A story that I have beening working on for a while now. I want you guys to know that this story will only be about three chapter and well I hope all of you like it. This is from Musa's and Riven's point of view so every time there is a line it means that the point of view changes. It starts with Musa's point of view and wroks it's way back and forth!!!

I do NOT own the Winx Club nor the songs that are used on this fic!!!!!

So here, I am taking in our headmasters, Ms. Faragonda or Ms. F, words. Ms. F toll us that it was for the best of the two realms and it would also tide our realms with the guys... We are all senior here at Alfea, a school of fairies, and we have something in common, a painful past. Well when I say 'we', I mean my friends and me.

Bloom the last Princess of Sparx has the power of the Dragon Fire. She's 5'7, white, and 19 years old (almost 20) with blue eyes and her long red hair that stops at her waist. Her cloths are a tight blue shirt with yellow sleeves, blue Capri and yellow sandals. She is here because the Coven attacked Sparks when she was a baby and her family kept her safe yet costing them their lives. As if wasn't enough, the witches froze Sparx and Bloom had no family left. She was send to Earth and was protected by a non-magical family until she was discovered and brought here at Alfea.

Then, there's Princess Stella of Solaria with the power over the sun and the moon. She's white and her blonde hair goes past her butt. She's 5'8 and 20 years old (almost 21). She wears a green tank top that ties above her stomach with an orange sun on the left side, orange skirt and orange high-heeled sandals. Her parents divorced and neither of them wanted to take care of her thus she came to Alfea in the care of Ms. F.

Now Flora and Tecna almost have the same story... their parents were killed. Flora of the Fifth Moon of Marigold has the power over plants and is African American with long brown hair goes past her butt. She's 5'7 and 19 years old (almost 20). She wears a pink tank top midriff, green skirt and pink high heels. Tecna of Binary Galaxy has the power over technology, is white, has short purplish pink hair and has a British accent. She's 5'7 and she's 19 years old (almost 20). Her cloths are a tight green and purple midriff tank top, purple Capri and purple high-heeled shoes.

Now me, well I have changed a lot since the beginning of my life here at Alfea. I'm Princess Musa of the Harmonic Nebula, or HN for short, I'm 5'7 and 19 years old (almost 20). My cloths are a tight one strapped red shirt, a tight black Capri that shows my pink underwear and red shoes. I have midnight blue hair that stops in the middle of my back. I have had a tough life but I haven't given in yet. Let me tell you about it. When I was little my mom died because of a sickness and my dad couldn't be near me because I remind it him of my mom. I almost looked exactly like her and I had to go with my only uncle who raised me and treated me really well. He made me come here to Alfea so I could master my powers. Then last year, my junior year, this life became like hell.

It all started with my dear beloved father. He, in the end of my junior year, passed away because of the depression that he had since my mother died. He left me in charge of the nebula and I'm taking over when I turn 20. Then in the beginning of this school year my "boyfriend" of about 2 and a half years Kris cheated on me, I found out by mistake. He now is telling me to go back with him. As if that wasn't enough, a gang group from my planet who are against royalty killed my uncle. Now this, Ms. F explained it simply: this realm and another realm are about to go into war. These two realms don't have a royalty but only have an excellent school. Moreover, Ms. F and the head master of the other school decided to marry some of the top student so maybe the war will stop and she said that our planet, realm, or nebula is going to bond with the guy's planet, realm, or nebula and they even chose who is going to marry whom.

There have been some good things of been here. Like my four best friends and another friend of ours, Layla, she was here for our sophomore year but then had to leave us. The girls and I started a singing group, I have two cd out and one with the girls thanks to Ms. F and I am somewhat famous around here. I have written many songs because of things that have passed and I have seen with my own eyes. Therefore, we are meeting the guys in our next concert. The girls and I are singing three songs together and the rest I'm singing by myself.

The guys and I are just trying to decide what to do on our next "mission". The five of us are in our fifth and last year here at Red Fountain or RF for short. We are friends, almost like brothers but sometimes we don't act like what we are human begins. The guys are Sky, Brandon, Timmy, and Helia, I'm Riven.

Prince Sky of Ereklion has shoulder length blonde hair guy is white and has blue eyes. He's 6'1 and has good size muscles. He's 20 years old years old (almost 21). He wears a blue jacket, red shirt, blue pants and white tennis shoes. His weapon of choice is a thin blue sword and a blue shield.

Brandon has brown hair, is white and has brown eyes; he's 6'2 and has pretty big muscles. He's 20 years old (almost 21) and he's training to become a knight, he's Sky's bodyguard and best friend. He wears a red jacket, clue shirt, red pants and white tennis shoes and his weapon of choice is a big green sword.

Timmy has orange hair, is white and has red-rimmed glasses; he's 6'1 and has good size muscles. He's 20 years old (almost 21). He wears an orange sweatshirt, blue pants and white tennis shoes. His weapon of choice is a blaster.

Helia has long blue hair, is Chinese. (Or white I'm not sure) He's 6'3, has blue eyes, and has good size muscles. He's 20 years old years old (almost 21). He wears a long sleeve peasant shirt, light pants and white tennis shoes and his weapon of choice is a laser string glove.

Lastly me, I'm Riven I do what ever I feel like doing and don't show my emotions. I have magenta hair, and I'm white. I'm 6'2, have dark blue eyes and pretty big muscles. I'm 20 years old (almost 21). I wear a blue sleeveless shirt with the British flag on the front, magenta wristband on each of my wrists, light blue pants, a black belt and white tennis shoes and my weapon of choice is a magenta colored saber. Most of the guys here at RF don't mess around with me and as for girls; well they have a weak spot for me. When I was little, my mom left my dad and me since then I have hated having to depend on someone. I use some of this girls for a while, not in a bad way, but first I hook them up then after I see that the really like me I just dump them or kick them to the curve and I don't care.

"So what should we do?" asked Sky

"The most logical thing to do is doing what Mr. S tolls us to" Timmy answered.

"But I don't know what if we don't like them?" said Brandon.

"We should at least meet them," said Helia.

"I don't care at all" I toll them and it was the truth...

Today is the "Big" day, our concert, and we are meeting the guy we are supposed to marry. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. It's so cool to hear and see your fans screaming your name, dancing and singing along with you. I just hope everything goes according to what we planned. Right now, I'm alone here in my changing room and I wish my mom, dad and uncle were here to see me but the three of them couldn't. I have to go to Stella's room to pick up my outfits and because this place is huge, I have to hurry.

Mr. S got us the best sits here. This place is big and packed!! But we don't even know who's singing, we spotted the hear master of the school for pixies, Alfea, and walked to her. She recognized us instantly.

"Where are they?" asked Helia

The teacher looked at us like if we had grow an extra head, "You're headmaster didn't tell you five?" she asked

My patience was running low "Tell us what!"

"That you won't meet the girls until the middle of the concert because they need to do the concert," she answered

"They're doing the concert?" asked Sky

"Yeah well part, Musa is doing most of it alone so you'll meet her until the end and the girls are just going some songs with her so just sit and watch," said Ms. F as she left.

'Musa' that is the girl that I'm suppose to marry. Great she sings... she's probably a stuck-up egotistic girl.

So we're starting the concert with 'Don't cha' by The Pussy Cat Dolls and I'm still nervous. The songs, that we sing, are only heard on Earth, but we are on Magix and we decided to sing them and some of the ones that I have written. The five of us got in our places

Busta Rhymes
Ok (ahh)
Yeahh (ahh)
Oh, we about to get it just a lil hot & sweaty in this (ooh, baby)
Ladies let's go (uhh)
Soldiers let's go (dolls)
Let me talk to y'all and just you know give you a little situation...
Listen (fellas)

Busta Rhymes
Ya see this get hot
Every time I come through when I step up in the spot (are you ready)
Make the place sizzle like a summertime cookout
Prowl for the best chick
Yes I'm on the lookout (let's dance)
Slow bangin shorty like a belly dancer with it
Smell good, pretty skin, so gangsta with it (ooh, baby)
No tricks only diamonds under my sleeve
Gimme tha number
But make sure you call before you leave

Pussycat Dolls
I know you like me (I know you like me)
I know you do (I know you do)
That's why whenever I come around
She's all over you
And I know you want it (I know you want it)
It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
And in the back of your mind
I know you should be on with me

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't cha
Don't cha
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me
Don't cha (haah aah)
Don't cha

Fight the feeling (fight the feeling)
Leave it alone (leave it alone)
Cause if it ain't love it just ain't enough
To leave a happy home (oh, oh)
Let's keep it friendly (let's keep it friendly)
You have to play fair (you have to play fair, yeah)
See, I don't care
But I know she ain't gon' wanna share (oh, oh)

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me (oh)
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me (like me)
Don't cha - don't cha baby
Don't cha - alright, sing
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me (raw)
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me (big thrills)
Don't cha (haah aah)

Busta Rhymes
Ok, I see how it's goin' down (ahh, don't cha)
Seems like shorty wanna little menage pop off or somethin, let's go
Well let me get straight to it
Every broad wan watch a when I come through it
It's the god almighty, lookin all brand new
If shorty wanna jump in my ass then vanjewish
Lookin' at me all like she really won do it
Tryna put it on me till my black an blueish
Ya wanna play wit ah playa girl then play on
Strip out the channel
And leave the lingerie on
Watch me and I'mma watch you at the same time
Lookin at ya wan break my back
You the very reason why I keep a pack ah the Magnum
An wit the wagon hit chu in the back of tha magnum
For the record, don't think it was somethin you did
Shorty all on me cuz it's hard to resist the kid
I got a idea that's dope for y'all
As y'all could get cool so I could hit the both of y'all

Pussycat Dolls
See, I know she loves you (I know she loves you)
I understand (I understand)
I'd probably be just as crazy about you
If you were my own man
Maybe next lifetime (maybe next lifetime)
Possibly (possibly)
Until then, oh friend you're secret is
Safe with me

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me (oh)
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me (like me)
Don't cha - don't cha baby
Don't cha - alright, sing
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me (raw)
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me (big thrills)
Don't cha (haah aah)
Don't cha


Oohooh ooh oohooh ooh...

I don't wanna go another day
So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
Seems like everybody is breaking up
And throwing their love away
But I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

I don't wanna go another day
So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
See the way we ride, in our private lives
Ain't nobody gettin' in between
I want you to know that, you're the only one for me (one for me)
(When I say)


And now, ain't nothing else I could need
And now, I'm singing 'cause you're so, so into me
I got you, we'll be making love endlessly
I'm with you (baby I'm with you)
Baby you're with me (baby you're with me, higher)

So don't cha worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
And that's all that counts (hey)
So don't cha worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
And that's, that's why I say (Hey)


Musa and the girls finished this song looking out at the crowded stadium to see people jumping up and down, also people who were stopping their dance with their partner, and other were screaming our names. Then the girls smiled at each other and Musa started to talk in to the mike. "How are all of you tonight?" she was answered by screams and she smiled again. "What song do you guys want next?" her answer was more shouts. "Well I want to do 'Buttons' how about you girls?" The girls since they didn't have mikes just nodded more shouts were heard, then the song started and the girls got on their places. They had a Dj so he sang what Snoop Dogg did

The Dj
What it do babyboo
Yeah, little mama you lookin' good
I see you wanna play with a player from the hood
Come holla at me, you got it like that
Big, Snoop Dogg with the lead Pussycat
I show you how it go down, yeah, I wanna go down
Me and you, one on one, treat you like a showdown
You look at me and I look at you
I'm reachin' for your shirt what you want me to do

The girls Chorus
I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)
But you keep frontin' (uh)
Sayin' what you gon' do to me (uh huh)
But I ain't seen nothin' (ah)
I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)
But you keep frontin' (uh)
Sayin' what you gon' do to me (uh huh)
But I ain't seen nothin' (ah)

Typical and hardly
The type I fall for
I like it when the physical
Don't leave me askin' for more
I'm a sexy mama (mama)
Who knows just how to get what I wanna (wanna)
What I wanna do is bring this on ya (on ya)
Backup all the things that I told ya (told ya) (told ya, told ya, told ya)
You've been sayin'
All the right things all night long
But I can't seem to get you over here
To help take this off

Baby can't you see (see)
How these clothes are fittin' on me (me)
And the heat comin' from this beat (beat)
I'm about to blow, I don't think you know


You say you're a big boy
But I can't agree
'Cuz the love you said you had
Ain't been put on me
I wonder (wonder)
If I'm just too much for you, wonder (wonder)
If my kiss don't make you just wonder (wonder)
What I got next for you, what you wanna do (do)
Take a chance to recognize
That this could be yours
I can see just like most guys
That your game don't please

Baby can't you see (see)
How these clothes are fittin' on me (me)
And the heat comin' from this beat (beat)
I'm about to blow, I don't think you know


The Dj
Now you can get what you want
But I need what I need
And let me tell you what's crack-a-lackin 'fo I proceed
I'ma show you where to put it that
PCD on me, yeah, I thought I saw a puddy cat
You roll with the big dog
All six of y'all on me
Now tell me how ya feel babydoll
You tellin' me

The girls
Ha, ha... hot!
Ha, ha... loosen up
Ha, ha... yeah...
Ha, ha... I can't take this


The guys were staring at the girls with complete surprised. The girls were dancing to the beat and very freely. They were also doing to same exact things. Then after the song finished Musa took the mike again and started to present the girls. And the guys stared at the girl that they were supposed to marry as they sang another song except Riven. He did look at Musa but was not staring in surprise like the other guys. 'This is just pathetic and I can't believe her, they expect me to marry her!' Then he was over confident he was sure that Musa was going to fall to his feet like almost every girl he had ever met...

Musa and girls were just taking a break and Musa was going to continue singing. The girls were now going to go meet the guys while Musa finished the concert.

"Okay girls that was awesome"

"So we'll see you later, Musa we are going to meet the guys before you do"

"Okay well here I go I'm still a little nervous"

"Musa you always worry and everything come out great"

"That's how I am now I got to go"

I was so nervous but I knew what I had to do so I was just walking to the stage and to face the crowd again. I was starting with a dance song "Check on It" and I got a partner on this. We are actually going to dance and sing it. I have to admit the guy is cute but we're just as a brother and sister, even thought some people think other things since how we dance.

You need to stop playin' 'round with all them clowns and the angst's
Good girls gotta get down with the gangstas
Go ahead girl put some back and some neck up on it
While I stand up in the background and check up on it

Ooo boy you're looking like you like what you see
Won't you come over and check up on it (I'ma let you work up on it)
Ladies let him check up on it (Watch it while he check up on it)
Dip it, pop it, twirk it, stop it
Check on me tonight

Verse 1
If you got it, flaunt it
Boy I know you want it (Ooo)
While I turn around (you)
Watch me check up on it
Ooo, you watchin' me shake it
I see it in your face
You can't take it, it's blazin'
You watch me in amazement

You can look at it
As long as you don't grab it (Ooo)
If you don't go braggin' (you)
I might let you have it
You think that I'm teasin'
But I ain't got no reason
I'm sure that I can please you
But first I gotta read you


Verse 2
I can tell you wanna taste it
But I'm gon' make you chase it (Ooo)
Got to be patient (you)
I like my men patient, more patient
Your take might get you in more places
You can't be abrasive
You have to know what pace is

If I let you get up on it
You got to make a promise (Ooo)
That you gon' put it on me (you)
Like no one's put it on me
Don't bore me, just show me (no)
All men talk but don't please
I can be a tease
But I really wanna please you


I'm checkin' on you Boo, do what you do
While you dance, I'ma glance at this beautiful view
Keep my hands in my pants
I need to glue 'em with glue
I'm in a trance, all eyes on you and your crew (that's right)
My man's don't dance, but can feel ya'll bump and grind (bump & grind)
It won't hurt if you gon' try one time (it won't hurt)
They all hot but let me see, this one's mine

Both of us smiled at each other then looked at the crowd who were still dancing at the last notes and then started to laugh.

"Well I want to thank Daron for been here tonight and singing with me but I'm afraid he was other things to do so he's leaving. Now I know most of you know this song so I want you to sing it with me."

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with


I watched you die
I heard you cry every night in your sleep
I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me
You never thought of anyone else
You just saw your pain
And now I cry in the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I try my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you
I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty
Because of you
I am afraid

Because of you
Because of you

That song I heard it and it made me feel exposed and that it was meant for me. Well in part because of my mother I just play around with girls thinking that they are all the same and because I didn't listen to my father when he toll me that I was wrong, that there are girl that are different from my mom. We continued to listen to the music, to Musa and talked when Musa took breaks. The guys were already talking to their 'fiancé' so I was just watching Musa. Then at the end of the concert, I joined the chat of my friends with the girls. It seem that the two groups were trying to have something to talk about while we waited for Musa and they found that 'something': Musa and their singing.

"So since when you girls have been singing?" asked Sky

"Well Musa started first in the middle of our junior year and we started at the end of the our junior year," answered Bloom

"Musa sings with a lot of emotion as she has gone through all of that" said Helia

"Yeah well she kind of has gone though that. Out of all of us she has had the hardest life, I mean her mom-," said Stella

"What is hard about a pixie princess life? And what is hard about four pixie friends?" I asked interrupting the conversation.

"We aren't pixies, we're fairies get your species right!" someone growled behind me "And Stella! What have I toll you about that?" said the same voice

"Sorry Musa it's just that-"answered Stella

"Stel I don't want everyone to know my personal life you know what can happen if someone hears you"

"I know"

"Okay Stella it's cool well let's go party tonight I feel like partying"

"Well it was about time we got our Musa back" said Tecna as the girls walk to Musa and gave her a hug.

"Hey, hey I can't breath"

"Sorry" the other four girls said and then all of the girls busted out laughing. The guys were just confused, shrugged it off and followed the girls. They went to see Ms. F and tell her that they were going to go in late into Alfea.

"I'll just bring the car so we can leave" I said

"Yeah Musa rub it in that you have a car" whined Stella

I laughed "It's not that but it's better if we bring the car then just leave"

"Yeah it is a good idea Stella it's safer for all of us," said Tecna

"Well let's go," said Bloom

"Hey bro go with her" toll me Brandon

"Why?" I asked annoyed

"Because may something can happen to her?"

"Yeah just like the weakling she is" Of course, Musa heard this and seemed annoyed

"You know what I don't even know your name and you already got on my nerves," she said pointing and looking at me directly and then she passed, pushing me, on her way to the car.

The rest of the guys looked at me shaking their heads and I just looked annoyed. The girls also saw this and where throwing glares at me but they seem to sense that the guys got a little worried about Musa.

"We don't have to worry about Musa she can defend herself very well and if she needs to she can contact us" said Flora.

"Hey I should know remember that time in the food fight that pie did hurt my perfect face when she threw it at me and we were like ten feet away," said Stella.

"Yeah Stel but remember her uncle" said Bloom

"Yeah I do um... Brandon can you go with her please?" asked Stella

"Why?" asked Brandon

"It's better if one of you go"

"Fine I'll go but now shut up" I said as I followed the pixie that just pushed me and she had to pay me back because of that push. I had to jog to catch up to her.

"Hey wait up!" a guy said loud enough for me to hear but I didn't pay attention and just keep on walking to the car.

"Didn't you hear me?" I heard him say. I recognized the voice but kept ignoring that jerk. However, he finally caught up to me and turned me around by grabbing my arm.

"What do you want?" I looked at him, he has looks but is like most boys: giant ego, pride and are jerks.

"I came to 'protect you,'" he said

"I don't need protection" I said

"Well you're pixie friends are worried about you and something about your uncle" I saw her eyes widen

"Why do you need protection from your uncle?"

"I don't need protection from him"

"Well then from who?" I looked at her

"None of your business, now let go"

"Men I can't believe I have to marry a feisty, unruly pixie like you"

"Trust me you aren't my first choice of marriage either but I'm doing it because of something else so just don't insult me Riven and I'm a fairy"

"Whatever". She led me to a big truck, which I was sure we all were going to fit in it.

"Let me drive" I toll her


"Why not?"

"I can drive on my own and besides you don't know where the club is at"

'Okay she got me there'

"Feisty" I whispered and to my surprise, she looked at me with a smile and said

"Thank you"

So we got on the truck and started to talk.

"So what did that pixie Stella meant when she said 'hardest life'?"

"First she's a fairy and second she meant many things"

"Can you tell me?"

"I don't know you that well so no"

"Come on I can keep a secret"

"Some other day, okay we're here," I said as I stopped the truck in front of the auditorium. The guys and the girls got on quickly the truck and started to talk. The guys except Riven introduced themselves to Musa.

"Well I'm Musa"

"So I heard you're a princess" said Sky

"She's the princess of the Harmonic Nebula" answered Bloom

"But she doesn't act like a princess" said Stella

"Stella!!" said the other three girls together

"Oh Stella do you remember those shoes you lend me?"

"Yeah why?"

"Do you want them back?"


"Okay so stop making my life harder or those shoes will get it"

"Okay but you have to give me my shoes back"

"If you are nice"

All of them made it to the club in about 10 minutes. The girls were giggling and talking.

Bloom was wearing a baby blue top that has a string that goes around her neck, a black mini-skirt with a little below the knee black boots. Her hair was in a neat bun and had no jewelry.

Stella has a black top and a white loose top over the black one and both stop above her belly, her mini-skirt is black, on the right side, the sleeve was long and on the left side is short with a black elbow long fingerless glove, and she has one black and one white boot. Her hair is loose and she's wearing a black bonnet.

Flora has a pink top that has a black thin strip on the end with ends above her belly, a black jacket it's sleeves are elbow long and the jacket also stops above her belly with light blue jeans, pink knee long boots and a pink strip that she used as a belt. Her hair is loose and she has one fingerless pink glove on her right hand.

Tecna has a tank top that has white and green strips on it and a pink-purple strip above her belly, her mini skirt is pink-purple with a greenish strip as a belt with hot pink knee long boots. Her hair was spiked as always and had many pink-purple strips around her arm.

Musa has a sleeveless blue top with a red leather vest on top. Thin light blue arm warmers, dark blue jeans and black boots that are over the jeans. Her hair is in a half ponytail and had a big belt to go with the jeans.

Just imagine what the guys are wearing.

"Let's go dance girls?" Musa asked

"Sure" answered Stella and Bloom

"Okay" answered Flora and Tecna

The five girls left the five guys standing at a table while they went to the dance floor and started to dance to 'Bananza (Belly Dancer)' by Akon as it started. The girls were dancing and were having fun while they seem to have a little dance competition between them five and just ended up laughing and then it seem that some of the guys took interest in the girls. Sky, Brandon, and Helia come up and asked Bloom, Stella and Flora to dance. The three looked at Musa and Tecna as if asking if they could go. Musa and Tecna nodded at them and they left as Grillz by Nelly started

"Looks like it's the two of us Tec" said Musa

"Yeah that's-"


Both girls turned to see Timmy

'Looks like it's only me' thought Musa

"Yo" said Musa

"Hi" said Tecna

"Um Tecna you want to get something to drink with me?" asked Timmy clearly nervous

"Yeah but I don't want to leave Musa alone" said Tecna

"Go Tec I don't mind" said Musa

"Are you certain?"


"Okay let's go Timmy"

Musa looked at her friend and shook her head with a small smile in her face.

'Why do they think they need my permission? Oh well'

Musa turned her attention back to dancing alone.

Riven was sitting at the table just looking around the club. He saw some girls looking at him.

'Annoying' he thought as he rolled his eyes and keeps on checking around the club. He looked at his 'fiancé' and saw that she was having fun by herself dancing. He looked around the club again and noticed that some guys were staring at Musa.

'So she is kinda popular…'

It was no real surprise that guys were staring at her… Even I was staring a bit. Her dancing was… breath-taking, her arms were raised towards the ceiling, her hips moving fast but steady, her eyes shut and going lower towards the floor.

'How can someone dance like that…?'

I was enjoying her dancing too much since it felt that she was dancing for me and only me however, she stopped suddenly.

I realized that she stopped because of a guy, who I didn't know had his hand on her arm, and by the look on her face he was hurting her. For some unknown reason to me, I didn't like the guy, so I got up from my sit and started to walk towards them. I had a good view of them but before I got too close, I stopped. The guy had just pulled Musa against him and kissed her on the lips. I was surprised and froze yet my amusement rose when Musa stepped hard on his foot so that his face got away from hers and punched the guy on his right cheek, which made him bleed from his noise. I, seeing the look on his eyes, walked in a hurry the rest of the way.

"Musa what's wrong?" I asked in a calm yet serious tone standing next to her and placing my arm around her shoulder.

"Nothing I was just taking care of some old business right Kris?" she seemed surprised because of my arm but got the hint on fast.

"Are you two together?" The guy asked stared at Musa and then at me.

"What does it look like?" I asked smirking at his expression. "Are you okay?" I asked Musa who now I had between in my arms.


"Are you sure?"

Before Musa could answer, the guy had tried to take her out of my arms but I noticing, and stopped him.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked him taking a hold of both his arms, which made me release Musa, and launching my knee hard against his stomach.

The guy tried to move out of the way but my knee hit its target, which was his stomach, and more blood came from his noise and he lost his breath.

I watched as Riven injured Kris and felt absolutely nothing for Kris. Finally reacting, I walked to Riven and made him let go of Kris, who fell to the floor, his arms wrapped around his stomach.

"Come on Riven let's get out of here" I said to him and went to the exit while pulling Riven along.

I lead him to the lake that was next to the club. Getting to the lake, I sat down on the shore and stared at the sky. We stayed like that for a while in silence until...

"Who was that?" Riven asked

"My ex-boyfriend" I answered dryly

"So where are my thanks?"

"Thanks for what?"

"For saving you"

"I didn't ask you to save me"

"You didn't but you need it my help from what I saw"

"That's what you think but I don't need your help"

"Everyone thinks that you do. Why?"

I looked at him and glared

"None of your business"

He looked a bit surprised and raised an eyebrow then got up. "Come on we are going back"


We went back to the club and to my surprise; I was walking towards the dance floor.

"Where are you going?" I asked

"WE are going dancing," He answered emphasizing on the 'we'

I was a bit stunned but followed and saw that a few girls were staring at him.

"It seems you have a fan club..." I said loud enough for him to hear since the music was loud... yet it was pleasant at least for me to fell the music rushing through my veins making me relaxed.

"Yeah but tonight you got my attention" he answered me with his mouth near my ear and his breath brushing my cheek.

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