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Fairy Tales


Chapter 1: The Little Pink Sea-Maiden (Part 3)


The castle was almost as grand as her own home, despite the lack of oceanic ornaments and laughing merpeople and sea animals alike, it was an impressive home to the very least.

Sakura could only stare in awe at the home of the Prince, although the new surrounding intimidated her, she clung closer to the older male. Itachi, in response, could only glance down at her with a faint trace of amusement before continuing forward, ignoring the greetings he recieved from his servants and household companions. "Where are you from?" He questioned, though his eyes stayed focus on the door ahead of him.

"Uhm...Across the sea..."

He said nothing, taking note of her awkward tone and nodding his head slightly before pushing the door open. A throng of women gasped and hurried before the Prince, questioning him endlessly and staring at the young girl on his arms curiously and with great amusement. "Give her a bath and get her some clothes-"

"So she will be having dinner with you, Prince Itachi?"

Itachi blinked, surprised by the sudden interruption by the older woman who watched almost hopefully at her young Master. It was rare for the Prince to bring home a female companion, someone as lovely as the pink haired woman -despite the eerie gaze of her orbs- and the old maid was almost pushing Itachi to say yes.

Which of course, he did.

Nodding and grunting slightly, he turned gracefully and headed out of the room, leaving Sakura to suddenly be pulled by numerous hands and pushed into the tub filled with water.

--- Elsewhere ---

The seas and wind roared, nearly reaching the heavens above as the Sea God held his mighty weapon above his head. It glowed brightly, rivaling the fire that burned in his eyes.

"SAKURA!" He cried out, his voice filled with anguish, anger, and frustration.

His youngest daughter had gone missing. All the merpeople in his kingdom had sought out for her, though all had returned empty-handed. Because of this, the seas above and below were in a torrent, destroying any ship that touched it's surface and drowning any person that went before it.


It was already late, a few hours later than his usual dinner, and although he would have started Itachi was a gentlemen, thus he instead paced the floor waiting for his guest. He would have ignored her, like any other girl in the village, however something about her had drawn him closer. He would admit that her eyes were startling, and that the green he had seen only in his dreams were much more suiting for her, he complained not but instead basked in her overall beauty. Of course, Uchiha Itachi would never say such a thing aloud.

"She's ready" A light, almost teasing tone, was heard from above the staircase and Itachi had to keep from rolling his eyes at the obvious stupidity of his childhood friend, Deidara.

Why the blonde was up there...was beyond him, but Itachi looked up almost instantly at the sound of the other's voice.

His eyes widened slightly, and a light flush filled his cheeks as he could only stare in awe at the girl before him. Well, woman now.

Her form was lithe, although awkward as she was still growing used to her legs, and hidden beneath a large and elegant ballroom dress. It was red, though darker than most reds as it held laces and frills around the wrist and neckline, the dress touching the floor just slightly. It accented her curves and made her look much more older than usual, however an air of innocence and fragilty was made evident in her posture. Her slightly round face was framed by the soft locks of pink hair which had been made into soft curls around her body, pulled slightly at the back in a matching dark red bow as her neck recieved the treatment of adorning a dark red laced necklace.

Carefully, Sakura made her way down the steps, weary of falling and ruining the quite expensive attire she was wearing.

Reaching the last step, her hand was taken almost gently from the railing and she looked up in surprise, a large blush adorning her cheeks as Itachi glanced down at her, still grasping her hand tightly. Sakura nearly squealed in delight, had it not been that her voice was locked away out of embarassment.

Leading her across the room, he pulled her closer, moving his hand from her own small hands, to be placed gently against her waist, gesturing the seats before her. He would have sat at the head of the table as he normally would, but something pulled him closer to pink haired guest that he willingly followed suit.

Practically staring at him, Sakura caught his gaze immediately as dinner was being served and quickly looked down at the food before her. She flushed and fingered her dress nervously, confused as to what to do as the food was beginning to beckon her, yet she had no idea how to eat it. Biting her lip, she looked at the many utensils, unsure of what to do with each of them. It must have been obvious with what was happening as she found a piece of meet hovering before her. Blinking, she followed the meet to the silver item, and finally to the hand that was holding it. Curiously, Sakura looked up to see that Itachi, wearing the same bored expression though with a hint of amusement, was staring at her expectantly.

Obediently, she opened her mouth and watched as Itachi gingerly placed the food into her mouth, closing her mouth she began to chew slowly. Her eyes widened at the flavors that hit her and she would have exclaimed that it was really good...had it not been for the fact that Itachi raised yet another piece of delicacy her way.

Dinner continued on that way, Itachi feeding Sakura and having no bite for himself as he grew much more amused to feeding the pink haired woman rather than feeding himself. Sakura in the end ended up being quite full and content, smiling and commenting on each and every bit of detail in the outside world. (Itachi had taken it upon himself to give her a tour of the kingdom.)

"What odd little...", Sakura had busied herself, looking at wooden clocks and squeaked in surprised as a bird popped out to greet her. She giggled in fascination, nearly forgetting about the presence of her royal companion.

"Well, I take it you're new in town," a voice greeted her and the once mermaid looked up. A boy with dark hair was grinning fiendishly at her, his cheeks painted a nice rosy color as his one eye visible (the other covered by an eye patched) twinkled with happiness at the sight of such a pretty lady.

"U-Uhm..that's right...", the girl chided softly, flushing at the definate stare the young man was giving her.

"And she won't need any assistance looking around." Another voice appeared, though this one much more familiar than the former as the owner pulled Sakura close to him, glaring almost threateningly at the stranger. Sakura 'eep'ed and looked up, watching in bewilderment as Itachi's normally cool eyes darkened slightly out of anger.

The boy fumbled and flush, laughing and nodding his head and stumbling about, as if to leave the territory of the Prince's wildfire.

Sakura said nothing, following Itachi closely and biting her lip. Had she done something wrong?

"If only...", Itachi concluded, almost inaudibly. They were in the middle of town, though a clear path of the beach lay ahead.

"If only...?" Sakura questioned, her voice soft and questioning, though she doubted the man of her dreams had heard her.

"If only your eyes were green."

Her breathing hitched and the young mermaid could only look to the side. Dazed in sadness, she was brought to back by the gentle grasp of her hands in his, and she looked up at him. His eyes held the same sadness, though he looked lost in his own thoughts.


That seemed to catch his attention as he stared at her with confusion.

"...But my eyes are green." She confessed softly, forgetting her deal and getting lost in the sea of emotion. Itachi had stepped back, his eyes never leaving hers. His hand reached out, though before either of them had noticed, two serpants had shot out of the water, cackling hysterically and dragging the pink haired mermaid into the water. Sakura's eyes widened, choking on the sea water and watching as Itachi's figure faded from beneath the deep blue.

"Oh Princesssss...I thought you knew better..."

Her eye sight darkened, and a burning sensation on her legs was felt as shadows overcame her, flitting and pressing themselves against her body. Her lungs filled with water and...


Pein stopped halfway, looking up from the book and glancing at the young child who was literally sitting on the edge of her seat to listen to the story. Grunting slightly, the Leader glanced down at the book, scanning through most of the text and sighing almost with annoyance. That went unnoticed by Sakura-chan as she waited patiently for him to finish.

Closing the book, he put it away and continued.


"And Prince Itachi jumped in the water and killed the evil serpant while pulling Sakura safely onto the dry land. His love and a kiss on each of her eyelids restored her sight, and they lived happily ever after. The End."

Pein stood up from his seat, watching as the pink haired child sighed almost dreamily. A content smile on her face, she grinned at Pein. "That was a great story, Pein nii-chama." She concluded, nuzzling close to her SukiBear and closing her eyes.

Leader-sama said nothing and nodded his head, patting her softly on the crown of her head and turning around. Opening the door, he was greeted by a very amused audienced, though Tobi looked like he was on the verge of tears behind his mask.

Itachi stared at him almost expectantly, and Kisame lifted an almost nonexistant brow. "...Didn't the Little Mermaid die?" The shark questioned, an almost teasing grin itching to be seen.

Pein said nothing but instead ignored the entire group, walking past them all as a few sniffles was heard from the masked-nin beside Kisame.

" my hero...", Tobi cried, shaking his head in pure admiration at the fact that Pein had skillfully avoided making a very special little nin-child cry.


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