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FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 056- Breakfast

All She Had Been Looking For

From the staff table, Minerva McGonagall allowed her eyes to scan briefly over the vast breakfast area of the Great Hall. Something about the mere atmosphere of the room seemed to had changed in almost an overnight's time. Several new couples, all of which were sitting uncomfortably close, holding hands under the table, or whispering softly into each other's ears, had emerged from each house table. Minerva simply could not figure what had brought the sudden drastic change in her students, especially in those select few currently locked in in each other's eyes who had only recently appeared to despise each other. Perhaps it was the spring season, she thought; she had often heard it being referred to as the season of love, after all.

It was here that the Headmaster once again found himself admiring his Deputy intensely. Her Scottish eyes seemed to glow with interest as she stared around the room. Albus slowly leaned over into Minerva's ear, causing her to react with a small jump of surprise.

"What are you thinking, my dear?" he whispered.

Minerva sighed and carefully lowered her eyes to her hands in her lap.

"You know what I envy about people in love?" she asked, feeling quite foolish for referring to her students in this way.

Albus did not answer, but she knew he was listening closely, so she continued somewhat nervously.

"I'd like it if someone knew me, really knew me.. My favorite color, the bedtime snack of my choice, what I like to do on rainy days..."

Albus's eyebrows contracted for a moment until he chuckled with amusement. Had she realized that she had just described him?

"I know it's silly, Albus," Minerva said, turning away so he would not see the rosy blush that had formed upon her cheeks.

"No, Minerva. I wasn't laughing at you," he said consolingly, not at all intending to hurt her feelings.

She shrugged, suddenly wishing she had not revealed this secret to him. Minerva often found herself telling things to Albus that she knew she would never dare tell anyone else. He had always had that strange, unexplainable effect on her.

"Green, Ginger Newts, and playing chess and reading classic novels," Albus said abruptly.

"Pardon me?" she said, her eyes turning to him and widening in surprise.

Albus smiled at her, his sapphire eyes twinkling merrily.

"Your favorite color is green, the bedtime snack of your choice is Ginger Newts, and you like to play chess and read classic novels on rainy days," he said simply. "How did I do?" he added with a laugh.

Minerva's mouth dropped open slightly. She could not believe he had noticed so much about her, even the minuscule details that even some of her other closest friends probably would not even had known.

"How did you know?" she asked.

"I... care for you," Albus replied, choosing his words carefully as to not yet reveal more than he planned. "You're my best friend."

Minerva smiled openly at him. His kind words touched her, affected her more than she would have expected.

"Thank you, Albus" she said.

It was as if Minerva was looking at him in a brand new light. She had never been willing to feel this deeply for him before. Albus genuinely knew her, genuinely wanted to know her. This made her feel, in a word, special- needed, even.

Maybe, she pondered, what she had always been looking for had truly been right there with her all that time.


A/N:: Yes, even if you don't realize it, there's a point to this story! lol Sometimes you spend half of your life searching for something, and it turns out to be right in front of you. ;)