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Years had been kind to the Uchihas. The Village Hidde in the leaves had gained once more a clan respected in all ways, and though it was a small clan it was sure to wield great power in the generations to come. Everyone knew it, and everyone love them, even if they did not show it or even know it.

The generation of the Rookie Nine had indeed proved to be one of the most powerful in all of history. With the union of Hyuuga Hinata and Uchiha Sasuke it seemed that everyone else was inclined to follow in their steps, the marriages falling into place almost one after the other, some with only a few months between them.

Sakura and Naruto became naturally the next in line, Neji and Tenten surprised everyone by following in their footsteps. Close behind them were Ino and Shikamaru, surprising everyone a thousand times over, considering Ino's often bitter comments about being single.

Apparently she had had to wait until Temari was out of her hair, being more polite in her waiting for Shikamaru than most people expected of her.

The one that surprised everyone the most was Hanabi…who did not marry but became Anbu captain at the young age of 16, making even Neji feel slightly inadequate from time to time.

Time did pass, slowly at first, with life being just another day in another week in another month. Things do change, and slowly but surely memory of grotesque realities were hidden away in boxes within each heart, only to be remembered in the darkness of night in the arms of someone they loved.

After all the way of a shinobi is never one with a happy ending lacking in any darkness to equal out the light, for there must be shadow for light to exist.

Still, such things had become the talk of sad times, of rare sad days when other more important things could be forgotten.

And those days were indeed rare… for the things that needed to be forgotten, were very hard to forget indeed…


A flock of geese shot up in the sky, feathers flying in every direction on the Uchiha estate, dotting the lush green grass and meadow overlooked by a willow tree in the white fluff.

Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata jumped in shock, almost knocking over the patio table that held all their tea cups. The breakable china was worth more than a year's wages for a normal worker but Sakura and Hinata in particular didn't really give a damn at that moment, shooting up so fast the men could hardly keep up, running in the direction of the meadow.

Youth had yet to leave their faces, for there were no wrinkles there, though frowns of worry could be seen traced between their brows and their hair, unlike years before was pulled up away from their faces to keep it from being tugged playfully.

Wearing comfortable, less fashionable clothes than before the two kunoichi reached the meadow just in time, rushing over the water in their chakra infused feet to snatch the shrieking bodies of a small children as they fell from the branches of a willow, covered in feathers and tree sap.

Hinata and Sakura stopped, still standing on the water, panting slightly and wide eyed with worry.

"Ryuu!" Hinata whispered, pulling back the hood of the child's sweater to look at the boy's face.

Pearly white skin and very distinctive eyes met her own lavender gaze. The boy had a shock of black hair, a mane to rival her own, full lips pulled into a teary pout and tear filled eyes that still rendered most people silent.

For they were the epitome of Uchiha and Hyuuga power, a mix of the two most powerful gazes ever to be found in shinobi history.

The boy's eyes were a light lavender streaked with black iris, dotted at the center with a violet pupil smudging into red at the edges, showing signs already of a Sharingan hidden within.

"Gomen, Oka-san…" he whispered softly, wide eyed, "The goose took Sora's bracelet, so I used a jutsu on them…"

At this a loud bawling could be heard from Sakura's arms where a little girl with a mane of blonde hair streaked pink sobbed into her mother's arms, aqua green eyes streaming tears like a river.

"Otou-san gave it to me! Oka-san, my bracelet, my bracelet!"

Sakura sighed, pushing a lock of pink hair back from her face, smiling weakly at Hinata who just grinned back bemusedly, cuddling the scratched and frightened toddler to her chest.

"I'll buy you another one, darling." Sakura hushed softly, walking back towards the meadow's bank slowly, trying to calm the crying child.

"What's the matter?" Naruto cried from the edge, looking more flustered than the child herself.

"Otou-san!" Sora cried suddenly, arms outstretched. The moment Sakura passed her over she was clinging, sobbing so hard her little body shook with each breath.

Sasuke glanced over at his best friend while he tried to calm his child before looking at Hinata and Ryuu, who were a lot quieter than the other pair.

"What happened?" he asked softly, reaching out to push a lock of Ryuu's hair from his face.

The little boy sniffed softly, then rubbed the tears away, stubbornly trying to control himself.

Hinata only looked up at her son thoughtfully, waiting patiently for him to explain. Taking the cue little Ryuu breathed in to steady himself, already forgetting the fright of nearly falling from the tree.

"Ano…t-the goose." He started slowly, straining not to stutter. "He took Sora-chan's bracelet, so I…I climbed the tree a-after him, and we fell-"

"Tsk." Hinata cut in quickly, making him start and then blush a brilliant scarlet that would put his own mother to shame.

"Oh…ano…I u-used a jutsu…" he mumbled sheepishly, pushing his fingers together in a manner that was very familiar.

Sasuke sighed, glancing at Hinata for assurance about possible punishment. Receiving a weak little smile in return he turned back to his son, rubbing away a tear still lingering on his face.

"Very heroic, I'm sure. However, using jutsu before you've been taught them in the Academy is against the rules, correct?"

Ryuu swallowed, giving a soft nod. He had been in trouble many times for reading books from his parent's library and trying out some of the things in them.

Sasuke and Hinata were the exceptional couple with the trouble of having a toddler who could not only read, but could breath out a relatively small flame from time to time.

Sasuke had had to lock away his notes on Katon from then on.

"No chocolate cake for you." Hinata sighed, putting him down with a soft pat to his head. "Demo," she added, crouching down and planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek that made him giggle despite himself. "I'm very proud of you."

"Is she all right?" Sasuke added, glancing over at Naruto and Co.

Little Sora had calmed down enough and had noted Ryuu receiving that kiss from his mother. Looking a little puzzled but mostly curious she just cocked her head, no longer crying though her face was still streaked with tears.

"I think she's fine." Naruto smirked, flicking her nose quickly and getting her to snap out of her daze. "Ne, Chibi-chan?"

"Hai, hai!" Sora giggled, turning to look at him.

Letting out a relieved sigh Sakura smiled, ruffling up Sora's hair as Naruto put her down. "Gave us quite the scare, ne?" She laughed, glancing over at Hinata who nodded. "Quite."

"Off you go then." Naruto added, tickling Sora's sides as she struggled to run away, giggling.

Ryuu was already back in the sand box, waving a plastic shovel in the air. "I'm building a castle, Sora-chan!"

"Matte, matte!" Sora cried, scrambling away finally, blowing her daddy a kiss before rushing after her play mate.

Letting out a sigh as well Naruto straightened.

"That girl is gonna kill me." He smirked, pulling at his blonde hair. "Or give me white streaks."

"You said Sakura would do that." Sasuke smirked, watching in satisfaction as the med nin poked her husband's side. "Did you say that!"

"Hey, it was supposed to be a joke!" Naruto smirked.

Hinata followed after them, straightening out the chairs that Sakura and herself had thrown so carelessly backwards in their haste to stand up earlier.

"How's the baby doing by the way?" Sakura enquired, making Hinata look up quickly. "Oh, Yuri is doing fine, sleeps most of the day, unlike Ryuu who cried most of the time." Hinata smiled, settling down on the chair again.

"Ryuu used to be up most of the time making a racket." Sasuke smirked.

Naruto laughed. "Wow, you have a quiet one? Sora-"

"Is loud." Sakura put in helpfully, giving him a look. "And we're all aware."

"Maybe the one coming will be softer in character." She smiled.

Hinata jumped. "You're pregnant!?"

"Why am I not surprised." Sasuke smirked, though genuinely pleased for his blonde goof of a friend who was grinning quite broadly.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Hinata grinned, grabbing Sakura into a hug that could crush giants.

"Thanks." Sakura smiled, blushing a little sheepishly.

"You're way ahead of us now." Sasuke pointed out. "I mean, that's three."

"Tch, nothing in comparison to Neji." Hinata replied primly, smirking at the memory of having just visited Tenten a few days ago.

"How is she?" Sakura added quickly, jumping on the topic. "I haven't gone to visit her for two months- she must be huge!"

"They said twins." Hinata explained with an eye roll. "But, I'm pretty sure those are triplets, she's huge!"

"Poor Tenten!" Sakura gasped, shaking her head.

"Sakura, it's almost three." Naruto prompted gently, glancing at his watch. "Oh shoot!" Sakura cried, standing up quickly. "What it is?" Hinata blinked, watching them start to get ready to leave. "Going so soon?"

"We have go pick up Noboru from preschool." Sakura explained. "He was so excited to start."

"I bet. That kid has more energy than you two put together." Sasuke muttered, giving then condescending looks.

"Oh shush." Sakura retorted, turning around to call Sora over.

Naruto blinked at the sight of his little girl grabbing Ryuu by the shoulders and planting a rather forceful smooch on his cheek, forcing the little boy to turn a bright shade of red.

With a quick cry of goodbye she was running towards the parents, all of whom were standing around slack jawed.

Ryuu too was stunned, a hand up to where she had kissed, staring.

"Well… uh… Sasuke." Naruto began, turning to look at the Uchiha who's eyebrows were raised way up.

"Hn?" Sasuke enquired, still watching as Ryuu flopped back down onto the ground, blinking.

"Maybe we should consider the possibilities of…"

"Uchiha Sora?" Sakura began, testing out the name. "Sounds right."

"Oh dear." Hinata sighed, putting a hand to her forehead.

"Ok! Otou-san, gimme a ride on your shoulders, pleeeaase?" Sora pouted as she reached them, making Naruto break out in a grin.

"It just never ends." Sasuke sighed, standing up to head towards Ryuu.

He and his son, had some talking to do.

Hinata smiled, glancing over at Sakura who grinned back. "It really never ends, ne?" Sakura laughed, turning to see Sora and Naruto already heading out the door, the little girl riding happily on the Hokage's shoulders, Tsunade-sama having retired long ago to run her chain of hospitals.

"No… it doesn't. How can it?" she smirked, kissing her friend's cheek before leaving. "It's life, Hinata-chan!"

Hinata waved goodbye, smiling still. It was true.

It really was life.


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