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Title: First Day of School

Rating: K

Summary: McGee's first day of 10th grade.

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Tim stuck his head out form behind his locker carefully looking for Travis. Not seeing him, he quickly made his way to his classroom. Travis picked on him a lot, beating him up and calling him names. Geek and nerd were the nicest among them. Tim hadn't been looking forward to coming back to school. Over the summer his already bad acne had gotten worse, and his orthodontist decided that he should keep his braces on for another six to nine months. To top it all off, yesterday his glasses had broken and his parents hadn't had time to get him new ones. The scotch tape holding them together wasn't exactly a hot new fashion trend.

When he got to class, he took a seat in the very back, hoping no one would notice him, but it was no good. His teacher had made a seating chart. He ended up in the middle row, in the second seat from the front.

Great, he thought, now the teacher can see me. It wasn't that he was afraid he would answer any questions wrong, after all he was a strait A student. He just hated talking in front of people. He tended to mix up words and stutter when he was nervous.

The teacher finished assigning seats, and the seat in front of Tim was empty. Before he had a chance to wonder if anyone was going to be sitting in front of him, the door opened and some one rushed in.

"Sorry I'm late, one of the new freshmen got lost and I was helping her find her classroom," said the girl. Tim's jaw nearly dropped. It was Rebecca Lyons, the prettiest and most popular girl in school, and Tim had had a crush on her since last year.

"That's quite alright, Miss Lyons. That was nice of you to help the new students. Take your seat." She sat down in the seat in front of Tim and pulled out a fuzzy pink pen and matching notebook. Their teacher told them about a project that they would be working on this quarter and gave them all partners. Tim was working with Rebecca. She turned around and introduced herself to him.

"Hi, I'm Rebecca." She said and smiled.

"I-I-I'm Tim," he said, his voice shaking and his face turning red.

"This project sounds like a killer, huh?" she asked him.

"Uh, yeah"

"I think we should meet at one of our houses to work on it. Does that sound good to you?" she asked.

"Th-that sounds fine." Tim replied.

"Great. We can work out time and stuff later, the bell's about to ring. I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah, t- talk to you later."

Tim was in shock. Rebecca coming over his house?! Maybe he was going to like this school year after all.

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