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As much as he didn't want to admit it, Chrono knew it was over. He had been battling since early morning and now, as he lay flat on his back where his enemy's attack had thrown him, he could see the moon beginning to peek over the horizon. The sight was both a comfort and a cause for despair. On one hand, he had survived, gone all day fighting and hadn't fallen. On the other hand, he was exhausted.

Chrono was sure he'd put up his very best fight. For hours he'd hacked and slashed at his foe, trying to land a hit, but none of them ever connected. His opponent dodged every attack without fail, and was more than happy to return a vicious counterattack for each one. It was inhuman.

When faced with his opponent's sheer power, Chrono had been beaten and pummeled down to this point. The point where he could no longer fight, when his limbs screamed in protest at every tiny motion, and any attempts to raise his sword felt like he was trying to lift Lavos himself with one hand. Even if he wanted to get back up, he couldn't even twitch. The only thing he could do was lie there and realize how he had lost.

His foe's final attack had been brutal. The force of the impact blasted Chrono across the small arena and into the crater where he laid immobile. Now that the ringing and blinding pain (both symptoms of having his head bashed against the stone floor) in his skull faded, Chrono could clearly see his enemy approaching, no doubt to gloat before dealing the finishing blow.

As the dark figure loomed over him, Chrono closed his eyes; frantically trying to summon enough energy to loose one last attack. He knew he was defeated, but to lose without even damaging his foe was intolerable. With the last of his strength Chrono wrenched his sword from the ground and swung with all his might. His reward was a tiny nick that appeared on the armored knee of his enemy and a disdainful, mocking laugh that seemed to say "Is that all you have left? Pathetic."

Chrono knew what was coming next. With a sigh he prepared himself for the annoying, utterly humiliating song that he'd been hearing all too often as of late. His enemy, now certain of his victory, reached into the recessed compartment in his chest and whipped out a microphone. Though he tried his hardest to block it out, Chrono couldn't escape hearing his foe's robotic voice singing his infuriating victory song.

"You're so weak and I'm so strong, I punched your lights out, now run along."

In his mind Chrono cursed Lucca for reengineering that lousy robot, he cursed himself for not training more often, but mostly, he cursed Gato. That stupid, catchy song was going to be stuck in his head forever.

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