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Summary: Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and TenTen are jealous when a new group of kids came to their school and their guy friends started dated them. They also started dating the new guys eventually but this time.. the boys are jealous? SasuSaku NaruHina ShikaIno NejiTen

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Jealously High


Chapter One


The New Kids



"You guys!! Did you hear?!" Ino Yamanaka shouted as she ran towards three girls beside a vending machine. Her long blond hair flowed behind her and swayed from a high ponytail as she ran. Her eyes are ocean blue and have a mischief look in them. She wore a blue halter-top with jeans and white tennis shoes. Her large blue purse hangs loosely beside her. Three girls turned around when then heard a yell as one sipped her drink. A girl with pink hair that is short in a stylish way crossed her arms as her emerald eyes glared at the blond. She wore a jeans skirt and pink sleeveless turtleneck shirt and pink boots. She had a small pink purse on her side and carried her binder in her arms.

"Yes we did Ino-Pig. You're so loud the whole school could hear you." Sakura Haruno smirked when her friend fumed. The blond glared at the pink haired girl and crossed her arms also.

"That's not I meant Forehead!" She barked as they started a glaring contest. "I meant did you heard about that group that's coming here!" A shy looking girl stepped up between the two glaring girls, hoping to stop them. They two girls did and blinked at the girl between them. Hinata Hyuuga had long raven blue hair that reached her mid-back and timid lavender soft eyes. She wore a lavender sweater with a black ruffle skirt and sandals. A purple backpack was placed on her back with a few key chains hanging from it. She turned to the blond.

"Um... Who is this group you are talking about?" She asked softly. Hinata usually stutters around her classmates but when she's with her three best friends, she doesn't but speaks quietly.

"Oh I heard of that!!" A girl with brown hair that is put up in two buns chirped, causing all three girls to turn to look at her. Her eyes were hazel and she wore a red Chinese top with no sleeves and dark capris with red flats. A large red bag hanged on her side. "A group of ten kids are coming to our school because their old school's water system blow up! I heard water were all over the place!" She said with a grin. Sakura raised a pink brow and smiled.

"You should cut back with the Coke TenTen." TenTen Kunai pouted but then she noticed the weird stares of some students nearby and then realized what her friend said.

"COCA COLA NOT COCAIN!! GOSH!!" She yelled as the students scurried away from the mad/hyper woman. TenTen gets VERY hyper when she drinks coke that she speaks her mind without hesitating. Her friends sweatdropped as Ino took the Coca Cola can out of Tenten's hands.

"We better take this away before she starts whacking people with her huge, heavy bag." The girls laughed as TenTen pouted, muttering things like, 'They deserved to be hit, staring like I'm some kind of zoo animal' or 'I want my coke back'. "Oh yeah! Those kids that are coming here are from Sound High!" Ino said as she threw the pop can in the garbage as TenTen watched in horror.

"Wait! Sound High? But only rich and beautiful teens go to that school!" Sakura gasped as Hinata eyes widened. Ino smiled and nodded her head as TenTen stared at the garbage can gloomily.

"Yeah! So you know what that means? Hot and rich guys up for dating!" Ino cheered and punched her fists into the air. Sakura eyebrow twitched.

"So you are saying that we should be gold diggers and date these guys because they are hot and rich?" Ino glared at Sakura. Hinata was trying to drag TenTen back to the group when she noticed TenTen slowing walking to the garbage can while eyeing it.

"That's not what I meant! Uh... Well, actually... Yeah... But we are not gold diggers!!"

"Uh... Guys?" Tenten's voice was heard but was unnoticed to the two arguing girls.

"You may say that but you make it sound like we are!"

"Guys?" TenTen tried again but once again she was ignored.

"No. I. Don't! Maybe you're the one who wants to be one!"

"Why would I want to be one of those whores who only date rich men for their money!"

"Because yo--"

"GUYS!! DON'T MAKE ME KICK YOUR ASSES!! I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!!" TenTen yelled, making every student in the hall look at but they ran when TenTen turned her head slowly and glared at them. Her friend's were the only ones who have stayed. They are used to it. TenTen took a deep breath then suddenly smiled. "The new kids are here!" She announced as she points to the entrance of the school down the hall where a group of teens were just walking in. Sakura and Ino's head snapped to the direction as Hinata and TenTen were behind them, looking at them curiously.

The rumors are true about Sound High.

The girls are beautiful while the guys are hot.

"Wow." The girls swoon as the guys walked by as the boys catcalls the new girls.

"They have just been in Leaf High for about a minute and they are already getting a fan club." TenTen said as she crossed her arms. Hinata stayed quiet and nodded in agreement. "Thank god we aren't fangirls huh guys?" She turned to her friends but to see Sakura and Ino practically drooling over the new guys. TenTen gasped and started shaking Sakura since she was the closest to her. "Nooo!! You can't be a fan girl!!" TenTen cried and continued the shake Sakura who is turning really dizzy.

"Um... TenTen? They were already fangirls before... remember? Middle school? Sasuke Uchiha?" Hinata said as TenTen stopped shaking Sakura. She thought for a second.

"Oh right..."

"Oh my god! They're coming over here!" A girl squealed. The four friends turned their heads to the direction and noticed that they are. Five girls seemed to be beaming like movie stars but the reaction of the regular students, it seems like they are. Sakura and Ino stared at the guys gawking while they past by and blushed when they winked at them. Hinata looked at them with shy eyes then turned her head when one of the guys looked at her. TenTen had her arms crossed and wasn't even looking at them, which took an interest with one guy. The new kids turned a hallway and disappeared from their sight and left swooning people behind.

"Wow..." Sakura and Ino breathed out as they watched them disappeared. TenTen uncrossed her arms and looked at Hinata, thankfully she didn't turn into lovesick puppies like the other girls in the hallway. Hinata looked at her two daydreaming friends and poked their sides, which made them jump. "Hey! That tickles Hinata!" Hinata giggled and smiled.

"I never saw you two act like that since middle school." Hinata said. Sakura and Ino remembered what she meant and laughed at the memory.

"Oh yeah I remembered that! Ino was a huge fan too! We actually joined the 'Sasuke's fan club'." The four girls laughed and started to talk about the old days in middle school. Soon the bell rung so the students all scattered through the halls, rushing to their class hoping they won't be late.


"Hey Sasuke! Naruto! Shikamaru! Neji!" Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and TenTen yelled at once, well Hinata muttered a hey, when they walked through the door of their History class. Most of the students were already in class so they looked towards the girls since they made such a loud entrance and then turned back to the things they were doing. In the back, four guys were sitting together, ignoring the calls from some fangirls. The four girls walked over to them and smile while they sat down with them.

"Hey Hinata!!" Naruto Uzumaki's voice was heard when Hinata sat in front of him. He had beach blond hair that spikes everywhere and hyper blue eyes. He wore a large orange hoodie and dark baggy jeans. Hinata blushed a little and turned to Naruto with a shy smile.

"Hello Naruto..." She greeted softly. Naruto was her childhood friend since pre-K but secretly she had had a crush on him all those years but was too afraid to tell him she likes him. Since they are best friends, she doesn't stutter to him either but she does when she gets really nervous.

Ino walked over Shikamaru Nara and sat behind him. He has brown hair in a ponytail that looks like a pineapple and dull, dark brown eyes. He just wore a brown shirt with baggy jeans. Ino slightly pulled Shikamaru's hair playfully and grinned. "Oh I see you still have that pineapple on your head huh." Shikamaru turned to Ino and looked at her lazily.

"I see that you are still a troublesome woman." Ino pouted at him and crossed her arms, looking annoyed.

TenTen and Sakura went to sit in front of two guys then turned around and smiled. "Morning!" They chorused together.

"Hn." Was the response they got. The girls frowned and turned back around, facing the front of the class. Hinata and Naruto are having a conversation while Ino and Shikamaru are arguing and teasing each other. You could hear Ino yelling and Shikamaru's famous word, 'troublesome's.

"Gee. What a nice greeting we got huh Sakura." TenTen said sarcastically as she nudged her friend. Sakura nodded with agreement.

"Yeah. Have you ever wonder how it's like to be greeted the RIGHT way from those two. It's always 'hn' this and 'hn' that. Is that the only word they know?" Sakura said loudly for the boys to hear. TenTen shrugged as she took out her binder from her red bag and placed it on the desk.

"Seems like it and we always give them the honor of having our first greetings everyday. We should just forget about greeting them anymore. I know! Let's give our first greetings to Ken and Yuu!" TenTen suggested. Ken and Yuu were enemies to the boys they are talking about since they always compete in sports. TenTen and Sakura knew that since they are best friends with them and they know it would strike a nerve when they mentioned them or doing something that would bother them.

"Okay!" Sakura agreed and looked around the classroom and found Ken and Yuu. "Hey! Ken! Yu--"

"Morning..." Neji Hyuuga muttered as he scowled at the smirking TenTen. Neji had long brown hair that is in a low ponytail and lavender eyes. He wore a gray shirt with a black jacket over it and dark jeans.

"Hey.." Sasuke Uchiha also muttered and he slightly glared at the also smirking Sakura. He had dark raven hair with deep onyx eyes. Her wore a navy blue jacket that is zipped up and jeans. Yes, this is the Sasuke Uchiha that the girls were talking about before but that was in middle school. This is high school. Sakura and Ino are not fan girls to Sasuke anymore and soon made friends with him. Ino gotten over him but Sakura still have feelings for him but doesn't tell him since she doesn't want to wreck the friendship she has with him.

"That's better." Sakura smiled and noticed someone looking at her. "Never mind!" She called out to Ken and Yuu who turned their attention to what they were doing before.

A couple of minutes have passed and their teacher has yet to arrive but this was normal for the students. Another couple of minutes has passed. Then another... Soon a half hour has passed. Suddenly, the door of their classroom opened to see their late teacher, Kakashi. Just Kakashi. He doesn't want his students calling him 'Mr. Kakashi' saying that it's his dad's name.

"Yo. Sorry I am late but I--" Their teacher started but was interrupted.

"What is it now Kakashi! You got lost in the road of life again?" Naruto yelled as some kids snickered and smirked.

"Well... no. This time I have an excuse." Kakashi said as he walked to his desk and sat on the edge while facing his students. He smiled and said in a usual teacher way, "Class, I am happy to say we have new students joining this class." The girls squealed excitedly since they know it's the new students from Sound High while the guys cheered and high five-d the person they are sitting next to. "I know. I know. It's always a pleasure of having new students." Kakashi said joyfully but that's not why the class is excited. Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji, and Naruto were confused of why the class is so rowdy over some new students.

"What's the big deal anyway?" Shikamaru lazily asked his friends as Sakura and Ino looked at him in disbelief.

"You didn't hear about the group!?" They asked loudly at the same time. The guys just shook their heads as Hinata and TenTen sighed, knowing that their friends are going to explain the whole story again. "Well... there's these new kids that are coming from Sound High and they are really hot!" Sakura and Ino squealed a little as they thought about the new guys.

"When they mean 'hot' they meant the new guys." TenTen said. Inside of Sasuke and Shikamaru, something strikes a nerve. They just shook it off though.

"Yeah! So they are coming here because--" Before Ino could finish her story, squeals of girls were heard as they heard a door opening then a slam. The eight friends look towards the front of the class as Sakura, Ino, Sasuke and Naruto gawked while Shikamaru, Neji, TenTen, and Hinata stared at them with curious eyes. They looked at the front to see the new kids.

A girl walked to Kakashi and handed him a piece of paper. He read it in a second. "Class--" Kakashi said, snapping most of his student's attention from the beautiful people to him. "--These are the new students. First starting with the girls. Takara Misoko--" The girl who handed him the paper smiled and waved. She had long red hair that reaches her waist and deep blue eyes. She wore a blue skirt and a white T-shirt with a blue sweater on and white runners. Almost like a sporty look.

"-Miwa Tsuya--" Miwa had a classier look. She had strawberry blond shoulder length hair that's flares out on her shoulders and green eyes. She wore a fancy white blouse with ruffles and a red knee length skirt. She smiled and curtsy.

"--Yumiko Aizawa--" Yumiko stared at the class with hard red eyes and nodded. She had pitch black layered hair that reaches her mid-back and is tied in a low ponytail. She wore a traditional Japanese kimono top that's green with red roses on it and red shorts.

"--Hotaru Yako--" Hotaru grinned and waved rapidly to the students in front of her. She has light brown hair that is put up in two hair ponytails on her head and rare orange eyes. She wore a black tank top and an orange ruffle skirt.

"--And Akira Misaka." Akira wasn't even looking at the students in front of her; she just crossed her arms and stared the door like she expected to see someone coming in. She had unusually green hair that is in a ponytail and light brown eyes. She wore a brown and green designed tank top that reaches below the waist and baggy jeans. The guys in the room catcalls the girls as the girls, except Akira, beamed with all of the attention.

"Now with the guys. Hiroshi Maki--" Hiroshi have green eyes with short brown hair. He wore a green shirt with a brown sweater over it and jeans. He just gave a charming smile and winked at the girls in the class as they squeal.

"--Toru Hanadin--" Toru smiled gently and waved a little. He has soft blue eyes and shagy black hair and wears glasses. He wore a black shirt with a blue zipped up sweater over it and jeans.

"--Raidon Kyami--" Raidon has red hair that's in a low ponytail and dark eyes. He wore a red hoodie with his hands in the pockets and dark jeans. He just stared at the class with cold eyes.

"--Kenji Osamota--" Kenji grinned and winked which also made the girls squeal. He has raven blue hair and green eyes. He wore navy blue sweater that is zipped up and jeans.

"And Masaki Tomahiro--" Masaki, like Akira, didn't care if the students are staring at him, but just stared at the window. He has short blond hair and bored green eyes. He wore a black shirt and baggy jeans. The girls in the class squealed loudly as they boys covered their ears since they are sitting beside them. "Now calm down class. New students just... go sit where ever." Kakashi said, doesn't even care about the new students anymore. He sat in his desk and opened his book again and started reading. "Just do whatever till the bell goes." He muttered under his book.

The ten new students walked to the back and sat around the eight friends. Ino and Sakura had hearts in their eyes as they walked past them and sat a couple of desks away from them. Before they could get up and introduce themselves, a group of girls raced past them, making them fall out of their chairs, and surrounds the new students. Squeals and questions filled the air as the new students are trying to find the ceiling since they couldn't see it anymore.

"Geez... Told you they already got a fan club," TenTen said as she slumps into her chair with her arms crossed. She is already getting a headache from the screaming girls. Hinata leaned against her chair and nodded her head. Naruto was turned around in his desk, trying to get a glimpse of the new girls. Sakura and Ino also was doing that but are sitting on top of their desks. Sasuke and Neji, being cool as usual, was facing the front of the class, ignoring the screams behind them. Shikamaru... well he's sleeping on his desk, head in his arms. TenTen turned to Sasuke and Neji and grinned. "Well maybe now you guys could get some peace since your fangirls have moved on."

"Hn." The two guys replied, still not caring.

"Ugh.. Why do I even try to talk to you guys. Hey Hinata?... Hinata?!" TenTen yelled as Hinata jumped and turned to TenTen right away.

"H-Huh?!" Hinata was staring at Naruto dreamily again while he stares at the crowd behind them. TenTen smirked and chuckled. She shook her head and put her books away.

"Never mind. Seems like you are too busy staring at somebody to notice your dear friend." Hinata blushed lightly, after being found out.

"S-Sorry TenTen. What is it?" TenTen got up from her seat and grabbed Hinata's backpack. She started to walk towards the door then turned around to see a confused Hinata staring at her.

"Come on! I'm getting a headache staying here. Let's get a head start to Gym." TenTen said as she turned to Kakashi. "Hey Kakashi. Can we go now? Great thanks!" Tenten yelled, not waiting for his answer. Hinata ran towards TenTen as she started to walk out the door. Kakashi didn't do anything and continued reading his book. Suddenly, TenTen popped her head into the classroom. "Hey Sasuke! Neji! Shikamaru! Want to come with?" She asked as Hinata popped her head into the room too.

"Sure." Sasuke got up and walked behind TenTen and Hinata as Neji woke up Shikamaru by hitting him then followed the two girls and Sasuke with Shikamaru behind.


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