning and freaking people out — walks to the podium) Thank you, Taylor. (Looks at all the townsfolk) I'm here today to share some very exciting news.

BABETTE: Brace yourselves. (A few people chuckle)

KIRK: This morning at 9:08, Lulu called me all the way from Seattle and asked me to marry her. (Some people gasp in delight)

TAYLOR: (Annoyed) This is why you wanted five minutes off my agenda?!

BABETTE: (Shouts out) Are you sure it wasn't 9:09 Kirk?

PATTY: Lulu asked?!

KIRK: Well, yes… she said that she was inspired by Lorelai's proposal from last year…

BABETTE: (Cuts him off) Look how well that turned out (looks at Lorelai who is next to her) No offense, sugar.

LORELAI: None taken.

KIRK: Yes, it was a concern of hers but after I told her that Luke and Lorelai were back together — she was sure about the proposal. And … of course I said yes…

Both Luke and Lorelai look at each other across the aisles.

LUKE: (Shouts to her amidst all the chatter in the room) I thought you said you didn't tell him?

LORELAI: I didn't!

BABETTE: Wait a minute! What did you say, Kirk?

KIRK: I said yes.

BABETTE and PATTY: Before that!

TAYLOR: Did you say Luke and Lorelai were back together?

Luke sits there and rolls his eyes. Then he turns to Lorelai again.

LUKE: Can you believe this?

Lorelai shakes her head.

KIRK: I thought everyone knew.

BABETTE: Now, are you sure Kirk?! Because if you're pulling my leg… I will come up there and…

KIRK: (Cuts her off) Yes, after temporarily losing my hearing the night of the party, I walked over to a bench near the diner to compose myself and saw the two of them making out.

LUKE: (Annoyed, he gets up from his seat) Okay, that's enough. It's none of your business… (Looks at Lorelai) I feel like we've been here before. I don't know why I bother… it's not like anything's going to change. (Lorelai smiles at him sympathetically)

KIRK: (Pouts) Did anyone hear about Lulu and I getting engaged?

LORELAI: (Shouts) I did, Kirk!

TAYLOR: (Frustrated and annoyed — stands up and takes the podium again) Okay… okay… EVERYONE settle down. That's it. Thank you for that Kirk. The new developments will go in next week's agenda. Now I'd like move on to the next item…

Babette gets up from her seat.

TAYLOR: (rolls his eyes) What now?! What is it, Babette? Can't we just go 10 minutes without any distractions?

BABETTE: I need to go see East Side Tillie! We got the scoop and this will make her so jealous! (Looks at Patty) Patty, are you coming?

PATTY: (Gets up from her chair up on the stage) Oh, of course!

TAYLOR: Oh come on Patty — you are in the panel… you can't leave.

PATTY: Oh yes I can.

As Babette leaves her seat, Luke walks over and sits next to Lorelai.

LUKE: (He turns to her and smiles) Our secret didn't last long.

LORELAI: (Smiles back) No it didn't.


Everyone is leaving the meeting. Luke and Lorelai are standing outside… Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's Emily.

LORELAI: (Sees who it is on her Caller ID and whispers to Luke as if Emily would hear) It's mom.

LUKE: The excitement never stops.


EMILY: Lorelai, it's your mother.

LORELAI: Hey mom… What's going on?

EMILY: I just wanted to call you for one purpose and one purpose only…

LORELAI: (Confused at the sudden seriousness of the conversation) Okay…

EMILY: I wanted you to know that if you had anything you'd like to share with me or your father… or both… we promise to be open minded. We will not criticize you for any reason…

LORELAI: (Still confused — she looks up at Luke) Okay…

EMILY: Well, that's all I wanted to say.

LORELAI: Thank you?

EMILY: Well, good night Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Still unsure of how to receive the phone call) Good night.

They hang up.

LUKE: What was that about?

LORELAI: I have no clue.

Scene fades.



EMILY: She still hasn't said anything!

RICHARD: Give her time.

EMILY: I've given her enough time!


LORELAI: How about Alaska?

LUKE: (Smiles) Alaska sounds nice.

Phone Rings.

EMILY: Luke, it's Emily Gilmore.

LUKE: Oh… hey.

EMILY: Are you and my daughter back together?

LUKE: Uh… well…


LUKE: Lorelai… this morning your mother called and… (CUT)



EMILY: (Saddened — almost teary eyed) I don't know why I never know what's going on with you…

LORELAI: (Sympathetically) Mom.


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