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Chapter 15: Wedding Bells are Ringing

Harry adored his time at the Manor. Lucius was being an absolute sweetheart, and Narcissa was like a mother. Draco told Harry they'd move into their house after the wedding and he'd get to see it then. This angered the Vampire Angel to no end, but Draco assured him it would be better if he waited. He wanted it to be a surprise. Harry liked waking up early, him and Narcissa would have breakfast together, and then they'd go out to the gardens and have tea, while discussing the wedding.

This morning though, Harry decided he wanted to sleep in a bit and cuddle with his fiancé. He snuggled even more in the covers and Draco. Draco of course, never let Harry go at all when they slept, his arms were holding Harry against him. Harry giggled; the one time he wants to stay in bed and Draco doesn't feel like waking up. His main reason for staying in bed was so they could lie together and cuddle, but be awake! He poked Draco in the side, attempting to rouse him into consciousness. "Dragon!" He whined, poking a bit harder. Draco's eyes fluttered open.

"Harry…love, what are you doing still in bed?"

Harry pouted. "Well, I wanted to spend time in bed with you this morning…but you wouldn't wake up…"

Draco chuckled. "You can't expect me to be awake this early, but now I am…so what did you have in mind?" He asked, rather mischievously.

Harry's mouth made a little 'o' "Dragon! Quit thinking dirty, I didn't mean it like that. I want to cuddle."

Draco laughed. "I know, I was only winding you up a bit." He burrowed his face in Harry's hair, smelling the wonderful scent of strawberries. Harry giggled and snuggled closer to his Dragon. Draco moved his head down to Harry's neck, blowing in his ear and kissing his neck, growling. Harry burst into laughter.

"Draco! Stop it! That…that…that…tickles!" He managed in between uncontrollable laughter.

Draco smirked and lifted his head up. He gave Harry a chaste kiss on the lips. "Mm, I love you Harry."

Harry purred. "I love you too Dragon."

They spent the rest of the morning cuddling together, eventually, Draco got tired of just cuddling and suggested Harry drink his blood, knowing it always got the little Vampire Angel going and truth be told, himself. Harry agreed, knowing he needed to anyway. Needless to say, Draco's idea worked and when Narcissa came up to their room, checking to see if Harry was feeling okay, she was quite shocked to see Harry and Draco burrowed under the covers…bed clothes strewn galore.

Harry was in absolute hysterics. Him and Draco couldn't see each other this morning. Why? It was tradition of course. Today was their wedding and as the tradition goes, they can't see each other until Harry walks down the isle. Narcissa was trying to calm down the overworked Vampire Angel who was worried about getting ready, his hair, his teeth, his wings…he was having a fit! Then of course he was worried about all the guests arriving on time and if everyone would come! It was all very important. Then of course the reception needed to go perfectly, and the cake better not get ruined or he was going to murder someone! See? He was worried over everything and it wasn't helping Narcissa, Hermione and Pansy get him ready.

Molly and Ginny soon joined the group of girls in getting him ready, as they had just arrived. "Tonks should be coming soon." Molly said, already helping fuss over Harry.

Tonks came running into the room. "Umm…what can I do, I don't want to ruin anything…"

"Do his hair!" Hermione declared. Tonks may have been clumsy, but when it came to doing people's hair, she was as good as it got.

Over on the other side of the manor, things were going just as crazy. Draco was complaining about being away from his soon-to-be husband and hoping everything better be going how Harry had planned it or he was going to kill someone. He wanted everything to be perfect for his Vampire Angel and if one thing was out of place, whoever made the mistake better run and run as far as they can.

"Draco, calm down! If you don't let us get you ready, then Harry will be sad that everything isn't going as planned!" That stopped the Veela in his tracks and soon, they were able to get him ready to be wed.

Harry took a deep breath, this was it, him and Draco were getting married in a matter of seconds. He looked down at the bouquet of roses in his hands; they were red, with the occasional white rose. Sirius stood beside him, smiling. Harry smiled back. "I can't believe my godson is getting married." He whispered. Harry gripped his arm tighter.

"You'll have to visit us." He whispered back.

Sirius nodded. "Of course."

The sound of an elegant piano being played instructed them to start walking down the isle. Sirius had tears in his eyes as they walked down the isle. Harry still barely reached his nose.

Draco's breath caught in his throat as Harry walked up the isle. Harry wore the ceremonial robes of the submissive partner. They were the traditional colour of black, the edges rimmed with emerald green to go with his eyes. The end of the robes trailed along behind him, somewhat like a train on a bride's dress. His hair hung around his face like a black halo, making his pale features and vivid eyes stand out. His lips, perfect and pink were smiling brightly. His cheeks were tinted a pale pink, possibly from make up, or embarrassment. He wore a white shirt underneath his robes, but the submissive wore no tie, that was the dominants role. Harry instead had a small necklace, passed down from the Malfoys to their husband or wife. It was simple, but held a beauty to it. A simple silver chain, with a small crest on it, small diamonds were in a swirl around the pendant, where in the middle it said; Je t'aime, the French equivalent to I love you in English. Harry looked positively beautiful. Harry gave him a tiny shy smile as he stood in front of him.

Draco's robes were rather different. He wore the robes of the dominant. They were black, rimmed with silver. He wore a white shirt and a simple silver tie. His robes didn't trail behind him, but stopped at his ankles. His robes were only buttoned at the stomach, and then opened up again to show his perfect black pants and shoes. Harry and Draco had decided to have their wings out for the wedding, to show that they were soul mates in every sense of the word.

The minister, who happened to be Albus Dumbledore, smiled at them both, lifting up his book and starting the ceremony…

Draco palms were sweaty and his stomach was fluttering with butterflies and he felt as if he was going to throw up his heart at any second it was jumping so fast. He had never been so nervous in his life. His ears were ringing and when he realized it was time for them to say the vows, he was for certain the second he opened his mouth he would puke. He knew the vows he had made by heart, but suddenly he was absolutely dead scared that he had forgotten them, they just wouldn't work in his head properly.

He took a deep breath, looking into the eyes of his mate…his soul mate, the man he was going to be with forever and he knew in that moment, the words would just work… "Harry, from the moment we met, we have been compelled to get near each other, be together. We were once enemies, blaming it on hate. The time we have been together has been the best time of my life. You showed me love, passion and how to care. You taught me how to show my emotions, you showed me life. We are destined to be together, forever. As partners, lovers, soul mates and husbands. I vow to stay with you forever, care for you when you're sick, make you happy when you're sad, just like you've done for me so many times before. I was once in the dark, and you my Vampire Angel, showed me the light."

Harry had tears in his eyes, and he was smiling brightly. Dumbledore sniffed a bit and nodded towards Harry. Harry smiled a bit, swallowing slightly. "Dragon, the bond we share goes beyond soul mates, beyond marriage, beyond lovers. Our love has guided us through ours years together, you're more special to me than I ever thought possible. You have showed me it's possible to love another, you have showed it is possible to be forever happy. When I'm with you, the sun cannot compare to the amount of happiness I feel. You kept me safe when I was in danger, you held me when I was scared, and you made me impossibly overjoyed when I was feeling sad. I vow to stand by you forever, as your husband, your lover, and your soul mate."

Dumbledore wiped his eyes, smiling at the couple before him. "I now pronounce you husband and husband." He turned towards Draco. "You may kiss the angel!" He declared.

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, pulling him close. "I love you…" He whispered before covering his husband's lips softly with his. Harry's arms wound their way up into his hair, holding him and running his hands through the blond locks. The audience clapped, cheering. Many people in the audience had tissues and tears in their eyes. Sirius and Remus were clapping very loudly, holding onto each other, tissues in their hands and eyes red. Harry and Draco's friends were quite teary eyed. Molly and Narcissa were both full-blown crying. Even Lucius looked glassy-eyed. Draco grinned as they pulled away and lifted Harry up into his arm, carrying him bridal style. Harry laughed as they left down the isle; he threw the bouquet after him. All the girls screamed as they ran after it, pushing each other quite roughly. Everyone was standing clapping after the couple. The bouquet went flying over everyone's heads, the girls screamed as they noticed it flying over their heads, Pansy let out a battle cry, jumping after it, she ended up knocking Sirius down trying to get the roses. The bouquet flew over them too and fell into Remus' hands. He stared down at the bouquet.

"Umm…" Pansy screeched.


Sirius burst into laughter and all the girls let out disappointed sighs. "I didn't mean to catch it!" Remus said, trying to defend himself.

Sirius was laughing uncontrollably. "Sure Moony." He stood up, brushing himself off. "So…wanna get married?"

The carriage that Harry and Draco had rode in on their first date was the means of transportation up to the manor, where the real party would be held. The bride's maids and groom's mean would be following in another carriage. Blaise had been picked at the Best Man and Hermione had been picked at the Maid of Honour.

Harry was grinning brightly beside Draco. Him and Draco were cuddling quite close, not wanting to be separated. Harry looked up at his husband. "I love you too." He replied to Draco's saying I love you before the kissed. Draco kissed his forehead. Harry tapped his chin. "Harry Malfoy…not bad…" He smiled even wider. "I love it!"

Draco chuckled. "Good, I was hoping you would."

Harry smirked rather devilishly, making Draco a little wary of what was coming next. Harry's little finger started making circles on Draco's chest. "You know…I still didn't have a chance to drink your blood today…"

Draco grinned.

Hermione sighed and looked around the large ballroom, Draco and Harry still hadn't come from the carriage, I mean, they got there before anyone else, and they still weren't inside. She rolled her eyes and headed outside in search of the newly wedded couple. She stopped at their carriage. "They're probably professing their undying love or something..." She muttered to herself and ripped open the door. She squeaked at the sight that greeted her. "Harry…Draco…"

Harry and Draco were in a rather…intimate embrace. Harry was astride Draco's lap; sucking on his neck quite hungrily and Draco's hand were buried in Harry's robe, out of sight. Three guesses where they were buried in. Harry seemed to be grinding himself on Draco, making the wizard in question make noises that could only be from pleasure. Hermione cleared her throat. Draco turned his head over to here, his eyes cloudy with lust, and his expression that of pleasure. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Get out here now you two!" She commanded. Harry ignored her and continued with his meal. Draco eyes rolled to the back of his head as he whimpered and moved his head back farther giving more room. "You two are impossible!" Hermione shouted, closing the carriage door and going back to the manor. They better get to the manor very, very soon.

After the small incident in the carriage, Harry and Draco finally showed up at the party, everyone laughed when they walked in. Making Harry giggle and Draco blush. They walked up to the table reserved for Harry and Draco and the rest of the wedding party. Everyone clapped and cheered as the sat down. Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling as he announced it was time for the feast. Platters of food appeared on each table and everyone, who was by now rather hungry, reached for the food they wanted. Harry smiled. "Is it going as planned, love?" Draco asked, grabbing Harry and himself a plate of food to share. He held his mate's hand, caressing the knuckles.

"It's going perfectly as planned!" Harry declared excited and started eating some of the food picked. Draco kissed his cheek.

"I'm glad."

As the tradition of weddings entails, each time people would walk up and ring a small bell placed in front of Harry and Draco, they had to get up and share a kiss. Sirius took great joy in disturbing them each time they were in the middle of eating, or romantically feeding each other food or drinks.

Everyone would cheer and clap until they finally stood up and kissed each other.

After about the tenth time of Sirius ringing the bell, Harry grabbed the bell and spelled it away in rage. Everyone burst into laughter with the excuse of Sirius. "NOOOOO!" He screamed. "NOOO FAIR! It's tradition!" Dumbledore laughed at this and transfigured another bell. "WHOO!"

Harry groaned in sadness. "Am I ever going to get to eat?"

Most of the guests were finished eating and ready for the dancing, so Dumbledore took the liberty of moving the tables elsewhere for now, with the help of magic of course. Dumbledore smiled. "Now, if everyone please move off to the side, as it's time for the bride and the groom to share their first dance together."

A slow soft tune started. Draco bowed down in front of Harry, his hand outstretched, ready to be held. Harry smiled, his eyes going teary again and held the hand offered to him. Draco led them to the dance floor slowly, wanting to prolong the moment. Harry put one hand on Draco's shoulder and the other in Draco's hand, Draco held onto his hip lovingly and held his hand softly.

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy…

I'll be your hope; I'll be your love, be everything that you need…

Slowly they swayed together, Draco holding Harry close as they spun and glided across the dance floor.

I'll love you more with every breath.

Truly, madly, deeply do.

Harry was close to tears; it really was the perfect song for them. Narcissa had said she would take care of the music with the help of Hermione. He trusted them to make good decisions, and they had.

I will be strong; I will be faithful, 'cause I'm counting on a new beginning,

A reason for living, a deeper meaning, yeah…

I want to stand with you on a mountain…

I want to bathe with you in a sea…

I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me…

Draco looked into his husband's beautiful emerald eyes. He honestly loved him, more than he ever believed possible.

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky…

I'll make a wish, send it to heaven that makes you want to cry

But tears of joy from the pleasure and the certainty…

That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of the highest power and lonely hours the tears devour you…

I want to stand with you on a mountain,

I want to bathe with you in the sea,

I want to lay like this forever,

Until the sky falls down on me…

They danced like this for the next few minutes of the song. The guests watching, were smiling and some crying slightly at the blatant display of love and affection. When the song and dance ended, everyone clapped and cheered for the couple. Harry jumped into Draco's arms, hugging his mate. Dumbledore smiled. "Well, groom's men and bride's maids, join in!" They all joined in on the next dance, smiling as they danced together.

That danced seemed to be shorter than the last and eventually, it was announced time for the bride to dance with her father, in this case godfather. Sirius smiled as him and Harry spun together on the dance floor, doing twirls and steps. "I'm proud of you Harry." Sirius said, smiling as he led them around the dance floor.

"Thank you Sirius."

The dance lasted till a little before midnight, and they announced then that the cake was going to be cut by the bride and groom. Harry was almost giggling with excitement. The cake was huge and extravagant. It had pure white icing, green and silver icing wound together on the sides and red swirls covered spaces. On the top was a large sugar rose, the petals blooming and large. Little people were put on top and Harry laughed when he saw it was a tiny model of him…in a bride's dress. Hermione and Pansy looked quite suspicious and he had to laugh. Draco and Harry held the large cake knife together, bringing it down onto the cake, cutting out a small piece for them to share. Sirius was holding an unopened bottle of wine; probably planning on popping it open when they fed each other the cake.

Colin Creevey was the photographer for the wedding…of course. He had his camera ready for even more pictures of the enchanted evening. Draco had grabbed a small piece of the cake, ready to feed Harry. Harry giggled, opening his mouth wide, his little fangs visible. Draco smirked and popped the piece of cake into Harry's mouth. Harry grabbed a piece then too, and pushed it into Draco's mouth. Eventually they were trying to outdo the other and feed them more. Everyone was taking pictures of the very happy couple.

The rest of the wedding night was spent dancing and enjoying the night. People enjoyed themselves immensely and at the end of the night, when the sun was close to rising, they bid the bride and groom farewell as the rode of in a large flying carriage to their honeymoon destination.

The honeymoon was planned to last a week, which was going to be spent in the Bahamas, on a secluded island that must have cost Draco a fortune to obtain. He said the getaway was placed in front of a beach and they'd be incredibly close to small town. Harry was overjoyed and made sure that Draco knew exactly how overjoyed he was the second they flew away.

It didn't take long for them to arrive, considering they had magic to get them there, and soon they were carrying their luggage to a large, almost a beach mansion. "It's one of my family's properties…" Draco said sheepishly as he led Harry into the large house. "We come here on vacation occasionally, my mother said we could use it for our honeymoon, as it's very romantic around here this time of year…"

Harry turned towards Draco with a bright smile. "Oh Dragon! It's perfect!" He jumped into the arms of his newly wedded husband. He grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down to his lips, kissing him. When they pulled away, Draco was dazed and excited to no end. "Come on Dragon…it's our honeymoon…" That snapped Draco out of his amazement in seconds and he scooped his little Vampire Angel up and ran for the master bedroom.

The night was spent intimately; Draco and Harry spent the entire night together. Wine was shared and they cuddled, kissed and shared their love…

The rest of the week was spent romantically and Harry was absolutely thrilled when Draco bought him jewellery, saying every good Malfoy spouse, man or woman always had jewellery from his or her beloved. Harry was no exception. Harry adored looking at his wedding ring Draco had picked, it was white gold and filled with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. They swirled together, making a beautiful design. On the inside, carved into the ring was Je t'aime. Draco said French was very important with his family and the natural Veela language was French. It had only seemed right. Much too soon for them, they found their honeymoon over and they were heading home. Harry was extremely excited however, they were going to move into their own house the very same day, and he'd get to see the house he has been dying to see all day.

"Perhaps one day we'll live in Malfoy Manor, but for the time being, I want to raise our children inside our own house." Harry had found was he said so sweet, he demanded they stay a few hours longer on the island…

As they neared home once again, Harry had been told to wear a blindfold, so the house would be more of a surprise. "We're very close, love." Draco told him, he pouted, wanting to see the home in which they would be living in.

"All of our furniture has already been moved there and I took the liberty of having our clothes brought there."

Harry grinned. "You thought of everything my Dragon."

Draco caressed his face lovingly. "For you."

Harry soon felt the carriage landing and getting lifted up into Draco's arms. He giggled. "Dragon! I can walk you know!"

"I know, but you're not going to be walking very much, as long as I can help it. You're going to be resting a lot now, you're going to be having a baby!"

Harry grinned, not at all complaining about the terms of him being pregnant. Why should he? If Draco cared for him that much why stop him? "We're walking through the door, love." Draco said simply the sound of a door opening. He set Harry down on the ground, still holding onto him. Slowly he lifted the blindfold. Harry gasped when he saw the house. For one, it was absolutely beautiful; it was new, fresh and almost like a fairy tale. It already had decorations and furniture, and that was only the entryway. Draco grinned. "Come, let me show you the rest of the house."

They went through each room, one more beautiful than the next! It was elegant and refined…almost like Draco himself. It had the loveliest wood furniture. The walls were pure white, or an equally soft, calm colour. He could understand why Draco chose this house. They entered what Harry believed was the dining room and the sight that met him made him squeal with delight. Their friends were all standing there waiting for them.

"WELCOME HOME HARRY AND DRACO!" They all shouted together, clapping and whistling. Hugging the couple. Harry heard many people saying; I'm glad you're back! Or, we missed you! His eyes filled with tears of happiness and he joined all his friends, sharing with them the wonderful time he had while gone, pointedly leaving out their bedroom escapades.

Blaise and Ron walked over to Draco while Harry gushed about how sweet Draco was while on their honeymoon to the girls. Blaise smiled at his friend. "So I take you had a good time?"

"It was…magnificent."

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