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A/N: For the LJ 1sentence community; sentences occur in no particular order. I based Hidan's personality on a series of HidanSaku fanart by a Japanese artist. Unfortunately, the side has since been taken down.

Why would I base Hidan's personality on a series of fanart instead of canon? Because I can, and because he's cuter this way! It's not terribly OOC, but it's noticeable.

Anyway, have fun. I know I did.

#01 – Ring

The day Hidan asked Sakura to marry him, he didn't present a ring; instead, he tackled her to the overstuffed Akatsuki lobby couch, laughed in that deep, rumbling, happy manner, and politely informed her between kisses that Jashin had informed him she would make a fine wife.

#02 – Hero

It was Shikamaru and Ino's five year anniversary when she noticed a strange presence beneath the ground of the Nara courtyard; when she dug it up, pretty little party dress and pearl-white slippers and all, she was more than a little surprised to learn she'd played hero to a severed arm.

#03 – Memory

The clearest, best, most precise memory that Hidan had of Sakura was of the first time they'd had sex; it sounded so shallow and ridiculous, but in all honesty, the way she arched and gasped and raked her nails down his back and moaned his name was a large part of the reason why he found himself panting and clutching at anything solid for purchase when he thought of her.

#04 – Box

Whenever she visited the Akastuki "lair"—and he said "lair" with disdain because it was more of a nursery with the way that Tobi decorated—Sakura would bring a small box of things to do, because she normally stayed for days at a time; when Hidan found this box that she'd forgotten once, he smiled at the "Me and Hidan" scrapbook lying inside.

#05 – Run

It wasn't often that Hidan allowed Sakura to be put in harm's way, but when she was, he never told her to run off; he refused to let her depart alone and leave her to her own defenses, so he would escape with her, no matter how much it hurt his pride later.

#06 – Hurricane

It had been revealed one night during a storm that Sakura was deathly afraid of any sort of natural disasters, having lived in a country that was more or less devoid of such things all her life; in learning this, Hidan had invited her into his bed for the night, reveled in the way she curled up against him and the warmth of her body, and silently prayed to Jashin that He'd grace them with a small hurricane every night thereafter.

#07 – Wings

The first time she kissed him was comparable to the moment that Jashin had graced him with immortality: lightness spread through his chest, an immediate calm fell over his mind, and he felt as if he had sprouted wings and was floating a few significant inches above the ground.

#08 – Cold

He never enjoyed the coldness of her designated "room" at the Akatsuki base when she was absent—it seemed far too unnatural and empty for his tastes, and he needed to force himself to accept this; Hidan's ingenious solution was to have Sakura sleep in his bed every time she visited so that he could get used to having no one in the guest room, and even though he admitted that this was a little fucking counterproductive, he loved the feel of someone's warm body beside him.

#09 – Red

The first dot of red that appeared on Sakura's finger intrigued Hidan, and when he realized it was blood from a glass cut, his heart jumped in his chest; he didn't think he'd ever seen her so surprised as when he leaned down, purposefully drew her finger into his mouth, and groaned her name on a shiver.

#10 – Drink

They went out drinking on many an occasion with one or more of the Akatsuki boys, usually incognito as a young couple—which Hidan enjoyed far too much—or as brother and sister—which Hidan didn't really enjoy at all except for the occasional brotherly hug; Deidara was especially fun to drink with, because when he got drunk he got sentimental, and when he got sentimental he liked to play a little game called "How Fast Can I Get Hidan and Sakura to Fuck?"