Harry Potter and the school play


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Harry Potter. Raina however is my character and so is Genevieve

Exchange Students

"I heard that we have two exchange students here." Hermione said.

"Exchange students?" Ron asked.

"Yea, you know, two of our students went to their school and they came here, its suppose to help us appreciate and learn about different cultures, Ronald."

"Ron." Ron corrected.

"What year and I hope its Draco that left." Harry said. He hadn't seen Draco yet only his usual crowd.

"No, but I hear one of them is related to Draco and they're in our year their sixth year." Hermione said.

"Do these students have a name and again who is gone?" Ron asked.

"Millificent from Slytherin and Chang from Ravenclaw." Fred said. After many tears from their mother they had decided to return to school for their last year only because of the threat of Voldemort and finishing school helped them obtain deals with the ministry for making things like wizarding hats that casted a shield around you. With Dumbledore's help they could still manage their business.

"They got picked over the summer." George said taking a seat next to his brother.

"Yea, and I hear one's a girl and she's a real hottie." said Lee joining the group.

"Actually I hear they both are." George said.

"Well whomever they are they need to hurry up I'm starved." Ron complained.

"As usual." They responded together. Soon the first years were marched in and sorted quickly enough. Dumbledore stood up and there were murmuring about the new exchange students not being sorted.

"Quiet down I believe I have the answers to your questions." said Dumbledore. Harry looked around to see if anyone wasn't paying attention. His eye caught Draco's for a moment before Draco glared at him and for once actually paid attention to Dumbledore. Harry too turned his attention back to the staff table.

"Now, as you know Ms. Millificent and Ms. Chang were both chosen over the summer to go to another school as exchange students; they will be replaced for the year by Ms. Genevieve Blake and Ms. Raina Malfoy. " There was a shocked looked that seemed identical at every table another Malfoy at the school.

"Ms. Blake and Ms. Malfoy come from Greece where your fellow classmates are now being introduced to their school for the year, so I hope you will show them just how lovely Hogwarts is." Mcgonagall walked out of the hall and two minutes later she returned. The first girl tentatively stuck her head inside the Great hall. Her eyes widened before going back out. Than she entered trying not to look as nervous as Neville in Potions. She had long blond hair, fair skin, and beautiful Green eyes. She seemed to be the height of a fourth year not a sixth year. Some boys noticed her figure as well. Everyone decided she was in fact to kind to be kin to Malfoy and turned their attention back to the door.

In walked a tall girl who demanded that they pay attention to her even if they were the ones attracted to the girl before her. Her skin was fair, but looked tanned. She had long raven black hair that just went pass her shoulders and she had one of the best figures in the school. She had all the right curves, but to top it off she had nicely shaped muscles and perfectly flat stomach. She was so graceful that even though there wasn't a draft in the room her hair blew out behind her. Hermione thought she would make an excellent model from the way she walked. What was most noticeable though were her powerful ice blue eyes. They were like a window into the soul and not her soul, but their own. Boys thought they could drown in those eyes.

"You can stop staring now I've made my grand entrance." Raina stated a little menacing that they all snapped back to attention even Malfoy. He never could figure out how his cousin could make even him pay attention to her like that.

"Well now let's get you two sorted into the right houses." said Dumbledore. They all thought Raina would go to Slytherin and Genevieve to Ravenclaw, but they weren't expecting Genevieve to end up in Hufflepuff the weakest house. Raina was the biggest shock thought the hat sorted her into Gryffindor. Malfoy steered her away from the table though and to the Slytherins.

"Just great the hottest girl in school arrives and she's Malfoy's cousin." Ron spat.

"Excuse you?" Hermione asked.

"I mean the Malfoy's cousin is ugly." Ron corrected himself. Harry merely stared. How did an ugly git like Malfoy end up with a cousin like that. The feast was full of talk and most were approaching the Hufflepuff table getting to know Genevieve. While the Gryffindors were content to corner Raina in their common room later without anyone's interference. They had to wait longer as their head of house led off each exchange student. The Gryffindors waited impatiently as they listened to the prefects explaining things to the first years soon the porthole to the Gryffindor common room opened to reveal Mcgonagall and than Raina.

"Oh well since your all up you may as well know that Ms. Granger will be responsible for Ms. Malfoy. You are to keep her out of trouble or its your head." Hermione looked alarmed," but no need to worry Ms. Malfoy is a very sweet girl and she's generous that she actually brought you all home made sweaters with your name and house on it we sorted them in the summer, so she could."

"I hope you like them I worked really hard on them without using magic." Raina said in the sweetest voice. She had actually watched Genevieve work on them all summer as she was convinced that people in England loved a good sweater and they needed to make a good impression. Raina passed out the sweaters and they all seemed to like them, but of course they didn't love them like Genevieve thought they would. Raina could see the guys were pretending to like them more than they really did.

"Ms. Granger where is my room?" Raina asked. Hermione didn't know and looked at Mcgonagall.

"She'll be bunking with you, Ms. Granger we have more students than anticipated." Mcgonagall said.

"Oh yay bunk buddies," Raina said. Mcgonagall smiled before leaving. After they cornered her learning exactly how she was related to Malfoy and other things that painted her out to be a favorite among the Gryffindors.

"Ok this is my bed." Hermione said.

"Ewww Pink." Raina said frowning. All the other girls had passed out already now that the excitement was over. Hermione ignored her.

"I like to sleep on the left so you can have the right." Hermione said as Raina went through her trunk. Hermione looked in and saw a lot of things that would be considered Dark Magic. Raina said nothing as she changed.

"Ok listen up Maddie Mudblood you and I will not be sleeping in the same bed and since I'm feeling particularly generous tonight I will not make you sleep on the floor where you belong so don't get any ideas that we're friends. If you tell anyone about what's in my trunk, because you were being a Nosey Nellie than I will kill you and no one will know it was me not even that old man you call a headmaster." With that said Raina took out her wand and expanded the room. Soon next Hermione's bed was Raina's bed from home. It was much bigger than Hermione's bed, which now was only big enough for one person. Raina smirked.

"Bad night." Raina said getting into bed and shutting her curtains. Hermione grudgingly got into bed not being able to fix it. She vowed to expose Raina for who she really was in the morning. In the morning though everyone thought her and Raina had actually slept in the same bed and Hermione couldn't convince Ron and Harry that Raina was 100 percent pure evil.