Please note that Zuko is OOC in this fic

Lt. Jee was not one to mince words, as he was a man of few, however, in this situation; he was unable to hold his tongue. He directed his tirade at Prince Zuko.

"We have to take her out because that is just what humans do, Your Highness. We are not animals to torture a poor girl whom we know nothing about for information!"

Zuko spun on his second in command. "Jee, you are not here to offer advice. Uncle does enough of that already. If you will not make yourself useful and scare the girl into giving me what I want, then throw yourself overboard."

Jee looked coldly at his Prince, "Do you know what you are saying? You want a girl, a helpless person to die of bleeding to death! We can get information from her in different ways, Prince Zuko, this just isn't an option!"

"Who are you to tell me what to do?!" Zuko exploded. "If she dies, then the pathetic Avatar will be stricken with grief when he comes to find her, thus making my capture easier!"

"You never think these things through, Prince Zuko." Jee said echoing the other boy's Uncle. "What happens when she dies? We just keep her there?"


Disgusted at Zuko's lack of feeling, Jee stalked away leaving a relieved Fire Bender in his wake. 'Just leave her there' No wonder the whole world thought that the Fire Nation were a heartless people, with burning voids where the soul should be. Grim with resolute, Jee made his way down to the dungeons intent on retaining his last ounces of compassion for the human race.

The smell that met him left his eyes watering, blood crusted around the girl's form. Her eyelids beat blearily, fighting with unconsciousness and losing. Feeling a stab of mercy, Jee unlocked the cell and walked over ignoring his need to vomit. Steeling himself, he placed his arms around the girl and lifted her. Draping a blanket over her, he made his way out of the rotten basement of the ship and up to his personal bathroom.

Placing her gently on the cold tile floor, Jee filled the bathtub, thinking sourly that Zuko wasn't the one that hadn't thought things through, it was him. He got her out of the prison, brought her up to his room, and was now filling his bathtub. All for what? To get thrown off the ship for disobeying orders? To bathe this girl? The feeling of shyness overcoming him, he stepped back and took a breath. Turning the water off, he looked to the girl and decided that he had after all come this far. There was no need to take her clothes off for this.

Picking her delicate shape off of the ground, he lowered her into the tub, careful to lift her head free from the water. She seemed to call to it; the water reflected her and made itself one with her. Jee almost dropped her as the water began to glow around her. The pale blue wrapped itself around her in tiny spirals. Appalled at this magic, Jee's eyes shot wide as her enlarged ribcage shrank to normal with sudden relief. The girl fought for consciousness once again, and Jee couldn't deny it, he was impressed. All it took was a little water to regain her sense? Urging her to her goal silently, Jee filled the bath with yet more water, anxious to see more of the glowing. And suddenly, he realized that she was healing. The bones in her neck and ribs popped as they were sealed, and the continuous blood flow from her private area ceased as though stoppered. And as swiftly as the healing came, it went. The water no longer a soft glowing blue, it had changed to a murky brown with washed off blood and sweat. His heart beating fast, the Lieutenant hoisted the shuddering girl out of the empty container. Soaking his work shirt through, she clung to him. Her eyes opened triumphantly, and Jee was taken aback by their blueness. He set her upon his bed and walked to his wardrobe, he drew out a shirt and loose pants. He flung them on the chair, in a last ditch attempt at being mean. How troubling it was to show such kindness!