Chapter 3

Notes: Here's chapter 3 (and the final, maybe) for you all! Thank you once again!

He woke to the smell of Sencha surrounding the futon he was rested on. Feeling somewhat calm, somewhat confused he sat up on his knees, shifting his eyes from side to side trying to make things come into focus. Hitsugaya held his head to stop the dizziness that came upon him. He pulled the covers over his bare chest. After awhile, he noticed it was Ichimaru's futon that he was sleeping on. There was no other noises other than his unsteady breathing

"Why am I at..." His voice was barely audible and unclear. He coughed harshly. "I guess I got a cold." He glanced at small note on the table next to him held by a tea bowl of Sencha that he smelled earlier. Hitsugaya slid the note from under the tea bowl. It read:

Just got a little cold. You went unconcious yesterday. I called you in sick today. Get plenty of rest. Help yourself to food on the counter. Make sure to drink plenty of tea as well. Take a bath, too. I'll be back at 4. Feel better.


Well, that explains why I didn't remember, he thought. Hitsugaya held the tea close to his face and gave it a skeptical look. He set it back down on the note and crawled back under the warm covers. What is with him...he's acting so nice...maybe too nice. He wasn't upset per se, maybe just shoked at this side of Gin. Hitsugaya laid on his stomach and rubbed his sore neck. It was bitten (to his suprise), starting a trail from the tip of his earlobe to his collar bone.

"Ichimaru" He whispered as he slowly nodded off to sleep, arm sliding off the side of the futon. He was so tired. Tired and confused. Acting like he hated Gin was failing. Was it all just a manipulative plan of his? Or was it for real? Did Gin really love him?

Gin sat on the floor, being on the other side of the futon close to the wall and stroked the sleeping his snow-white hair.

He looks so peaceful. he thought, gazing at Hitsugaya pure face. His eyes had opened once again, with the same longing, regretful look. Many who passed by him stared and questioned, but he only ignored. They acted like pools of glistening seawater. Wanting, rippling for a reason. But what it was, exactly, was a mystery. Hitsugaya shuffled in his sleep. Using light, circular motions, Gin rubbed his back to the point where he was still. He practially seemed like an expert. He's so much like a child. Hitsugaya opened his eyes, sleepily peering at Gin.

"You alright?" He replied with a groan. He wanted to sit up, but Gin placed a hand on his hip before he could attempt to. Hitsugaya twitched. "Don't get up. I'll get you some tea." He reached over him and carefully moved the cup of newly-brewed Sencha to his lap. Gin tipped it to Hitsugaya's mouth and managed to empty half the cup. The tea tasted extremely horrible, but he was too weak to push it away with the first sip. "I know it taste bad, but it works like a charm."

Hitsugaya could only managed a, "Thanks." Gin brushed the hair hiding his face behind his ear.

"Do you need anything else?" His voice was so mellow and soft-spoken now.

"Take a bath with me." He didn't feel like putting up that fake act anymore, seeing that Ichimaru didn't buy into it.

He was bewildered at this request. "Huh?"

"Please. It's freezing, even for me."

Gin smiled tenderly. "Do you need me to carry you?"

"No...I'm fine" He stood slowly, legs throbbing and shivering all over.

"Alright, you go first." He guestered to the bathroom across the hall. Hitsugaya traveled in the room, peeking at the tub. It was, he noticed, already filled to the top with steaming water.

Did...he know?

"I won't look, promise." Gin turned to face the door as he stripped and climbed in. It was so soothing as the heat encased his whole body. He took a breath of the steam. Now it was Gin's turn. He curiously stared atthe man facing him. Hitsugaya blushed as he undressed so casually, but didn't dare turn away. He followed each Gin's movements with his eyes, too afraid to blink. It was as if each pore on his body was untouched, beautiful, glowing. The sight its self was breath-taking.


"Move over." He interupted.

"S-Sorry" Hitsugaya scooted foreward, the water spilling over as he settled behind him. Gin wrapped his arms around his stomach, chest pressing against his shoulders and hot breaths in his ear. He felt a painful tightening in his crotch as he did this and squeezed his own knee to make it fade.

"Do you dislike this, Hitsugaya-kun?"

"No..." He seductively ran a finger down Gin's wet thigh. "Not at all."