The Play

CHÈ / Draco

Now Eva Peron had every disadvantage you need if you're going to succeed. No money, no class, no father, no bright lights--there was nowhere she'd been at the age of fifteen, as this tango singer found out. Agustin Magaldi--who has the distinction of being the first man to be of use to Eva Duarte.

MAGALDI/ Blaise (The final song of his act)

On this night of a thousand stars Let me take you to heaven's door Where the music of love's guitars Plays for evermore! In the glow of those twinkling lights We shall love through eternity On this night in a million nights Fly away with me! I never dreamed that a kiss could be as sweet as this --now I know that it can I used to wander alone without a love of my own I was a desperate man But all my grief disappeared and all the sorrow I feared Wasn't there anymore On that magical day when you first came my way Mi amor! On this night On this night On this night of a thousand stars Let me take you to heaven's door Where the music of love's guitars Plays for evermore!

(MAGALDI joins EVA and her family--mother, 3 sisters, brother--at their table. CHÈ is loitering nearby at the bar.)

"To think that a man, as famous as you are, could love a poor little nothing like me! I want to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina sang.

"She wants to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina sang with the students playing her family.

"Just listen to that! They're onto you Magaldi! I'd get out while you can," Draco sang to Blaise, but he was a background character who was noticed and at the same time he wasn't.

"It's happened at last--I'm starting to get started--I'm moving out with my man."

"Now Eva don't get carried away-" Blaise tried to say.

"Monotony past--suburbia departed--who could ever be Fond of the back of beyond?"

"Don't hear words that I didn't say," Blaise told her.

"What's that? You'd desert the girl you love?" Her family asked.

"The girl I love? What are you talking about?" Blaise asked playing the part Magaldi well.

" She really brightened up your out of town engagement, She gave you all she had--she wasn't in your contract --You must be quite relieved that no-one's told the papers --So far- " They sang.

"I want to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple! Would I have done what I did if I hadn't thought, if I hadn't known, we would stay together?" Raina sang oblivious to his previous words.

"Seems to me there's no point in resisting, she's made up Her mind, you've no choice. Why don't you be the man Who discovered her? You'll never be remembered for Your voice." Ron sang. He'd snagged a small role over Goyle.

"The city can be paradise for those who have the cash, the Class and the connections--what you need to make a splash. The likes of you get swept up in the morning With the trash--if you were rich or middle class- " Blaise told her.

"Screw the middle classes! I will never accept them! My father's other family were middle class And we were kept out of sight, Hidden from view, at his funeral!" Raina sang spat out her line with disgust.

"Do all your one night stands give you this trouble?" Ron asked. He was playing Eva's skeptical brother.

"Eva, beware of the city It's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, it is mad Those who are fools are swallowed up whole And those who are not become What they should not become Changed--in short they go bad," Blaise warned her.

"Bad is good for me--I'm bored, so clean and so ignored I've only been predictable--respectable! Birds fly out of here so why oh why oh why the hell can't I I only want variety of society. I want to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina sang.

"She wants to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina and the other students playing her family sang. Genevieve, Hermione, Lavender, and Parvati were among them like a little choir.

"Five years from now I shall come back And finally say, you have your way--come to town But you'll look at me with a foreigner's eyes The magical city a Younger girl's city, a Fantasy long since put down," Blaise said. He was attempting to convince Raina to stay in her town instead of going with him to the city.

"All you've done to me--was that a young girl's fantasy? I played your city games alright--didn't I? I already know what cooks, how the dirty city feels and looks I tasted it last night, didn't I? I'm going to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina sang.

"She's going to be a part of B.A.--Buenos Aires--Big Apple!" Raina and Eva's family sang together.

"Eva beware your ambition It's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, will run wild This in a man is a danger enough But you are a woman, not Even a woman, not Very much more than a child and whatever you say I'll not steal you away!" Blaise said even though they got on a train together and headed for Buenos Aries.

The play continued on and it was great, but the defining moment before Peron was elected president was when Harry happened upon the scene at a awards show. Raina was decidedly genius in this musical number in the teacher's opinion.

Scene 10 I'd be surprisingly good for you:

"Colonel Peron?" Raina sang as she met Peron for the first time. They were performing the play after only two weeks vigorous rehearsal. The schools of Drumstang, Beauxbatons, and her school Death's Scorn were invited to watch. This was the week they had all agreed they could take time off to bring their entire schools to Hogwarts for the performance.

"Eva Duarte?" Harry sang. He was thrilled he had gotten the lead part for the play because Raina was his leading lady.

"I've heard so much about you," They sang. " I am amazed for I'm only an actress(soldier) only a girl on the air(one of thousands defending the country he loves)."

"But when you act the things you do effect us all."

"But when you act you take us away from the squalor of the real world," Harry sang. "Are you here all alone?" Raina loved that her character got to lie to Peron and say she was at the party alone when that was not true.

"Yes, oh yes," Raina whispered as they stood off to the side of the refreshment table staring at each other as if they were madly in love. Harry went as far as to think her love was real when she was merely acting.

"So am I, what a fortunate coincidence maybe you're my reward for my efforts here tonight." The music continued notes seemingly played on every word she sang. The music wouldn't continue if she didn't sing.

"It seems crazy but you must believe there's nothing calculated, nothing planned. Please forgive me if I seem naïve, but I would never want to force your hand. But please understand I'd be good for you, I'd be surprisingly good for you," Raina sang in a slow sultry and seducing tone which was perfect for the character. They moved as if doing a very slow tango as they did this the scene changed as they seemed to be going back to her apartment. " I don't always rush in like this. Twenty seconds after saying hello. Telling strangers I'm to good to miss and if I'm wrong I hope you tell me so. Because you really should know I'd be good for you. I'd be surprisingly good for you." They danced, as the music played nice and slow and seductive. The audience could really tell that this was all about seducing Peron. Raina made seductive move after seductive move really getting Harry who practically came out of character and was slightly startled when she began to sing again on cue.

"I won't go on if I'm boring you, but do you understand my point of view. Do you like what you see, what you hear, and would you be good for me too?" Raina sang asking a question but she never let him answer. "I'm not talking about a hurried night, a frantic tumble than a shy goodbye, creeping home before it gets to light. That's the reason that I caught your eye. Which has to imply I'd be good for you. I'd be surprisingly good for you." There was a saxophone solo playing the entire melody of the song as the drums beat as they danced some more now in her apartment building around her bed. She stopped dancing with him as she took off her gloves and stood on the other side of the bed watching him closely.

"Please go on you enthrall me, I can understand you perfectly. And I like what I hear, what I see, and I would be good for you too," Harry sang.

"I'm not talking about a hurried night, a frantic tumble than a shy goodbye. Creeping home before it gets to light. That's not the reason that I caught your eye, which has to imply I'd be good for you. I'd be surprisingly good for you." The music entered and the curtains came down as they both fell into bed as if they were about to have sex. There was much applauding for them.

Scene 27 Lament

"The choice was mine and mine completely I could have any prize that I desired I could burn with the splendor of the brightest fire Or else--or else I could choose time Remember I was very young then And a year was forever and a day So what use could fifty, sixty, seventy be? I saw the lights and I was on my way. And how I lived! How they shone! But how soon the lights were gone!" Raina sang sadly from somewhere off stage it seemed as they recapped the play with clips. Her voice seemed ghostly and far away. It was really sad.

" The choice was yours and no one else's You can cry for a body in despair Hang your head because she is no longer there To shine, to dazzle, or betray How she lived, How she shined But how soon the lights were gone," Draco sang as he stood over what was suppose to be Eva's coffin.

"Eyes, Hair, Face, Image All must be preserved. Still life displayed forever. No less than she deserved." The embalmers whispered loudly. The curtains dropped and the play was over. There was thunderous applause from all the students, parents, and teachers. Some of the students were even crying. Raina came out and bowed long side Harry, Draco, and Blaise. Everyone came out at some point or another and bowed before accepting flowers if they were a girl. Raina and Harry were the last to leave the stage.

"You were so awesome my love," Harry told her. Raina turned and stared at him.

"Keep going." Harry looked surprised she had replied.

"Your voice is from heaven you truly are an angel," Harry complimented. Raina smiled.

"Thank you, you weren't so bad yourself," Raina said before walking off with Genevieve who was giggling something a bout love struck boys always following in Raina's wake.

"Stay away from cousin," Draco growled at Harry as he came out of his day dream of Raina yet again.

"Why afraid she actually likes me?" Harry asked. Draco laughed a long with Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy.

"Oh I'll never have to worry about that Potter, you're dreaming."

"I may be dreaming now, but it'll be a reality by the end of this year."

"Is that a bet?" Draco asked.

"Harry no," Hermione said coming up behind him. She didn't want him seriously trying for the affections of Raina. Ron came up behind him as well.

"Of course it is," Ron said before Harry could answer. "Harry and Raina will be dating before this year is out, I'd bet my entire wizarding card collection." Draco looked back at his cronies and grinned.

"You've got yourself a deal Potter, Weasley, I bet my entire wizarding card collection of rare cards."

"Great, better pack them up now because you're going to lose," Harry told him walking off with Ron and Hermione. Hermione scolded them both.

"Oh Ronald, Raina doesn't like Harry I've told you both that a million times and you Harry agreeing to the whole thing. Ronald you're going to lose your entire collection." They weren't listening as they were discussing taking Raina out a particularly awesome date and getting around Blaise who was now glaring at him angrily as he silently warned him that he would most definitely be a contender for Raina's heart.

"Ahh…well look at that not even here five months and there's already a bet going on," Raina said to Genevieve as they finally left the back stage area all together. Genevieve shook her head.

"I thought it would take a shorter time." Raina nodded her agreement. "Come on we have parents to see and congratulations to receive."

"Yes, you mean I have praise to receive, I was the Starr again after all." Raina walked away laughing as Genevieve scolded her.

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