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Summary[Post GSD The girls have a sleepover and the guys decide to spy on it…what'll happen when unknown feelings are admitted through songs. [a bit of a songfic

[YxS, DxM, Asucaga, KxL

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Chapter 3

The guys started to slowly back up against the wall of Shiho's small room. Sure it seemed like a good idea to spy at first, but now that they were caught, the pure stupidity of their idea was becoming even more obvious to them. From where they stood, they could easily see a crying Lacus, a frozen Miriallia, and well…the most obvious, the glaring Cagalli and the hateful Shiho.

"So…HOW LONG WERE YOU THERE!?" Cagalli and Shiho yelled in unison at the cowering males.

For a split second, all four boys held fear in their eyes, when Yzak suddenly thought of something. 'What the hell am I doing being afraid of Hahnenfuss?' With that thought in mind, he stood up straighter and walked right up to Shiho. "The better question is…Did you guys really mean what you said in all your little songs?"

For a moment everyone in the room stopped moving, and focused their attention on the seething Shiho. Dark aura seemed to surround her as she lifted her gaze to meet Yzak in one killer death glare. "Yzak…" she hissed through gritted teeth, anger growing more evident at every passing second. With that, Shiho whipped out her gun, and started shooting at Yzak's head, only to miss each time by a few centimetres.

'Damn!' Yzak cursed in his mind. 'This had a much better outcome in my mind.'


Yzak's Mind

"The better question is…did you guys really mean what you said in your little songs?" Yzak asked smugly.

An embarrassed Shiho cast her gaze downward, "Well…I guess."

Smiling, Yzak walked up to Shiho, "You could have just said something."

"Yzak…I love you. Let's get married now!" Shiho said, as hope filled her eyes.

Yzak just continued to smile, as he pulled his fiancée into an embrace and a passionate kiss. The others grinned before turning to leave the couple alone.

"Come on Yzak…let's go…I wanna…get married now…That way…we can have…all the kids…we want," Shiho spoke between gasps of air, moans, and kisses.

"Shiho, do you really want to have that many kids?" Yzak asked as he broke off the kiss.

Shiho just smirked, pushing Yzak onto her bed, "I guess not. But that doesn't mean we can't have a lot of other things…" With that she recaptured his lips with hers.


In reality

'Now that's a fantasy,' Yzak thought to himself, as dirtier thoughts entered his mind. 'Shit my mind is dirty. I really need to stop hanging around Dearka and all his porn magazines.' His thoughts were silenced as Shiho reloaded her gun, aiming once again for Yzak's head. "Dearka get security in here!"

"Sorry man, but security left for the night, and only a few green coats were left with night shift. Personally, I don't think they'll be much help against Shiho." Dearka replied slowly, as he looked at Milly. "Look Miriallia, I'm really sorry. I didn't know spying would hurt you so much."

Mirialla just stood there with her back facing Dearka…after what he did, she wouldn't be talking anytime soon.

Cagalli had switched from her angered look, to an evil smirk. "Well, on the other hand, I'm not sorry. And I know that what I'm about to do is gonna hurt all of you," she spoke calmly, as her smirk grew bigger.

On the far end of the room, Kira and Athrun were quietly bickering.

"You go calm her down," Athrun whispered.

"Why don't you? You're her boyfriend!" Kira replied.

Athrun rolled his eyes at his best friend's attempt, "But you're her brother. You two are blood. So if she kills you it won't be that big of a deal since, you have no other family."

"Yeah…Well…" Kira started as he racked his brain for a comeback, only to discover that he was being dragged somewhere by Cagalli.


Several minutes later…

"Court will now come to session! May the prosecutor, witness, and jury please rise," Lacus stated clearly, watching as Shiho, Miriallia, and Cagalli stood up formally.

The guys were frowning from their seats in the room. Cagalli had decided that in order to solve this little "problem", they'd have a mock court, at which their punishment would be decided. Since Yzak refused to listen quietly in his chair, the girls had ended up duck taping the guys to their seats.

"May the prosecutor please step forward and call upon the witness." Shiho walked up the front while Milly took her seat on the bed.

"Miss Haww, can you please tell me in your own words exactly what happened." Shiho who had changed into her red coat uniform was slowly getting into her role.

"Wow…I never knew Shiho made such as good prosecutor," Yzak mumbled under his breath.

"Dude I'm sure she's good at a lot of things…namely activities in bed." Dearka said while poking Yzak in the ribs.

Athrun who'd pick up on the conversation decided to join, "Minus the clothes of course."

"Oh, and throw in some moaning and groaning," Kira added enthusiastically.

"And voila! You get a steamy moment, and Yzak Jr. is born!" the three finished quietly.

Yzak felt his ears burning at the comment. "I OBJECT!" He yelled angrily.

The girls looked at him confused. "Umm…Yzak I was just defending you guys…but if you want me to skip that and go straight to the real issue, I'll make sure the jury gets to hear it all," Miriallia spoke up.

"No it's not that!" Yzak tried pointing to the guys. "They were mocking me…" His voiced seemed to trail off.

Dearka smirked, "What was that Joule?"

Once again Yzak muttered an inaudible answer.

"What? I still can't hear you, and I'm sure the jury would be interested if the information is relevant." Dearka questioned, as Lacus, Milly, and Shiho looked on curiously, and Cagalli just stared annoyed. Again though, Yzak mouth moved to form words, but his voice seemed lost.

"Huh?" Dearka asked again.

"I fucking said that you guys were mocking me and Shiho!" Yzak yelled obviously pissed off.

Shiho shook her head, "Anyways back to our real issue, I believe the witness has some more to say–"

"I OBJECT!" Cagalli screamed from her spot on the floor.

"Cagalli there's nothing to object about…" Lacus said puzzled.

Cagalli frowned, "Yes there is! I'm objecting to Milly giving a witness report. We don't need any of this, we all know that they're guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

"Cagalli you were the one who wanted this trial…remember," Athrun tried.

"My patience is wearing thin Zala. Do you really want to give me some smart-alecky attitude, 'cause if you do, I'll kick you're ass right now!" Cagalli threatened loudly.

"Cags maybe you'd make a better prosecutor, than jury. You know since you're pretty biased right now," Miriallia suggested.

Dearka perked up, "Yeah, listen to Milly…I mean Miss Haww," Dearka said catching the death glare sent by his girlfriend, when he called he by her nickname. 'This is gonna be sooo easy if Cagalli goes in as the prosecutor. Sure she's pissed, but she never went through ZAFT military training like Shiho did…and she never had to take advance interrogation. Anyways, Athrun and Kira should be able to get Cagalli to go easy on us, so this will be much easier,' Dearka though happily to himself, when Shiho sat down on the floor as the jury, and Cagalli stood up as the newfound prosecutor.

"Miss Haww will you please continue," Cagalli said, as the trial continued.


Several Minutes Later…

"I jury have come to my verdict. The defendants are GUILTY!" Shiho said happily.

Cagalli jumped up from her spot, "GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!" she chanted proudly.

"Cagalli I think we determined that fact already," Milly said rolling her eyes.

Lacus just smiled, "Well, as the judge I have decided on your sentence…"

The girls all looked at each other wickedly, before leaning in, to whisper into the guys' ears.

"WHAT!?" Kira, Dearka, Yzak, and Athrun screamed in unison, at the task ahead of them.




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