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The next two weeks continued along the same lines. They would wake up together, Booth's arms wrapped tightly around Brennan's smaller body, shower together, then drive into work together, where he would drop her off at the lab where she worked on cases from Limbo, he would work on paperwork in the office, they would go home together between 5 and 6, and spend the evening together. Sometimes they would cook dinner together, or order in and watch a movie, or fall into bed for far more pleasurable activities.

The days passed quickly, and before they knew it, Angela and Hodgins had returned from their quasi-honeymoon. The morning they were set to return, Brennan woke early, snuggling deeper into her lover's arms. For the first time in her life when she was with a man, she wasn't thinking about work or things she needed to do. She would much rather spend her days curled up with Booth's warm body, forgetting there was a world outside of her bedroom.

An hour later he woke up, smiling down at the sleeping body that was snuggled up against him. Gently removing his arms, and untangling his legs from hers, he slipped out of bed, determined to call them both out of work before she woke up and yelled at him. He knew she would probably kill him for it, but he also knew she was dying to see Angela, so this way she would be able to meet them at the airport.

He had felt slightly awkward speaking to both Cam and Cullen while he was naked on the couch, but he knew he couldn't get clothes out of the bedroom without waking her.

Walking (more like sauntering) back to the bedroom, his grin grew wider when he saw she was awake and staring openly at his body. He stopped in the doorway, watching her take in the sight of his well-toned body and obviously growing arousal. When he felt like he couldn't take it anymore, he crossed the room to the bed in two long strides, climbing atop her naked body.

Dropping his mouth to hers, he kissed her, thoroughly exploring her mouth before moving to her ear. Breathing heavily, he ran his tongue along the outer shell of her ear, whispering huskily, "We're not due in at work until 1 o'clock. Any ideas what we can do until then?"

He found her soft spot just below her ear, sucking on it lightly, waiting to see if she would answer his question. He got his answer when she wrapped her hand around his erection, giving it a firm, long stroke. He shuddered against her body, his mouth hovering millimeters above her skin.

Recovering from her touch, he continued his assault of her neck, kissing his way down to her clavicle, where he stopped to suck and nip at her skin, his hands continuing their exploration of her body. He ran his hand in the valley between her breasts, teasing her skin with feather-light touches, slowing only to tug lightly on her nipples, drawing them into tight peaks as she arched into his body.

It took all his self-control not to enter her quickly and pound her into the mattress; instead he continued moving his hands down her body, teasing her with light touches, his mouth followed in their wake, kissing and sucking her soft skin. Lavishing each of her nipples with special attention, his hands bypassed her center, choosing rather to stroke her inner thighs and run down the length of her long legs.

When his hand finally returned to her slick folds, he slipped two fingers inside her, stroking against her inner walls while he moved his thumb in a circular motion over her clit, drawing light, breathy moans from her as she pushed back against his hand. Smiling against her flat, toned abdomen, he placed one last kiss to her body before moving back to her lips, kissing her deeply as he removed his hand from her heat.

Their kisses were hungry and frantic as he positioned himself at her entrance, knowing neither of them was going to last much longer. Burying himself in her depths, he set a quick, deep rhythm, his hand on her ass pulling her closer and harder with every thrust.

She moved her hand from his bicep down between their bodies, touching and teasing herself as she drew nearer and nearer to the edge. Her hand moved to her clit, rubbing circles and teasing it while he continued to pump in and out of her body, both knowing how close they were.

The sight of her touching herself almost sent him over the edge, but he forced himself to wait, staring deep into her eyes. "Come for me, baby," he whispered, his voice deep with need and desire. He could feel her walls tighten around him as her body shuddered under his, crying out his name in the breathy moan she only produced during orgasm.

His face was a portrait of ecstasy as he followed a moment later, his body shaking as he collapsed against her, her name falling from his lips as if it was his mantra.

When their bodies had relaxed, and their breathing had slowed, he rolled off of her, pulling her small frame close against his side. They were content to cuddle and lay in each other's arms all morning, neither willing to venture from the warmth of the bed to get coffee.

Hours later, after two showers and coffee, they were ready to leave the apartment. That morning, however, Booth took Brennan's silver sports car to the Hoover building while Brennan took the SUV to Dulles to pick up Angela and Hodgins.

The minute they were in the car, Angela's mouth was running a mile a minute. "Why aren't you at work? Why are you driving Booth's SUV? Who did you hook up with at the wedding? Are you still together, or was it a one-night thing? Are we going to stop for food, because I'm starving?! Italy was AMAZING! Not that we left the hotel very often, but it was totally worth it when we did. Wait a minute, WHAT are you doing out of the lab in the middle of a Monday afternoon?!" She stopped to catch her breath, panting slightly as she looked at Brennan with an eyebrow raised, clearly expecting answers to all her questions.

Laughing at her friend, Brennan decided to answer the questions she remembered. "I'm not at work because I'm picking you up. We haven't had a case in two weeks, so we've made a major dent in Limbo cases and I needed to get some fresh air." Ignoring the stunned look from her two colleagues, she continued answering questions. "I'm driving Booth's SUV because I didn't feel like shoving Hodgins and your four gigantic suitcases in the backseat of my car. I didn't hook up with anyone at the wedding, and therefore I'm not still with said imaginary person. And we're on our way to Wong Foo's for lunch. I think I answered all of them, but let me know if I missed any."

Angela stared at her friend, struck by the differences compared to Brennan two weeks ago. "Okay, who are you and what have you done to Bren?" she asked, only halfway joking.

"It's just me, Angela, I don't know what you're talking about," she replied, merging into traffic and heading across town towards the restaurant, where she knew Booth would meet them.

"Uh huh, whatever you say, Bren," Angela tried giving her the option to talk, but when Brennan didn't volunteer any information, she knew she would have to revert to her usual tactics of persistence and suggestion. "So this guy you met at the wedding, was he a friend of mine, or of Jack's?" she tried again, knowing the changes in Brennan's personality were a result of some external force.

Resigning herself to the fact that Angela was going to find out soon enough anyways, she decided to make her worry a little first. "I didn't meet him at the wedding, he just happened to be there," she said, rolling her eyes at her friend and giving a convincingly exasperated sigh.

"Well, who is he? What's his name?" Brennan had given in too easily, and Angela knew she wasn't going to volunteer any more information, so she needed to ask direct questions.

"I don't remember his name. It wasn't a big thing, Angela. There was an open bar, remember? Everyone was a little trashed."

Angela was digging for information and didn't even register that Brennan had properly used a colloquialism. "Okay, well, tell me what he looks like. Did he have any tattoos? What was he wearing?" She was slightly disappointed Brennan hadn't hooked up with Booth that night, but her curiosity about the mystery man quickly dispelled the disappointment.

Forcing herself not to laugh at her friend, she replied, "Well, since we were at a wedding, he was wearing a suit. And he's what you would describe as 'tall, dark, and handsome.' And yes, he has three tattoos, but I'm not going to tell you what they are or where they are, since I really hope you've never seen them."

"Was it one of Hodgins' cousins? Because they're the only ones I can think of that it would be bad for me to have seen," Angela's curiosity was perked at Brennan's cryptic description.

"Hey!" Hodgins almost yelled from the backseat. "I really hope you haven't slept with most of the people who were at our wedding!"

Turning around, Angela laughed at the look of shock on his face. "No one ever said anything about sleeping with them, Hodgie, she just suggested they were in a place that is usually covered by clothing."

"Oh," he said, calming his need to hurt someone, and turning to look out the window as they neared Wong Foo's.

Turning her attention back to Brennan, she thought about the day they had left for Italy, and the fact that the guy had still been in Brennan's apartment. "So I know you're lying to me, Bren, because the guy was still in your apartment at noon on Sunday. And I know you don't let some random guy stay in your apartment that long, unless you're involved. And the fact that you didn't go into work at the crack of dawn that morning tells me you spent the morning in bed with said person."

Brennan was saved from answering by their arrival at Wong Foo's, and Angela almost jumping out of the car before it was completely stopped. The three of them trooped into the restaurant, greeting Sid as they moved toward their usual booth in the back corner.

Booth had spotted them as soon as they had pulled up, and stood, along with Zach and Cam to greet the new arrivals. Offering Angela a hug and shaking Hodgins' hand, Booth pulled Brennan into a hug, kissing her lightly.

Angela's squeal pulled their attention away from each other and back towards the squints. "Oh, um, Angela, did I forget to tell you who I was seeing?" Brennan feigned innocence as Booth slipped his arm around her waist.

"YES, YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THAT ONE SMALL THING!!" Angela shouted at her, pulling her from Booth's arm and hugging her tightly. "That was mean!"

Laughter broke out amongst the group as Angela squealed like a schoolgirl over her best friend finally hooking up with her partner. "So, how is he in bed?" she asked, her eyes sparkling as both Brennan and Booth turned a deep shade of crimson and quickly slid into the booth.


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