Author: Me! Nicole/Kasumi-chan

Anime: Bleach

Couple: GinxHitsugaya

Rating: Teen

Warning: Yaoi/Shounen-ai (whatever you want to call it)

Notes: This is my first attempt at a yaoi fanfiction and I really like this couple (oddly), so reviews would be appreciated alot. Thanks!

"Oi! Hitsugaya-kun!" A calm, polite voice called out from the very end of the balcony-like hallway. It was an icy winter this year, so he wore a knitted turtleneck under his top.

"What's this '-kun' about?" Hitsugaya Toushirou murmered at the suspicious remark of the 3rd Divison Capitan, Ichimaru Gin.

"Eh? Just showing respect, don't have t' be so angry about it." There was that eerie smile only a person of his sadistic level would use. And those damn fox-like eyes that remained closed, just to keep everyone guessing. There was a second of silence between the two. Hitsugaya just squinted at him, as if to read what he was planning on doing. He kept his guard up. "Anyway, I wanted to invite you to invite you f'r tea at my dorm after the Capitans meeting tomorrow." He approached closer to the younger shinigami and softened his usually scary, threatening expression. However, he wasn't the least bit phased by this change in Gin and stepped back.

"Whatever the reason, Gin, I refuse to be manipulated by you like I've seen you do with others." He said this phrase often, for Ichimaru was always trying to get Hitsugaya in his dirty work. He turned his back to the sinister, smiling man and attempted to take a stride, but Gin stopped him with a hand lightly grasping his shoulder. Hitsugaya expectingly turned aroundturned around, a toxicating atmosphere matched with an irritated stare. He looked up at Gin (being vertically challenged, sadly) and crossed his arms. "What the hell-"

He was interupted by passionate lips pressing firmly on his from the bastard in front of him. His cheeks turned to a vauge pink. His eyes widened like an ocean of sea-green water. And he just stood there gaping in shock. Ichimaru had done this before, just to taunt him, but Hitsugaya would come to his senses and wriggle out of Gin's sick amusement. However, this kiss seemed different. It was gentle but stimulated and meaningful, the total opposite of what it usually feels like. This time, Hitsugaya didn't pull back. Instead, he gave in to the man's deep kissing and uncrossed his arms so that he could lace them around Gin's neck. Ichimaru continued, getting on his knees to reach Toushirou's height and digging his hand into his side, while his other arm enclosed on the boy's back. He coated Hitsugaya's mouth with his tounge, as if marking his territory with his own saliva. Hitsugaya closed his in pleasure and confusion.

Why? He thought as he obidently opened his mouth for Gin. Why can't I resist...this time? In his mind, he didn't want to do this, but his body wouldn't budge. Small, icy snow flakes evaporated on his neck, but he paid no attention. He wrapped his arms tighter aound Gin's neck, hinting him to pull his body closer. Although Hitsugaya wasn't aware of the weather change, Ichimaru was. He slowly broke away from Toushirou's grasp and rised from his knees. He wiped the saliva dripping from his mouth onto his sleeve.

"It's snowing." Gin stuck out his hand to feel the gentle falling of snow. Sticky flakes stuck to his lavender-colored hair. Hitsugaya just stood there with a hazy glaze in his eyes, but it quickly wore off quickly. Hitsugaya stumbled back as to where he had tripped himself, but got back up. He shook his head violently, his face returning to that serious, distrustful fashion.

"W-What the hell was that all about?!"

"No reas'n. Why? Ya didn't like it?" He paused at the question, looking down.

"Of...of course I didn't like it!" He said in a harsh whisper, yet still remained looking down. Ichimaru gave an akward chuckle as he progressed closer to the boy. He lifted Hitsugaya's chin and squatted to his level, one eye barely open. Hitsugaya furrowed his eyebrows at the laugh. Gin extended his neck so close to him, Toushirou could feel his breath stinging his cheek.

"You're such a bad liar"