"In "Roots"…..you have no name. You have no feelings."

"You have no past………you have no future. All you have is your mission"

Such is the way with the members of "Roots"……


I looked up quizzically at Sakura. "Team 7 is going to have new members?"

Sakura nodded. "But only temporary. Kakashi is still in the hospital and until we retrieve Sasuke we need replacements."

I tilted my head at her. "And I'm also on this team because….?"

"Tsunade-sama wants another medic-nin. Your skills are highly adequate…unless compared to mine." Sakura said with a smirk.

I punched Sakura's shoulder playfully. "Maybe so but when it comes to taijutsu I got you beat." Sakura shrugged and started to leave. "Whatever. I'm off to speak with Tsunade!" I waved bye and took off to find Naruto to tell him the news.

I caught sight of him down a street talking with Shikamaru and Choiji. "I see your eating habits haven't changed." Naruto said smirking at Choiji. "You're even more a fatso than before…….AHHH!" Shikamaru tackled him making him miss Choiji's fist by an inch.

Although Naruto was in danger for calling Choiji fatso I couldn't help but smile. Naruto never knew when to shut up and seeing his hyperactive face again after a couple years it made my stomach shake with excitement.

Before Naruto even passed his genin test I've often joined him in his pranks but before I could call out to him or to call Choiji to tell him to knock it off an ink panther appeared and jumped at the three of them.

Choiji, who already had his fist raised, directed his fist at the ink creature instead of Naruto destroying it making splotches of ink fly. Another ink creature arrived to take its place. I looked to where the ink creatures came from and saw a boy with short dark hair who seemed to be around my age painting on scrolls and then immediately turning them into monsters. He had a calm and serene look about him.

From studying the person further I realized he wore the Konoha leaf headband. Why would a leaf ninja attack another leaf ninja? I only came up with a few reasons…

It's just sparring

Ones not really a leaf ninja

It's to test abilities

Choiji crushed the second creature with his enlarged fist and looked over to see who sent the creatures as well as Shikamaru and Naruto. "There he is." Upon seeing him Shikamaru made a hand sign. "I don't know what that guy's after….but that lowlife needs to be captured….and be handed over to the interrogation squad!"

The person started painting again on the scrolls to send out another ink creature. "Go get him Naruto!" Shikamaru cried. "I'll watch your back!" Naruto dashed forward. "GOT IT!!"

When the boy saw Naruto coming at him he did a hand sign.

"Ninja Art-Incredible Beasts Imitation Picture"

A herd of ink bests appeared from a scroll and lunged at Naruto. "Naruto, just duck!" Shikamaru called to him. Naruto obeyed and Shikamaru did another hand sign.

"Ninja Art- Shadow Sewing"

Shikamaru's shadow went forward and jetted out into thin shadow strands and pierced into the ink beasts destroying them. Taking the chance, Naruto jumped at the boy and lunged his kunai at him but the boy deflected it with a type of metal rod or something. I was having trouble seeing what exactly was going on because I wasn't really all that close. However I had excellent hearing sometimes even for a ninja and heard their whole conversation.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU…!" Naruto hollered at him. The boy smirked at him. "You're pretty weak….for a guy. Do you even have a penis?"

My mouth gaped open. How can someone say something like that to anybody!??! Right in public too!! I'm glad I didn't know the guy or else I'd die of embarrassment. I mean c'mon! The guy insulted Naruto about his ding dong!!! In public!! Okay so maybe only four people were around but still….

As I looked again at the boy to see if I could guess what was really going on he had already disappeared out of Naruto's reach. Now this was interesting. Forgetting completely of why I came to see Naruto in the first place I raced off to find Sakura.


The same boy with the short dark hair smiled cheerfully. "Hiya…."

Naruto gaped. "Y……You!!"

Sakura, who was never told that this boy attacked Naruto earlier stared in confusion. I studied my new teacher for the time being. I didn't know what to make of him. He went by the name of Yamato.

"Um…for now I will be acting in place of Kakashi-san." He said. Sakura ignored him. "Naruto, do you know him?" she asked referring to the boy Naruto was glaring daggers at.

"Sorry about earlier." He said. "I wanted to see the abilities of my new teammate. After all I need to know exactly how much I'll have to help out the little nut-less loser."

I stared at him. There he goes again! Saying Naruto has no ding dong!

"WHAT'D YOU SAY?!!!" Naruto tried to lunge at him but Sakura held him back. "Hold on! He's going to be our teammate! You can't just attack him suddenly!" She looked over at the boy and frowned. "Although……you're not being all that friendly."

The smile never left the boy's face. "Ahaha…..is that so? I like your type. Friendly, butt-ugly girls."

This time it was Yamato's turn to hold Sakura from killing the boy. "WHAT'D YOU SAY?!! ASSHOLE!!!"

"Hey, did you just forget what you said to Naruto?!" Yamato told her. "At any rate the four of us will be on a mission together." Yamato looked at the four of you and frowned. "…but geeze look at you guys. I don't have time to toss you in a cage and get acquainted…..so get to it, introduce yourselves."

Naruto leered at Sai. "Uzumaki Naruto."

Sakura glared at Sai from the corner of her eye. "I'm Haruno Sakura."

I kept my face calm. Letting someone like this guy annoy me is something I'm not gonna let happen. "I'm Akizakura."

The boy, oblivious to Naruto's and Sakura's glares closed his eyes and smiled. "Hi. My name is Sai."

"Well at least we have introductions out of the way." Yamato said. "Now to explain the mission that we, Team Kakashi, will undertake." Naruto, Sakura, Sai and I listened intently.

"The four of us will head for the tenchikyou…..there we will find the Akatsuki spy who infiltrated Orochimaru's organization, capture him, and bring him back to the village." Yamato continued. "This is a chance for us to acquire information on Orochimaru and Sasuke. If we succeed with the mission, it will allow us to gain invaluable information in the planning of both Orochimaru's assassination and Sasuke's retrieval. So keep your minds on your goal!"

Orochimaru. How I hated that guy. I didn't even need to talk to him to despise him. I watched with the ANBU as he was fighting the third. Sasuke was someone I liked to think I knew pretty well. Damn him and his ego. I was one of the hundreds who didn't forgive him for leaving to join Orochimaru.

Sure, it's great that he thinks his family should be avenged….but to join up with Orochimaru? Now that's just insulting.

Yamato instructed all of us to meet at the village gate with supplies in one hour.


"That Sai asshole…..I don't like him I'm tellin' ya!" Naruto said to me and Sakura as we walked. "Why does he have to be Sasuke's replacement? Team Kakashi was doing fine with just three people!"

I notice Sakura frown sadly at Naruto. Poor Haruno. Still never got over her crush over Sasuke even though he betrayed the village. I often feared that her crush would doom her at some point…

"He may have a foul mouth…." Sakura said looking forward. "But don't you think that Sai is similar to Sasuke in a way? Like his face or his voice." I whipped my head at her. "NO WAY! Their both totally different!!"

Sakura looked at me. "How so?"

"Well for one thing……..um……well Sasuke has……..a HUGE ego! Yeah! See there are differences!!" Sakura shook her head at you. "That's hardly a reason."

"I agree with Akizakura!" Naruto shouted. "They don't look anything alike! Sasuke looks tons better!! Err; no wait….he doesn't look as bad I mean!" Sakura's eyes widened at what Naruto said and smiled. "You're right, Sasuke-kun does look a little better than Sai." She said.



"Sai is not only rude but he's late!" Naruto shouted as a couple minutes passed. "Someone should go and drag his ass over here so we can start out mission!"

"Don't look at me!" Sakura replied. "Akizakura can do it." My eyes widened. "What!? Why me!?" Sakura turned to me. "C'mon Akizakura. When we met him you were the only one who didn't look like you wanted to tear him limb from limb. If me and Naruto go it's only going to cause problems."

Naruto looked at me. "Yeah just go!"

Jerks. They were gaining up on me. Although I probably could've won against Naruto I couldn't win against Naruto and Sakura. I frowned at them. "Kay. Fine. But don't expect any favors from me anytime soon!"

Sakura smiled. "Thank you Akizakura!"

Naruto smirked. "Kick his ass for me!"


"This is so unfair…" I thought aloud. Just because I was the only one who didn't want to tear the Sai dude limb from limb didn't mean I liked him either. As I approached his house I heard a loud metal sounding clash inside. The kind when you protect yourself from someone else's attack.

I wouldn't immediately have jumped forward to investigate but the thing was the sounds of a real fight didn't follow after. I carefully crept closer to the house to see if I could figure out what was going on inside. I jumped quietly onto the roof to see if I could see what's going on from a window.

As I found a window and looked through I saw Sai opening an envelope. But that's not what made my gut tell danger was inside that house. It wasn't the kind of danger where Sai would be in danger. The kind that I would be in danger if found. Another person with a mask was standing next to him. He spoke.

"Listen to me, with this top-secret mission assigned to you, you are entrusted with the goals of the custodian of our village's future, Danzou-sama." I didn't recognize the voice. I decided I would creep closer.

Everything was going fine until my foot just had to find that one place on the roof that would make a sound. It immediately alerted the man in the mask who threw a kunai with great skill at the roof spot where I once was.

I was fast enough to not be seen and quickly hid in a nearby tree. Luckily for me a cat was taking a walk on the roof and meowed in shock as it ran away from the kunai now lodged in the roof. "Just a cat…" The voice was the one of the man in the mask. "I know that." Replied Sai. There was silence again. I waited and no one spoke.

I was about to jump down when Mr. Mask spoke again. Yes I name people when I don't know their name. "You……..don't tell me your still carrying that thing around…."

Sai's voice was quieter. "This is….."

How I wish I could see!! If only Sai's stupid roof wasn't so creaky!

"In "Roots" you have no name, you have no feelings…."

Roots? What the hell was Roots?? I always had a hard time paying attention in classes. That was probably one of the reasons I got along with Naruto but like him it cost me big time. So if they ever mentioned this "Roots" thing I knew nothing of it.

"That which supports the great tree of Konoha, unseen from the ground, is the resolve of our organization "Roots"…..don't forget that." Mr. Mask said.

"………I won't." I heard Sai say. Strange. When he was fighting with Naruto he seemed like such a joker but now he seemed…………..sad. But that was only how he sounded.

Sai said nothing. "Just remember…." Mr. Mask said. "Failure will not be tolerated." After I made sure he left I quickly jumped down and ran to the front door. As I raised my hand to knock it opened revealing Sai. I could tell he in his eyes he was a little surprised to see me there.

What was I gonna say?

I smiled cheerfully and said the first thing that popped into my head. "Nice weather we're having!"

Okay….not exactly the best plan I've ever had but what did anyone expect? I didn't think it through. Sai continued to stare at me with his calm look. That look made me very uncomfortable.

"Uh….the others are waiting at the gate and you didn't show….so they kinda sent me to get you and-"

Sai gave me a smile. The same one he gave to Naruto when insulting him. "You're the other ugly girl. We haven't spoken until now have we?"

I didn't return his smile nor let myself show anger. "That's true. Now what say we quit dilly dallying and get going? The others are waiting." I turned around to walk off quickly and I could hear Sai following me.

We were almost to the gate until he broke the silence. "You don't like to talk much do you ugly?"

"You don't like to keep quiet do you ass-face?" I retorted at him. Sai merely did his smile as the gates to the village opened and then all five of us headed out on our mission.


Well there's the first one. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes with this…