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Classic Capture

Zuko marveled at his good luck, usually he wasn't very lucky, but Agni must have felt some pity for him today…because over his shoulder was an unconscious Katara, and ultimatley the key to getting his honor back. Zuko looked at the ungainly heap over his shoulder and almost laughed,

'Just like a sack of potatoes,' he mused.

The exiled Prince of the Fire Nation realized that his captive princess (quote, un-quote) would quickly gain consciousness, so he dumped her into a random cell. He looked at her pathetic form on the small room's cot. She shivered and curled into a ball. A small moan of what sounded like pain escaped her mouth.

'She's conscious?' Zuko shrugged as he closed the door and bolted it.

Zuko pocketed the key and ruffled his Prince-ly top-knot. It had been a long but satisfying day.

Katara woke to the feeling of wetness around her private regions; she looked down and her eyes popped wide open at the large red blood spot. Her period…now? She turned and tried to grope at her bag to look for a cloth to catch the blood, but she couldn't move. The gentle rocking and the steel surroundings practically screamed Fire Nation. Katara gasped, but the very intake of breath made her lungs burn.

"Rise and shine." Came a husky voice from the door.

Katara turned to look, but remembered her state.

'Broken ribs and a broken neck isn't exactly pain-less' thought Katara.

The pain in her abdomen worsened and she hugged it, trying to make it stop. The voice gave an unkind bark of laughter. A few minutes later; footsteps told Katara that she was alone once more. Regaining her senses, the master Water bender started to look around for a source of water. But with her limited movement, there wasn't much she could do. Katara lied down gingerly, she was careful not to injure herself more than she already was. Footsteps came back, and Katara pretended not to notice. She was just not interested and she had to make that clear on her face. This was the Fire Nation, and they probably took her for a mere peasant. She would show them that she was much more than that.

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