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Chapter 9

"Sand Coffin!"

"Summoning Jutsu!"

Just as the sand was about to crush Naruto, the sand coffin burst and Naruto was standing on top of the chief toad, Gamabunta.

Sora, who had just come out of his daze, looked up at the giant toad in awe, and then noticed that Naruto was standing on top of Gamabunta back.

Stitch said something in his alien language as he pointed at Gamabunta.

"What?" asked Pukkun.

"Big frog" said Stitch.

"What do you want now?" the chief toad asked Naruto. Just then Gamakichi jumped on top of Naruto's head.

"Hiya Pops!" said Gamakichi.

"What, you two are father and son!" exclaimed Naruto. Just then Sora had managed to climb unto Gamabunta back. "What's going on, Naruto?" he asked.

"What?! Who else would dare climb on my back?!" shouted Gamabunta.

"That would be my friend Sora" said Naruto. "But that's not important. We need you to help us fight this guy" he added as he pointed to the giant demon that Gaara had transformed into.

"Why should I?" asked Gamabunta. Both Naruto and Sora anime fell down.

"Oh come on!" shouted Naruto. "I agreed to be your subordinate! Isn't a chief supposed to help their subordinates?"

Sora had to admit the conversation going on between Naruto and Gamabunta was kind of weird. Mainly because Sora had never met a summon that wasn't willing to help on the spot. He also found it kind of weird that the person who does the summoning had to be the subordinate.

"But we haven't made it official yet" said Gamabunta. "We even hadn't had a drink together."

"But I'm not even twenty yet!" Naruto protested.

"Come on Pops, this guy helped me" Gamakichi said to his father referring to Naruto.

"Oh really" said Gamabunta.

"The guy was picking on me" said Gamakichi pointing to the giant demon.

"Really, I guess I'll help you boys" said Gamabunta.

Just then Sasuke returned after finding a safe place to put Sakura. When he saw the giant and toad, he wondered what the heck was going on.

Meanwhile, the real Gaara's upper body was sticking out of the head of the demon. Gaara began to make hand signs.

"This isn't good" said Gamabunta.

"What's he doing?" asked Sora.

"That demon there is the Shukaku" said Gamabunta. "It must reside in that boy, and if that boy falls asleep Shukaku will take over. It looks like he's using a jutsu to fall asleep."

Then Gaara fell asleep, awakening the Shukaku. "Finally!" shouted Shukaku. "Now it's time for me to have some fun!"

"Now what do we do?" asked Sora.

"We need to wake that boy up" said Gamabunta. "Since he just fell asleep, one hit should do it. First we need to get close enough." Then Gamabunta pulled out his sword. "Hang on boys; this is going to be a bumpy ride."

After the horde of Heartless and Nobodies had been defeated, Hex turned to Yugao, and said, "You know I've been thinking, you thought I was Hayate, so I think Hayate may have been the person I used to be."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Yugao.

"I'm a Nobody" said Hex.

"How can you be nobody?" asked on of the other ANBU.

"It means that I had a heart once, but it's gone now…forever" said Hex. "So in other words, Hayate is gone forever. All that's left of him is an empty shell."

"Okay, I'm confused" said one of the other ANBU.

"Well, you see" said Hex. "When someone loses his or her heart, they become a heartless, and the body left behind becomes a Nobody, and I heard what form they take on determines how strong that person's heart is."

"Are you saying those creatures we're fighting were once human?" asked Yugao.

"Not all pf them" said Hex. "I heard some of the Heartless were artificially made, which is probably why there are more Heartless than Nobodies."

"Okay" said Yugao. "So then you were once Hayate, is there any way to bring him back?"

"As far as I know…no" said Hex. Then from out of nowhere, a shield hit Hex in the back of the head.

"Hex!" Yugao cried out in concern.

"You got him!" Donald said excitedly to Goofy.

"Who are you?" Yugao asked them, ready to pull out her katana if necessary, while Hex rubbed his aching head.

"I'm Goofy and this is Donald" goofy introduced them.

"Um, Goofy I don't think she knows we're friendly" Donald said to Goofy.

"Would you two happen to be the companions of the keyblade bearer?" Hex asked them.

"Would wants to know?" Donald responded.

"Keyblade bearer?" said a couple of the ANBU in confusion.

"Do you know where he is? Axel is looking for him" said Hex.

"We wouldn't tell you, even if we knew where Sora was" said Goofy. Donald then smacked his forehead.

"Never mind then" said Hex. "Why don't you two just get out of here?"

"But, aren't you with Organization XIII?" asked Goofy.

"I used to be, but not anymore" said Hex. "Also, maybe I should thank you for hitting me in the head." Donald and Goofy looked and were very confused by Hex's statement. "It helped me remember something that I had possibly blocked out of my mind" continued Hex. "The night my heart was taken. The experience was so awful, that I blocked it out of my mind. When I first became a Nobody, I was lost and confused. Then Organization took me in, and told me that I should forget about my old life, which I did for a while. But now I remember everything. The reason this invasion is happening is because I wasn't able to escape and warn everyone. I wasn't strong enough to fight the darkness."

Then in the distance another swarm of Heartless coming their way. "It just never ends" said one of the male ANBU.

"You two should get out of here" Hex said to Donald and Goofy.

"Hey, we should help them fight" protested Donald.

"I don't think we'll need your help" said Hex. "Besides, you should probably look for your friend."

"But-"Donald and Goofy began to say, but Hex cut them off. "Don't worry; I think I know something that may help this village." Then he used his powers to transport Donald and Goofy back to the arena.

"Guess we have to start all over" said Goofy, as Donald mumbled and looked on he was on the verge of one of his temper tantrums.

Meanwhile as the swarm of Heartless charged towards Hex and the group of ANBU Hex said, "This where I make up for running away."

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