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Chapter 1: Inheritance

Harry Potter was never normal. What happened on his sixteenth birthday proved it.

Harry came to his inheritance during the early morning right after midnight.

Harry was lying in his bed, waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

11:59, soon, he, Harry Potter was going to turn sixteen!

12:00, no sooner had he clock numbers changed, he felt a searing pain in his back. He thought the pain was over until all his limbs burned and he had to do everything in his power to stay conscious. His teeth felt like they were being ripped from his gums… He wouldn't doubt that they were either. Exactly one hour later, the pain subsided and Harry fell into a troubling and painful sleep…

Harry woke in a room that was completely white. He felt scratchy and soon realized he was in the hospital wing in Hogwarts lying in a hospital bed. He reached for the bed table hoping to find his glasses, but then he realized he could see perfectly clear! He quickly touched along his nose and his eyes, it wasn't a trick! He didn't need glasses any longer!

Looking around the room, Harry discovered professor Dumbledore, Hermione, Sirius and Ron. They were all crowded around his bed watching him. He finally gathered the strength to talk.

"What happened?" His voice was different. More musical some how…

"Harry, it seems you have come upon your inheritance last night." Dumbledore informed him.

"Umm… what exactly is my inheritance?"

"You are… put simply a 'Vampire angel' as they are called."

"Huh?" He asked with a dumbfounded expression.

"You are a vampire with… well… angel wings."

Harry took a long moment to absorb this information, a very long moment.

"Um, Harry?" Hermione asked, speaking for the first time.

He was struck out of his thoughts. "Yes?"

"Don't you, oh I don't know, want to know what a 'vampire angel' is?"

"Oh… Yeah. Hey! What is a vampire angel?" Harry asked worriedly. Did he have to start staying out of the sun?

Dumbledore sighed and sat down, everyone else followed his lead.

"Harry, a vampire angel is a vampire-"

Harry opened his mouth to comment, but Dumbledore raised a hand to let him continue. "But, they don't have very many vampire qualities. The only thing that actually indicates they are vampires, are the pale skin and sharp teeth."

Well, that explains the pain in my teeth. Harry thought bitterly. Subconsciously opening his mouth and touching his new fangs.

"The wings make you an 'angel'. They are really only there for one thing though…" At Harry's confused face he continued. "You see, the wings are sort of… sexual attractions… everyone, including you mate, will probably think they are very…" Dumbledore trailed off trying to find a word. Ron cut in having grown tired of waiting for Dumbledore.

"Everyone, including you mate will find them sexy."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Yes, nicely put Ronald. Everyone will find them attractive. Your mate will think they are more attractive then everyone else will."

Harry thought this new found information through. Then he stopped. "Hold on, you're telling me… I have a mate?"

"Ah, that is another thing. Yes, you do have a mate, a person you will bond and spend the rest of your life with." He gave Harry a chance to process this new found information. "Your mate, as it seems, is Draco Malfoy." Harry's jaw dropped at this. Disbelief was written on his face.

"He is?" He was starring at Dumbledore waiting for him to say it was a joke.

"Yes, Harry, Mr. Malfoy is your mate."

Harry jumped up and cheered. "Yes! Oh my god! Draco sex god Malfoy is my mate!" He then proceeded to squeal like a school girl.

Dumbledore gave Hermione and Ron a quizzical look, but Sirius answered first.

"He has a crush on that Malfoy boy."

Dumbledore gave a look of understanding. Once Harry calmed down, he continued to tell him the rest of the information.

It turns out Harry is the submissive in the relationship, hence his new even cuter look, which Hermione said will turn even Snape to mush.

The mating ritual has different steps. The first step, the 'teasing step' as Ron liked to call it. Harry would have to 'tease' Draco, and make him want Harry, a lot.

Dumbledore said that wouldn't be a problem, especially since veelas (turns out Draco is a veela) absolutely adore their mates, and only their mates. Also since Draco has a crush on Harry…

The second step of the mating ritual was simple; Harry is to give Draco a kiss when he is done his teasing, then Draco would proceed to 'woo' Harry. When Harry thinks Draco has 'wooed' him enough, he will drink his blood. This brings us to our next step; Harry drinking Draco's blood. This shows that Harry is ready for the next stage in the ritual; bonding, otherwise known as sex. Dumbledore said once Harry has drunk Draco's blood, that it must become a daily occurrence, drinking the blood of their mate is crucial in a vampire angel's survival. Dumbledore also slyly added with that damnable twinkle in his eye, that the drinking of blood is very sexual, so Harry should do that in his newly acquired private rooms that will be shared with Draco when the time comes. Harry blushed when he realized why he should do it in private… the bonding usually follows very quickly after the blood drinking.

After he learned everything about his inheritance, he found the nearest mirror he could, isn't he lucky it happened to be full sized. Upon looking in the mirror he nearly jumped himself. He was so adorably innocently cute, it was almost too much! His lips were poutier, he had even bigger eyes if even possible, and his green was more vivid from not being hid behind his glasses any longer. After you got around the adorable innocence though, there was a mischievous look that the fangs and wings only heightened. Harry's wings were jet black with the occasional green feathers. His skin was like a porcelain doll, and he had a cute pink tinge to his cheeks. His hair wasn't knotted anymore, but it still looked messy in a sexy way, it was shinier and softer looking too. He was still his pathetic 5'4 that Dumbledore said won't be changing anytime soon, actually never. Hermione reassured him that it made him look even cuter. All in all, Harry was quite pleased with his new look. He couldn't wait to tease Draco. Now if only the Summer would be over…

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