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Some Information:

Takara: Long red hair, blue eyes. Going after Sasuke.

Miwa: Shoulder length strawberry blond hair, green eyes. Going after Shikamaru.

Hotaru: Light brown hair in two ponytails and orange eyes. Going after Naruto.

Yumiko: Straight, long, pitched black hair with bangs and tied in a low ponytail and red eyes. Going after Neji.

Akira: Green hair in ponytail with brown eyes. Girlfriend to Masaki.


Hiroshi: Short brown hair and green eyes. Going after Sakura.

Toru: Shaggy black hair with soft blue eyes and glasses. Going after Hinata.

Raidon: Red hair that's in a loose ponytail and dark eyes. Going after Tenten.

Kenji: Raven blue hair and green eyes. Going after Ino.

Masaki: Short blond hair with lazy green eyes. Boyfriend to Akira.


Summary: Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten are jealous when a new group of kids came to their school and their guy friends started dating them. They also started dating the new guys eventually but this time.. The boys are jealous? SasuSaku NaruHina ShikaIno NejiTen

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Jealously High


Chapter 9


Ino's date



"Hey! Yes you bunny! Calm down already."



"Tenten. Stop being like this."



"I mean… It could've been worse."

That's when the sound of wood being hit stopped as Tenten turned around and glared irritably at Ino. She panted under her breath from her workout but stood there like she hasn't beat up a wooden post to a pulp. Tenten have been working out for a good hour nonstop while her friends just watch because once Tenten gets like this, she won't stop till she's satisfied. They found out by experience because she have done that when her parents died, her brother ran away, and her first heartbreak.

"'It could've been worse?'" Tenten asked as placed her hands on her hips. "Ino, how can this be more worse than wearing a bikini, dressed as a clown, for days till I get kicked out by Tsunade for singing an annoying song?" Tenten sighed and fell to the ground, lying on her back. "This is more embarrassing then the whole dress thing." Ino shook her head and got up and walked towards Tenten. She lay beside her and stared up at the clouds. She frowned when this reminded her of Shikamaru.

"Well, first of all, Yumiko has to do her bet too. I heard her appointment with Lee is set on Friday." Ino said.

"Wait!" Tenten turned her head and lifted an eyebrow. "The photo show off just ended an hour ago. How do you know that already?"

Ino made a face. "Well… I dunno! I'm practically a gossip column! I need to know this stuff!"

Tenten chuckled.

"And plus! Tsunade is probably still mad about the whole sake picture thing! Once she sees you, she'll blow a lid and throw you out right away herself!" Ino exclaimed, throwing her arms into the air with a grin.

"Thanks." Tenten grumbled.

"You're welcome buddy!" Ino grinned while Tenten rolled her eyes. Tenten lay back down and stared at the sky, watching the fluffy clouds slowly float by with Ino.

Soon, she let out a giggle.

"I wonder how Yumiko would look like once Lee is done with her." Tenten grinned.

Ino glanced at her and snickered.

"Hopefully as funny as you do tomorrow." Ino grinned as Tenten whacked her shoulder. Suddenly, Tenten felt something fall on her lap as Ino felt pressure on her stomach, which made her yelp. "Hey!"


Sakura giggled and rest her head on Ino's stomach, trying to get comfortable.

"But I wanted to get into this beautiful friend moment you guys were having. Me and Hinata felt left out so… Here we are!" Sakura grinned as Ino squirmed underneath her. Both Tenten and Hinata were closing their eyes as they lay next to each other, with Hinata's head on Tenten's lap. A nice breeze passes by the field where they lay as the four friends were surrounded by a nice silence with the wind blowing in the trees.

"This sure is nice huh…" Sakura sighed. She got mumbles of agreement as responses to her statement.

"Like we have nothing to worry about in this world. No stupid boys… No snobby girls… No sexy new guys… No--"

Sakura's eyes snapped open.

"Holy unicorn crap! Ino's date!!" Sakura yelled as she flings herself off of Ino and jumped onto her feet. "We gotta get you ready!!"

Ino opened one eye and looked at Sakura then closed it. She moaned and rolled on her stomach. "No worries Saki… We still have a few more hours…" Ino mumbled.

"Oh get off your lazy ass!" Sakura stick her tongue out as Ino sat up and glared at her. "It's in like two hours and since this is your like first date ever, we have to make you extra sexy for Kenji and to make Shikamaru so jealous he'll blow up with regret!"

Tenten sat up and stretched, making Hinata roll off her lap. "I second that!" Tenten winked.

Hinata stayed on her stomach from the ground and stared at her friend's faces with a calm, lazy expression on her face.

"…I call her hair." Hinata smiled and giggled.

Both Sakura and Tenten turned their heads at her quickly.

"Awww! No fair!"




The clashes of forks hitting plates were heard all around the room where Shikamaru is sitting at. He picked at his food with his cheek resting on his hand. His brown eyes were in a daze and he looks deep in thought. There was an extremely pretty girl sitting across him. He should look happy! ..But he's frowning. Instead a different thought flashed through his mind. 'Why haven't Ino told me she had a date… We told each other everything since Pre-k… Some friend she is.' Shikamaru thought as he nibbled on his salad. '…I wonder where he is taking her…' His brows furrowed as he glared at his food. 'If he ever hurts her…'

"And then Mother bought his business for-- Hey! Shikamaru are you even listening?!" Shikamaru looked up when the girl across from him shouted at him. Her angry expression quickly fades into the sweetest smile you ever see in your life. "What's wrong sweetie?" Miwa asked concern as she bent over the table and placed her soft hand on his forehead. "Are you not feeling well?"

Shikamaru shook his head then gave her a lazy smirk. "Nah. I'm just fine. You were saying?" Miwa smiled and continue where she left off of her story as Shikamaru placed his hand in his cheek with his elbow on the table. It's not like wasn't enjoying his date. It's just… he was just worried. He just let Ino go on with her date without judging the guy first. What if he took advantage of her? He glared once again. He better not or he would have to deal with his fist then a foot. Shikamaru let out a huff under his breath and turned his head.

His eyes suddenly widened as he lift his head off of his hand.

He couldn't help but to stare.





"You look amazing Ino."

Ino looked up and smiled her best smile. She truly did look beautiful. Her hair was out of her usual ponytail as it falls in curly golden locks over her shoulders as her bang covered her right eye, giving it a sexy mysterious look. She wore a black halter dress that ends on her mid thigh with black heels on her feet. She had mascara on, black eyeliner, light blue eye shadow, and pink lipgloss.

"Thank you Kenji. But nothing matches a beautiful girl like me like you do." Ino said as she fixed the collar of Kenji's shirt. Kenji smirked and snake an arm around her waist.

"Let's go. I made reservations."

As Kenji pulled Ino along with him, Ino quickly scanned the restaurant for what she came there for. Finally, she saw the familiar pineapple hairstyle she loves in the back of the room. Before he could see her looking at him, she turned her head and walked like she hasn't even seen him in the first place. The waitress led them to a table with a perfect view of the outside and the view of the 'perfect' couple that was a couple of tables away.

Kenji went over to Ino and pulled out her seat for her. Once she sat down, he pushed her in like the gentlemen do in the movies. Her cheeks almost flared but she had to remind herself that this Kenji dude might be some big playboy and probably stolen a million of girls' hearts already. "So Kenji," Ino said as they finish ordering their drinks, "How do you like Leaf High so far?"

"I like the fact that I met the most beautiful girl there." Kenji grinned as he reached over and placed his hand on top of Ino's hand. Ino looked down at their hands before sneaking a glance towards Shikamaru and Miwa's table. Sure enough, there at their table, Shikamaru were staring at them like they were in a movie scene.

…A bad movie scene for him.

Ino laughed loudly and stared directly into Kenji's eyes, leaning towards him a little, showing off her cleavage a little. "Oh Kenji. You're such a flatterer but that's what I like," sneaking another glance to see Shikamaru's eyes narrow, "about you. I am SO lucky to be here tonight with you." Ino grinned as she silently sweatdropped. This is a little weird.

"Ah. I'm so glad to hear you say that." Kenji said, trying to keep his eyes on her face. The waitress from before came up to them with their drinks they had ordered earlier and handed them the menus for the evening.

Ino picked up her glass and sip on her water before looking outside the window.

Her eyes went wide before she spit out her water in a second. She had a cough attack right after, making everyone turn their heads towards her for making a scene.

"Ino?" Kenji asked concerned as he stood up. Ino coughed and placed her napkin over her mouth, waving her other hand.

"No, no. I'm fine. It," She coughed, "went down the wrong tube." She explained weakly.

"Ah." Kenji blinked and sat back down.

"Um… Well," Ino once again coughed, "Tell me about yourself. How was it at Fire High?"

Once Kenji started talking and started to get into his life story, Ino quickly turned her head towards the window once again and glared so fierce, people swore the flowers outside would wilt.

"You guys better have a good excuse why you are here." Ino hissed dangerously low.

She eyed something in the bushes that let out a noise that strangely sounds like a snicker.

"With a video camera."

The bush moved as it made that sound again. Ino looked up at her date to see him stilling talking and looked back down.

"Don't make me throw a fork at you! No, no! Better yet a knife!"

"Fine.. fine."

Ino glared again once three faces appeared in the bushes with the biggest, cheesiest grins on. They all wore scarves over their heads, big sunglasses over their eyes, and trench coats. Of course Ino have to give these people a look. I mean seriously! If they are trying to disguise themselves, they are really bad at it. They stand out more actually.

"What are you guys wearing?" Ino raised a brow. She quickly looked at Kenji to find him still talking, and then looked back at the people.

"What? This is, like, the newest fashion trend!"

"Was it from Stalker Magazine?" Ino deadpanned.

"Ino?" Ino looked up to see Kenji staring at her. She smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, sorry!" Ino said, thinking of something to say, "I-I was just admiring the little garden here! The flowers are really well taken care of here." The people in the bush quickly hid themselves once Kenji made a move to look over the window to see the flowers but Ino quickly grabbed his hand. He looked at her as Ino smiled. "My family owns a flower shop you know. It's pretty big here in Konoha. Maybe," she traced her fingers across his palm, "You could come over sometime and we could hang out." Kenji pulled his hand away then grabbed both of Ino's hand together, staring into her eyes.

"I'll like that."

Older couples were whispering to each other as they stared at the couple.

"You see that?"

"They make a great couple."

"It looks like they came out of a movie."

"Why aren't you romantic like that?!"

Ino's cheek flushed form the attention she was getting and quickly, she glanced towards Shikamaru's table. 'Yes! Shikamaru looks annoyed! I think its working!'

Then, she made a mistake.

She looked again except this time, their eyes actually locked. Time seem to stop for Ino. The movement and noises slowed down in time and all Ino could do was stare directly into Shikamaru's wonderful chocolate mocha eyes like he had put a spell on her.

She couldn't even blink.

The bush beside the window by Ino moved as a sound that sounds like a mutter was heard. Then you could hear the call of 'Ino's' but Ino was too much in a trance to notice. Suddenly, slowly an object rose from the bush and harshly poked her in the ribs. Hard. That did it. "Ouch!" Ino hissed before glaring outside. What stared back at her was a video camera with a small red light, blinking right in her face. "You better take that video camera away from my face before I rip it to shreds!" Ino quickly hissed.

"Ino?" Kenji asked, a puzzled look was placed on his face.

Ino blinked but she got nothing to say. So, instead she stammered and hoped the words would pop up. "I… Uh.. Well, you see.."


Ino stiffened.

That wasn't Kenji's voice…

"What a troublesome woman…"

"No, YOU'RE THE TROUBLESOME ONE PINEAPPLE HEAD!" Ino yelled out of reflex. She froze again, her fist that she punched up stayed still in front of Shikamaru's head. Oppsies… She drew back his fist and placed it behind her head sheepishly. She laughed. "Ah! Hahaha… Shikamaru? What are you doing here?" Ino asked, laughing with her hand behind her head.

Shikamaru sighed and turned his head towards Miwa who didn't look to happy to see them. She quickly changed her look and waltz over to Ino's table gracefully with a pretty smile on her face. "Kenji? Ino? How nice of you to see you here this evening. Great weather, yes?" Mika said. Ino frowned at her and she would've sworn that the other blond scowled at her for a second there. Inwardly letting out a breath, Ino placed a fake grin on her face and faced the other girl with her hands over the other on the table.

"Mika! Shikamaru! What a surprise! I heard you were going on a date tonight but who would've known that this was the restaurant you guys decided to go. What a coincidence!" Ino laughed.

"Yeah, I know right?" Mika said with a forced smile on her face.

"Hey! I just had an awesomely fantastical idea! How about you and Shikamaru joined us for dinner? You know, as a double date! We are all friends here." Ino exclaimed.

Okay, she didn't EXACTLY want to do that. All she wanted was to get out of Mika's presence because that girl is surely giving her the silent hatred aura that surely says, 'I want you out of my face before I do it myself' but then that means she would be alone with Shikamaru. Plus, she would put operation-make-guys-jealous plan more closely and they could observe his behavior more clearly.

When she means 'they' she meant, you guess it (because it was ultra obvious) Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten who are trying to hide behind the bush.

Kinda sad really.

"Actually we are almost done." Mika said, grabbing onto Shikamaru's arm, slightly pulling him away. Shikamaru on the other hand, seeing how Kenji smiled and reached over to touch Ino's hand again, stayed put.

"Well," Shikamaru drawled, placing his hands in his pockets, "we still have dessert to look forward to. We'll just eat it here with our friends."

"But!" Mika protested. "I'm not that hungry. Plus, I need to watch my calories."

Ouch. Ino silently grinned. That must be a bit of a turn off for Shikamaru. He hates it when girls fuss over their weight and practically starve themselves so they could look good in sluttish wardrobe. That's why she and Shikamaru could hang out and have a burger and fries at the nearest fast food joint casually.

"Oh come on, please!" Ino smirked. "It would be interesting with you two here with us! Plus, dessert doesn't hurt anyone. Personally, I think you should add a pound or two because you're looking a bit too skinny. honey. Come on! It would be fun!" Ino smiled and said it with ease that it doesn't sound near like an insult to the guys. Mika on the other hand got offended but she doesn't want to show it. She's miss little sweetie pie. Her image is all nice and classy and her wanting to rip Ino's hair out of her skull is not in her image so instead she would have to…

"You know what. We would love to stay."


"Great!" Ino grinned.

'This is going to be a long evening…'




"So… Are we going to help her or not?"


"Of course not! This is pure gold! We could sell this and make millions with my amazing filming skills!"

"But Ino's, like, dying in there."

"Oh she will be fine."

"Uh… Tenten? I think she's gonna pass out soon."

"Don't worry Hinata! Ino's a professional with this stuff! Maybe not the dating thing but she reads A LOT about it in magazines!"

"But she's surrounded by the three main pieces for this game we are playing. The prize, the opponent, and the alliance."

"Also known as the Princess, the dragon, and the shield!"

The three girls stood outside of the huge window, staring at each other, completely forgetting about their show when they suddenly burst out laughing.

Pictures started going their minds and they couldn't help voice them out.

"Mika is so the dragon! I could picture her head on a scaly lizard body! Rawr!"

"Shikamaru in a pink puffy princess dress! Man that image is going to be in my head for weeks!"

"Kenji's face placed on a shield with Mika's hot breath coming his way! Poor guy!"

Hinata giggled, she didn't mean to but she just has her friend's sense of humor. It was kinda mean of them to think like that but maybe chugging down soda before going on a sweet mission would give you the giggles.

Their laughter died down as they let out a finishing sigh.

"Man we are such losers."

"I know eh? That's why we're damn fine!"




'Oh… kay. This kinda awkward…'

Ino lift her fork and nibbled on her spaghetti as she glanced around her table. Mika was glaring furiously at her with a chocolately goodness dessert in front of her as she squeezed the fork and knife in her hands so tightly, her knuckles were white. Meanwhile, Shikamaru and Kenji were having a quiet sneering fest, not saying one word to anyone. Only Ino is the only sober one there. No, they are not drinking you fools. She's the only one who is not showing out their hate for one and other.

"This is fun, right?" Ino grinned uneasily as she sweatdropped.

"Hn." The other three grunted.

Ino twitched. Are they all joining Sasuke's and Neji's cold heart society or something?

Ino stood up, placing her napkin on her plate. "I'm going to ladies' room." She announced bluntly as she picked up her fabulous purse. Mika stood up too.

"I'm going too."

"Well we'll be right back boys. Play nice!" Ino winked before going towards the bathroom with Mika behind her. Shikamaru and Kenji stared at them and blinked once or twice.

"Why do all girls go the bathroom together?" They said the question that all males ask curiosity. Of course they didn't get an answer. Even Shikamaru, who were a genius at every subject, is no genius with the girl stuff.




"I know exactly what you're trying to do, Yamanaka."

Mika and Ino applied more lipstick and lipgloss to their pouty lips as they search their bags for some more make up tools.

"Hm?" Ino grunted as she started applying a new layer of mascara on her eye lashes.

"Don't play dumb, blondie." Mika quickly glared at the girl beside her before fixing her own hair a bit. Ino stopped what she was doing for one second before capping her mascara away with a sigh.

"Mika, Mika, Mika. I don't know what you ate- no wait what you didn't ate- but that weird suspension you have there is really going to put you in a ditch." Ino said as she put her stuff in her purse. Mika fumed but didn't say anything until she finished her touch ups.

"So, you and Kenji, huh?" Mika asked. "He's just trying to get into your pants." She sneered and leaned on the sink. Ino blinked. She then sniffed and turned her head away.

"I already know that." Actually, she didn't. Ino knew that Kenji was a playboy and considering they are all almost eighteen, she shouldn't be surprised that he was thinking that far. "But I'm a strong girl and if he lay at least one hand on me that doesn't have to do with cute fluffiness then he'll surely have no hands to do what his mind thinks." Mika stared at her with a hard gaze with a long frown on her face.

"Then why the hell are you dating him, hm?" Mika said as she smirked smugly like she knows something Ino doesn't. Zipping up her purse, Ino straitened her posture and gracefully walked pass her rival then turned around with a smirk.


Ino walked out of the washroom, leaving behind the girl who looked she was about to turn blue for holding in her colorful words that she wanted to scream out.




"…You catch that?"

"You think I didn't?"

"…T-This is actually pretty good."

"Haha you said it!"

"Man, who knew this game would so much fun!"



Ino just shook her head as she watched her friends run away like they were being chased by a pack of wolves.

"Goof balls."

"Ino hurry up!"

Her blue gaze turned to her company for the night as a playful smirk went on her face.

"But they are right about this game."

She ran towards the two confused boys and a fuming girl as she laughed.

"This is more interesting than that time Hinata tried red bull."




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