-1Jasper Checks out


Alice sent me to go check us out of the hotel. But I could tell that she just wanted to be alone with Bella. But I didn't mind I was tired of being in that damn hotel room. When I finally got downstairs in to the lobby I went up to the male clerk. Because I just wasn't in the mood for them to flirt with me.

" I would like to check out of my hotel room."

"Would you be will to fill out a survey to tell us what we need to work on?"

"Sure, why not."

5minutes later.

"Here you go can I check out now."

"We are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The pool is opened at 10:00am to 10:00 pm. Please have fun when at this hotel. Here is your key. Enjoy your stay here at the luxury."

"I am trying to check OUT not in."

"Would you like a fruit basket?"

"No I would not like a fruit basket."

"But it even has kiwi in it."

"Ooo wait no I don't want the damn fruit basket."

"No sir there is no need to raise your voice."

"O yes there is."

"Would you like a pamphlet on the blood drive that is coming up?"

"O yes now that would be just great for me to go too, now wouldn't."

"Yes, do you know what blood type you are?"

"No." I said laughing.

"Well if you would like I can perform a test so I can tell you what blood type you are."

"No thanks. But you know what I really want."


"I really want to check out of this damn hotel."

"Sir, please don't raise your voice at me."

"Why not?"

"Cause I'm afraid of loud noises."

"Well not that's not good what else are you afraid of ?"

"Spiders. Well bugs in general, some foods, and myths and legends."

"Hmm what kind of myths?"

"The ones about werewolves, fairies, and vampires." He shuddered and I laughed at him.

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"Because you are scared of something that never existed."

"No I saw a real vampire once."

"O really what did this vampire look like."

"Well he had a white shirt, black pants and a black cape with red on the inside and a big collar. And then jet black hair that was slicked back."

"O for the love of Dracula."

" He that is a vampire's name. Now you are trying to scare me."


"O ok. He why are you so interested in vampires?"
" Cause I am a vampire."

" No you not."

" Yes."




"Okay you caught me I'm not a vampire."

"Wait a minute I want to double check so come with me."

"Umm ok." We started walking to the middle of the lobby where there was a lot of sun light.

"Step in to the light please."

"I want to see if you will burst in to flames like a real vampire would."

" But I'm not a vampire."

"Then prove it."

With that I stepped in to the light. My skin started to shimmer.

"Wow I never thought I will meet a dude that wears that much glitter."

" Yeah sorry my sister was bored last night and attacked me with her glitter."

"O dude I'm sorry."

"Its okay she does it all the time."

"Umm okay."

"Can I please check out now?"

"No I will not let you die!"

"I'm not going to die."

"Then why do you want to check out?"

" So I can get on with my life."

"But what about our friendship?"
"We have a friendship?"
"Yes we do."

" Umm no we don't."

" You mean you don't love me?"
" No I don't."

"What went wrong!" He was now crying.

"Ok dude we never went out. Because you are a guy and we are not friends cause you are annoying."

"I can change I swear."

"Look I hate you I want to snap your neck right now."


"O now your getting the authorities?"


"How about this if you check me out of this hotel you can be my friend."



"Really really?"

"Really really."

"Okay let go back to the computer to check you out."


After finally check out of the hotel.

"So will you call me later?"


"O here is your fruit basket."

"No thanks."

"Take the damn fruit basket!"

"Fine." I said a little scared.

Then I finally went upstairs to Alice and Bella.

The End